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I've been wanting to run a game for a while. I had a nice bunch of friends who were willing to let me. It seemed sort of okay.
The players were lovely, because I was sensible enough to choose lovely people as players.

I was running Spirit Of the Century, and using a pre-made adventure. SotC is a Fate based game, so the mechanics are pretty simple in principle. There are a lot of skills though. Also a lot of stunts, each with its own speciallised rules. The setting itself is pretty accessible. 1920's pulp adventure. It gives a lot of scope since we have secret agents, pilots, mad scientists, jungle lords and explorers.

Quite a few things I want to do differently if I do this again.

I didn't feel I gave everyone enough to do.

Need to keep better track of time.

I really neded to understand the mechanics better. But it's a lot easier to understand them once they've been used. That's something that's more about familiarity with the tools.

I wasn't strict enough about the nature of aspects. Everyone chose predominantly helpful ones. And there seemed way too many fate tokens. Perhaps it's a case of needing to up the difficulty a lot. If I do this again I'll experiment with making it a lot harder to get shit done.

The real thing I want to do differently is run a different type of story. I don't like crunchy games. I want plot and character stuff. And my players were very much into that. Part of this was the preboiled plot. It was a decent pulpy plot involving cultists and a giant tentacle monster, but it was a little action heavy. For me, ideally, combat should be player initiated, and entirely optional. Sure, if people want to go in guns blazing, they should do that. If they want to be more subtle, there should be a clear means of doing this.

I did quite like the stuff that was happening at the party. There was some musing about stealing a plane. That sort of thing is fun for me. You get fallout and complications. Pissing off a Congressman because you gatecrashed his part and stole a plane is the sort of things that leads to plot.

The system is really not designed for one-shots. It's really best if there's a campaign, and if players generate their own characters, that gives some clues as to the sort of campaign they want. Character generation takes an entire session though. The process is good fun; it involves people chatting about how their characters know each other and generating characteristics from that. I have no idea how to go about this.

I have some experience now. I'll probably have another bash one day and see if I cna put what I've learned into practice.
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