Jul. 10th, 2017

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The sun was shining. And there was a demo of the Ubisoft VR game at Blackpool's Star Trek Exhibition. I trip to Blackpool was on the cards.

First stop was the Star Trek Exhibition. Mostly this is a collection of props, and some history of the show. There are a few interactive exhibits, including a thing where you can record a video of yourself beaming down. Also the bridge section where you can put on a Star Trek shirt and get photos.

This weekend, Ubisoft was promoting their Star Trek VR game on the bridge. We had a go. [personal profile] flickums  was captaining. It was a little difficult to work out what was going on. There were people there to demo it, but since we had headphones on, it wasn't easy to work out what they were saying. VR takes a little getting used to. Having someone else's body there is a little disconcerting.

So, we flew around a bit, beamed some people up, found another spaceship, rescued the survivors, and then destroyed it (we were meant to do this - we had orders). Sadly, we were a bit too close to the other ship, and our shields were down, so we almost destroyed our own ship. Oops. We decided to bail while the ship was on fire.

Had lunch at a pirate themed restaurant.

Next stop was Blackpool Tower. This starts with the "4D experience", which is basically a 3D movie, with random water sprayed at you at various intervals, and puffs of air from behind you. After that, you're allowed up in the lift. They have windows so you can see blackpool. Poor Flickums found this a little scary. At top they have glass floors. Flickums found this absolutely terrifying, but showed how brave she can be, by stepping on the glass. The tower has several levels so we went up to the top to see the view from there.

Had tea at the base of the tower. Went to the sea. Went for a paddle. There seemed to be some jellyfish in the sea.

Also this weekend was a car show. Some gorgeous cars, including a couple of AC Cobras. And some vintage cars like the Austin 6s. Took lots of photos.

We also took a ride on the heritage tram. Apparently Blackpool has a selection that they wheel out at the weekends. This time we had an open-top boat shaped tram that sails up and down the coast -  This took us to the pleasure beach. The big fairground at one end of Blackpool. Not really enough time to go in, so we went back and tried the pier instead. Flickums bought me an ice cream!

And that was Blackpool. Lots of fun. Plenty more to do if we want to go again. We probably should do.
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