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I like the Spike d6 system. Basically the way it works is roll a d6. GM rolls a d6. Stuff happens. Usually. Soemc haracters use cards instead.

This was [personal profile] flickums' Twisted Princess game. I was Alice. I was quite mad and wanted Disneyland back. I was assisted by Malificent, Frollo from Hunchback, and Dr. Facilier from The Princess and The Frog. Our usual GM was unable to make it so Flickums ran this as a one-shot.

Damn those princesses were mean!

Alice had the cool mechanic that she used cards rather than dice. Different cards had different effects. Mostly the face cards. It was probably a mistake for me to keep shuffling them but I'm a fidget and I like shuffling cards. I kept summoning hedgehog/flamingo croquet sets.

It was a fun game. Nice story. I heartily approve of any mechanics light/roleplay based game.

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