Apr. 25th, 2017 12:05 pm
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After a weekend of roleplaying, my mind is buzzing with thoughts and ideas. This is a good thing. My imagination has felt stuck in a tarpit for far too long.

Two main thoughts:
1. An extremely newbie Friendly RPG.
2. Possibility of GMing at nationals.
3. Dice mechanics.

I'm reading a kindle book that may cover the first, so I'll start with the second.

[personal profile] flickums  has been urging me to run a game at next year's nationals. I am a little nervous about the idea. I probably shouldn't be. I have actually run games before. Flickums has only run games at the nationals, and she seems to have done okay. And I would feel less like of an imposter (not being a student) if I was actually a volunteer. And, hell, I have ideas!

I've wanted to run a Steampunk sky-pirates game for a while. I have absolutely no idea how to go about something like this as a one-shot. The problem with fantastical worlds is you need a lot of world building. We can assume people are familiar with certain tropes and settings due to cultural permeation. High Fantasy, Star Trek, certain historical setting and so on. Sky pirates doesn't really have anything obvious to hang it on. People like Steampunk, but it's not something that is all that well defined in the public conscious.

I have a few other ideas. Maybe a Redshirts game. Perhaps just adapt one of my failed (or successful) Nano attempts. Maybe a bank heist.

Something else I want to do - I really liked the "Become a God" goal in the first game I played. It was nice to have a clear goal. I also liked that we really had to encourage others to do stuff rather than do stuff ourselves. I did feel though, that there wasn't enough incentive to work together. Ideally I'd like to set things up such that they need to work together but make sure there's an incentive at the end to doublecross. Whether they do or not should be up to them.

I suspect anything I do will be a simple custom homebrew. Roll 3 dice. Add your stat. It requires no more explanation. Range of 3-18. Average of 10.5 (so 11+ is a success on a coin flip). But need to discuss this in a separate installment.

So there's some ideas, down on blog. It's all a bit chaotic. If anyone has advice or suggestions there's a comment box down there↓↓↓↓↓
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