Apr. 15th, 2017

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It's been a busy bank holiday weekend so far. Taking a break for a cup of tea and some blogulaton.

[livejournal.com profile] flickums arranged a trip to Sheffield on Easter Sunday. Dealing with travel on a bank holiday weekend makes it feel like car hire miht make sense. Hiring a car allows other things to be got out of the way. It also means we get to get out of Manchester for a day.

So we went to Bradford. There's not a lot in Bradford. It has a reputation of being a bit of a dump - although I didnt really see that. One thing it does have is the National Science and Media Museum. Flick suggested we should go, and I've wanted to get there since it was called The National Museum of Photography, Film and Television. So we set off, got there in no time at all, and then got very lost trying to find somewhere to park in Bradford.

We had fun. We were shown how to make sonic spinners! Had a look at lostsa of photos. Flick bought me a cup of tea and a scone, but then found that I'd taken her wallet out of her bag and not returned it, so she bought it with my money. Ther is a nice exhibition of vintage cameras and a very interesting floor all about the impact of television. They also have a video games lounge. I challenged Flick to a game of Pong and got my ass handed to me. We also played Gaunlet. I was Thor. Flick was Thyra. Flick foolishly went to the first exit on the first level, leaving me to struggle to get to the exit to level 8 all by myself. I dies first but my score was higher. Also had fun in the Wonderlab. These hands on science things seem like fun, but I do wonder if kids really learn anything from them.

Today I had a car and the spare room is feeling a bit full of junk. I rather like the idea of having a spare room with a bed in it, so I rented a storage locker and moved the bike and boxes cluttering up that room into storage. It was nice and cheap. Bit of an issue is actually getting in. The entrance is not very wide. The road with the entrance on is very narrow. Fine for getting a Corsa in, but I hope there's another entrance for larger vehicles. Also quite a bit of crazy to-ing and fro-ing as everyone wants to go in and out of the same entrance. Still, after 3 trips, I have a clearn man-cave and lots of stuff out of the corridor.

Couple more things to get done today and then I can finally put my feet up!
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