Feb. 5th, 2017

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It's been a busy week. I really need to keep on top of my blogulating.

On Monday I test drive a car. It was okay but I think I want more than 125 horses. Also I want a manual gearbox. Felt the Ford Salesman wasn't doing a good job of salesmanning. Also I really was hoping for a better breakdown of the finance option. [livejournal.com profile] flickums was feeling down having had a whole load of rejections in one day so we went out for dinner.

On Tuesday, I was feeling grouchy, so hid from the world.

Wednesday we took advantage of Merekat Movies and Flickums took me to see Split. A good film! Best M Night Shamalama film since Unbreakable. And James McAvoy was best actor, actress and supporting actor! Followed this up with food at the nearby Italian restaurant.

Thursday was gaming night. My character went into full on rage against some skeletons and accidentally injured another character. Ooops. It was his own fault for standong too close to a whirling urgrosh.

Friday was Stir Fry-day. So I did stir fry. I felt Flick needed to see the Galileo Seven (Star Trek Episode).  I was very dismayed that they had redone the special effects! Badly! The new CGI looks like a video game! And they felt the need to redo all the shots! It's very incongruous.

Flick retaliated by making me watch and episode of My Little Pony. We established that I am Rarity. But then apparently so is [livejournal.com profile] hils, and we can't both be!

Finished the evening with Gone in 60 seconds because I wanted car porn, and Blonde Angelina Jolie. It's actually a pretty good dumb action flick. Jerry Bruckheimer does throw in a lot of action but it feels a little less gratuitous than certain other directors. Also I like Blonde Angelina.

Saturday we went to Didsbury Village on a Cheese and Charity shop raid and I accidentally bought seasons 1 and 2 of Star Trek TNG on Blu ray; while flickums bought too many books. Then we had tea. I made Lasagna because Flickums claimed never to have had it. We watch Sucker Punch because that's her guilty pleasure. I enjoyed the crazy war mashup sequences and was somewhat bemused by the rest of the film.

So that was my week.

Should really keep up with this.
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