Feb. 15th, 2017

luckykaa: (Wolf)
Saw Lego Batman last night. That was a silly movie!

Like most good kids' movies it works on a lot of levels. On one hand, there's some silly gags and jokes that will work if you haven't even heard of Batman. Mainly it's a good natured satire of Batman, with a pile of romantic comedy tropes thrown in for good measure.

But for the fans, there was a whole load of references and in-jokes. Unlike a lot of comedies, it doesn't labour on the references. In fact they fly past at an epic rate. So we get a bunch of lego adaptation of scenes from every live action Batman, shooting with about half a second between each. A whole laod of villains shot through in about the same time. Lots of shots in the batcave where we see a lot of mementoes and the like. No idea what they all were. To get all the references you'd need to watch again. Ideally in slow motion.

Definitely a good film for fans!
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