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Three day weekend - [personal profile] flickums and I thought let's visit Brighton!!!

Manchester is a little less convenient than Leicester or Sheffield (or even Brussels, really), since the Manchester service goes to Euston and that means either a walk to St Pancras or a tube ride to the cancelled Southern service. Still, the walk to St. Pancras is not too bad and it's signposted. We arrived. We were picked up by my lovely parents. We flumped.

Friday we went into Brighton, possibly a bit later than ideal, and trolled around the charity shops. Then to the pier where we had crepes. Tasty crepes! Wandered up the pier, and were a little tempted by the vintage photo place. Then got a call from friends and met up with them. Which was lovely, although that did mean we didn't have a lot of time to do more stuff on the pier. Had a quick zip around the North Laines, but had promised to return home in time for dinner with our hosts.

Plan was to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on Sunday, but time was limited, and we had more Brighton stuff to do, so Flickums suggested we catch a late night showing. I was up for that. We did get back quite late, but sleep is for the weak!

Sunday was where we did the chunk of Brighton we didn't have time for. Started off at Kensingtons Balcony Cafe, where I had the pancakes and bacon with maple syrup, and, oddly, scrambled eggs. Flickums had a hefty meal of chips and egg and bacon.

Next stop was the Lego store. We got a bit carried away. I bought Flickums a princess Leia to go with her Artoo bag. She made me a Lego Neil. So I made a Lego Flickums. Then she bought me a Batgirl keyring. And a bagged Batman minifig (which turned out to be King Tut).

Made our way to the Pier. Went to the vintage photo place. Flickums was not a fan of being a pirate wench so I suggested she can be a pirate captain instead! Nice selection of photos. The place only accepted cash payment which felt a bit fly-by-night. We killed time waiting for the photos to be done, by visiting the "Horror Hotel" ghost train on the pier. It wasn't very scary. Spent the rest of the hour killing time. Felt the urge to visit Devil's Dyke just because, but had to stop short because we were taking parents out to dinner.

Pub/Restaurant was a bit rubbish. We arrived. We weren't shown to our table. It was in a different room. they'd run out of most of the menu items. Felt the attitude was a bit off and the lack of food was annoying, so we went to the other pub across the road. It was all a bit rough and ready but at least the lady at the bar showed us to our table. The food was very tasty. I had a roast beef. My mum had the roast beef. My dad had the roast beef. Flickums had the roast lamb, because she's a rebel who plays by her own rules.

Monday was our final day. Wanted to see Big Brother and his girlfriend and his kids. They came and caused chaos as they do. We then went to the fair. Flickums was a big fraidy-cat on the spinny thing, but did enjoy the dodgems. She won a Husky. I won a Rubik cube and a slinky for my niece.

We made our way to the station crammed into brother's car (it's a big car but the seat that isn't occupied by a car seat is a little small). Met up in London with [personal profile] tictactoepony and [ profile] masterofapath and played a card game - "Knock Knock, where you have to host a Hallowe'en party and accept or reject guests. Masterofapath won considerably.

Caught the train. Collapsed at home. Nice to be back.

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