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I usually get home by 5:00pm. I go to bed at 11ish.

That should mean I have 6 hours to do stuff. Plenty of time for cooking (which I only do half the time anyway), eating, catching up on TV, reading and still have a bit of time to do other stuff. And I was expecting that once flickums moved in, I'd have more free time, since I'd have weekends free, and snuggling can be done while watching TV.

Instead, I flump, argue with people on the internet, dither, and get nothing done.

I want to spend time creating a webcomic or making stuff, or reading up on rpgs, or even getting a bit further with video games. I really want to feel I'm doing something with my time. I want to progress with something. I want to opporunity to go out and do stuff. Meet new friends.

I can. The weekly role playing hasn't eaten into my time at all in any practical sense. Occasional trips to see films or go out with flickums doesn't seem to make me any more busy. It's just a question of time allocation.

Perhaps I should plan my evening. I'm  a control freak! I can do this!

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Date: 2017-05-22 02:07 pm (UTC)
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I find it's helpful to have daily 'to do' lists for the evening, even if it's very vague.

Prior to moving to Manchester, my evening routine would be 'cook, eat, spend at least 1 hour packing, spend the rest of the evening reading'.
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