Jan. 9th, 2017

luckykaa: (Wolf)
I recently installed a [livejournal.com profile] flickums in my flat! She's great! I just need space to put the accessories...

Most of last week has been spent finding space for stuff. DVDs are on shelves. Flickums' PS4 is installed. I have a rudimentary man cave (A place to sit and a TV and console). Things were starting to look good. Space was starting to appear. Boxes were starting to pile up (because we have another week until the recycling van comes along) but things were progressing nicely.

Then the bed collapsed. Problem is, it has a central support. The central support never really fitted that well anyway. And it probably came off. That meant there was not enough support for two people and the tasty roast dinners inside them. So, cue lots of grouching and complaining, and working ut what the hell to do. Under the bed is used for surplus storage. So there's more stuff to find space for until I get a new bed.

Am getting kind of irritated by the annoyances vcoming my way :(
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