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Am I the only sci-fi fan that thinks This Island Earth is a load of rubbish?

It is the epitomy of 1950's B-movies (although I don't think it actually was a B-movie). It has the heroic scientist (Played by Rex Reason - even the actors have puply names!), preachy moments, a rubber monster attack, and some really bad physics. the end seems to be very rushed, with the protagonists not actually doing anything. It was impressive in 1955, but seems extremely dated.

The Day The Earth Stood Still, Forbidden Planet and even When Worlds Collide all managed to do better as serious sci-fi, with a more solid plot, a clearer message, and better special effects.

That said, I do think it is a must see, because it is one of the cult classics. It is quite frequently referenced in comedy, and everyone should know what an interesitor is. I do actually like it, but mainly for the hokiness of it.

[ profile] flickums has never seen it. I feel she should. I could pick this. Since watching the Princess and The Frog, I have earned the right to insist on one cult sci-fi movie. I could go for this .

Now, there is an MST3K version, and I'm sure it's very funny, but it seems somehow wrong to start with that. It does chuck out 20 minutes of the movie. And it seems I'm the only nerd (Apart from MST3K's Mike Nelson) who seems to think it's a bit rubbish. It seems a little unfair on a highly regarded film to start with a cut down riffed version. And mainly that we lose a chunk of plot, from the bit that feels rushed! It should be up to Flickums to form her own opinion. But then I'm a bit reluctant to recommend a film that I think is hokey rubbish.

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Its pretty much a text book B movie - there's a great Mystery Science Theatre 3000 of it ...
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