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I received a trip to the lake district for my birthday. 2 nights in a wigwam, near Pooley Bridge in Cumbria.

It's a lovely part of the country. All so green, and so much space. And the weather was lovely! Checked into a cosy wigwam. Lovely little place. Bed in the corner, two ring cooker suitable for bacon sandwiches, and a table and chairs, as well as a picnic table outside.

Poor [personal profile] flickums  had a bit of a cold all weekend. Still, like a trooper, she made an effort to enjoy herself. We drove around a bit. Saw a sign for Mayburgh Henge. Saw another sign for King Arthur's round table. We went back there a few days later. King Arthur's round table turned out to be a neolithic earthwork Henge. Basically a round mound. Mayburgh henge was a rock in the middle of a round mound. A slightly more interesting henge.

There's a lot of King Arthur stuff in the area. He seems to have lived pretty much everywhere in England, and possibly part of Wales. Sometimes I suspect he may never have existed at all.

We had a trip on the Ullswater steamers as part of the package. A small flotilla of passenger boats zips up and down the lake, taking people
between Pooley Bridge and Glenridding. Had a look around Glenridding. the Lake district has a lot of small villages with lots of gift shops.

The final part of the package was a ride on the Ravenglass & Eskdale railway. This is a narrow gauge railway, that goes from the middle of nowhere, to 7 miles further on. Surprisngly long way away from the campsite where the wigwam was, considering it was part of the same package. But after 80 minutes driving, we arrived. There was a playground, so flickums was happy. There was a restored singal box that I got to look at so I was happy.

The far terminus is a short walk from the village of Boot, where there was a working watermill, but sadly, the mill showed no signs of being open, apart from a sign saying there was a small fee for admission. The other direction from Boot Village was Dalegarth falls. I went on a trek up there. Wasn't quite sure what I was looking for though. Was a pleasant stroll by the river, but a bit further and I would have found a proper waterfall. Sadly, at that point I was getting a little bored being stuck behind a slow moving family and wanted to get back. Trip back was in an indoor carriage because it was a bit cold and breezy.

Was so nice to get away for a few days. Might have to do something similar again next year.
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