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Getting here was a lot more stress than it should have been... I booked a hire car. I didn't have the right ID. They couldn't hold it for more than an hour (would have taken me about 2 to get the documentation together). So I spent the best part of an hour getting through to Rentalcars, and sorting out another car... They booked another car with the same company. Apparently they had no more cars; not sure what they would ave done if I managed to come up with the right ID at that point... So I finally got a booking with Europcar, got a tram back, spent ages digging out suitable documentation, splashed out on a minicap back to the airport, and it turned out they didn't need to see my identification... I think in the future I'll go with Europcar. I never have problems with them.

So, we set off, arrived and collapsed briefly in the hotel. Really lovely hotel! And we did end up with an executive room :)

I had volunteered to run the music quiz again last minute, but I needed a compere. Fortunately [ profile] tlanti is awesome at this and after only a little begging, agreed to help me.

Spent the next morning throwing together some music for the quiz. [ profile] flickums turned out to be invaluable. She knows her movie stuff way better than me. Also really knows her Disney, and cutesy cartoon stuff. Turns out that the panelists didn't though. They were too old or too young to get Sailor Moon, and none of them got the montage song from Team America.

Took part in the Trek at 50 panel. This stayed more or less on topic but since there's the new Discovery series, recent movies, HD re-releases plus 6 series and the original batch of movies we could have kept waffling about that for way more than an hour. Also enjoyed the Boot or Reboot panel and went along to "Ration Roulette" where we are treated to ration packs from around the world! Also went to the Victorian fashion panel. I was the only boy there for most of the time.

Pirate party was fun. Tried to persuade flickums to pirate up because she looks awesome in my black leather coat and purple pirate shirt, but she refused, and looked awesome as by goth pirate wench instead.

So far seem to be having fun. Took a bit of time getting up to convention speed. Redemption seems to be shrinking a bit though. Would really like to see some new faces here.

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Date: 2017-02-26 03:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I am definitely going to try and make it next year. Only reason I missed it this time is my finances are still recovering from my US trip

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Date: 2017-02-26 05:57 pm (UTC)
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I didn't come this year because of the logistical travel difficulties by public transport. I'd have spent nearly as long on bus/train as a flight to the States. That's too far for a weekend for me.
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