Mar. 26th, 2017

luckykaa: (TV)
I've seen a lot of films recently. I should really start logging them properly. Some mini reviews of movies I saw at the cinema this year:

Split: Best M Night Shyamalan movie since Unbreakable. They've been taking a strady downard trend in quality since the start. Surprising to see a good one. Although there is the usual attempt from Shyamalan to be "artistic" all the time. James McAvoy should be nominated for best actor, best supporting actor, and best supporting actress in this, purely because it would be hilarious.

Assassin's Creed: I always thought the premise of the game was a bit dumb. It doesn't make any more sense in this. What was fun was the parkour stuff, which the movie doesn't do very well. Found the whole thing boring and confusing.

Lego Batman: I think this was our Valentine movie! Hilarioulsy silly. It's very Lego movieish. It knows how silly every aspect of its premise is. Lots of fun. Needs to be rewatched with a finger on the pause control.

Kong: Skull Ilsand: Looked to be a film about a giant ape swatting helicopters. Turned out it was a film about a giant ape swatting helicopters! Although apparently I miussed the subtext where Kong is actually Donald Trump or something.

Logan: I liked this fulm. Flickums didn't. I thought it was a nice end to the X-Men series, and it's nice to do things a little different. Less action packed than any o fthe others, but still with plenty of action.

Power Rangers: Way better than I expected. This was a super-hero origin story, which - I may be mistaken - I don't think the series really had. More a case of "We need 5 teenager. You'll do!". A decent bunch of nods to the original. Rita Repulsa actually seemed like a vaguely challenging villain. Nice that they included an autistic kid. Some review apparently said it was played for laughs, which I really didn't see. Not all that sure he really had the mannerisms right, but maybe I'm being too stereotypical.

Now I really must think back and work out what our movie nights have included. There have been a lot of these.
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