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Jun. 17th, 2017 10:57 am
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I have a pile of things I want to do, and keep getting distracted.

Here is a list of things to do. I do this because it's useful to write this stuff down to get it organised in some way
  • Write a "TO DO" list
  • Make a music quiz
  • Make costumes and props (Fallout, possible have a go at something Disney for Flick. Fix my brassy rocket pack)
  • Drawing. I want to make a comic strip. I still need to come up with an idea.
  • Robot making. Or maybe some computer vision type stuff.
  • Video game making. Want to co-write a text adventure with [personal profile] flickums  .
  • Finish the games I'm in the middle of. Fallout 3 is hardly started. Decent way through Mass Effect 2. Prince Of Persia: Sand of Time is sitting there taunting me. Knights of the Old Republic, I've totally lost the plot. Dark Forces I'm on level 3.
  • Read more.
  • Plan day trip to Tallinn
  • Finish reading Call of Cthulu RPG rules
And yes... The "TO DO" list is always the first thing on any "TO DO" list. There's a certain satisfaction in completing a task.
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J Michael Tatum is a lovely chap.

We went to Yorkshire Comic Con because [personal profile] flickums wanted to see him. Well, she would probably have gone anyway, but fangirls gonna fangirl. And I like dressing up. I dressed as Indiana Jones. Apparently he has a very sexy voice. She even made me watch an episode of Black Butler to demonstrate.

So having arrived, Flickums joined the autograph queue. I found myself in front of a raffle for lots of Lego. Looked around. Went back and found Flickums and promised to hold her had and stop her giggling like a loon. We got the the queue. He was very nice and chatty and signed Flick's Manga of Black Butler, and did a silly selfie with us. Flick asked him to do his voice. He demanded she command him to use his voice. Flick said "I command you to use the voice". He did. Flick melted. I cleared up the molten Flickums.

See under cut for selfie. )

The rest of the day was spent looking at stalls, taking photos of cosplayers, and looking at the various things that were happening on stage. It was a bit of a mixed bag. Talent show, Elsa and Anna doing a magic show. Mary Poppins and Bert doing the catchy songs from Mary Poppins. Flick later got a photo with them because she was wearing the perfect T-shirt.

Photo proof! )

We also met a Sheila the Thief from Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon, who was pleased because so few people got her costume.

Flickums bought lots of things for lots of people. I bought her a "Mr. Pool" Deadpool/Mr. Man mug. She bought me some T-shirts. One of them was Chip And Dale/Indiana Jones mash up.

There was a whole load of drama beforehand, because the venue was being a little overzealous with security and people were told not to bring large bags.Then the information on what size is acceptable was vague confusing and contradictory. After a lot of worry and panic, all they did was wave a wand over everyone and look through bags.

And so we saw friends, watched Doctor Who, drove home. There were a lot of lost sheep on the road. Flickums was very sleepy when we got back. Must have been the sheep.

New Car

May. 29th, 2017 04:16 pm
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So we bought a car.

[personal profile] flickums  suggested buying a rustbucket. It would mean we could get around easily, and she'd be able to practice driving. So we looked around and bought a Ford Mondeo more or less on impulse, for £400.

Flickums has named him Harrison.

In hindsight, we rushed into this a bit. Dealer did replace the battery but it was a dud. Kind of old, and too low ampage. We could have taken it back, and he probably would have swapped the battery back, but that would have meant waiting until Tuesday, he'd probably only pick a battery that was just about adequate if he did fix it, and it seemed way too much hassle, compared with getting the AA to fit a new one.  Also thought that the MOT was until December but it wasn't. Really should have checked the paperwork there. Wondering if I should fight on this one... But I think when a car is that cheap it's a case of caveat emptor.

Also needs a new beam headlight... But those are cheap and I can fit it myself. And the lighter socket didn't work but I managed to tinker enough to get that behaving.

With the car fully armed and operational, it was time to put Flickums behind the wheel. I thought it went okay. Although we do keep losing L-plates. Perhaps we should just gaffer tape them on. Flick seems less certain and didn't like roundabouts. I think we need more practice on quieter roads to get some confidence up.

We drove up to Poynton, where they have a miniature railway. That was fun. Had a look in the model shop and had lunch at the cafeteria in the attached garden centre. I had a fun day out.

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I read about a homeless guy helping out after the Manchester bombing. He talked about how he had to pull nails and bits of glass out of people. and this is something we always see in this sort of atrocity. A lot of people want to help.

He was a good guy and had the best of intentions, but my first thought was that he really shouldn't have done that. Removing shards from injuries can make them worse.

And I think it's important to be aware of this stuff.
  • Don't remove shrapnel from wounds.
  • Don't move people unless they're in danger.
  • In case of severe bleeding, apply pressure directly to the wound. Use clean bandages if available. Don't use a tourniquet.
  • Do try to get people into the recovery position.
More generally - other mistakes I've heard people make:
  • Don't remove helmets from motorbike crash victims.
  • Don't put yourself in danger.
  • People are not going to "swallow their tongues". This isn't possible. To prevent the tongue restricting airways, roll the body onto the side
  • If people are in danger and you can do so safely, remove the source of danger. If you can't then move the person out of the way.
To be honest, I think most people reading this already know this. Most of this is common sense. Still, people do make mistakes. An occasional reminder can't hurt.
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I usually get home by 5:00pm. I go to bed at 11ish.

That should mean I have 6 hours to do stuff. Plenty of time for cooking (which I only do half the time anyway), eating, catching up on TV, reading and still have a bit of time to do other stuff. And I was expecting that once flickums moved in, I'd have more free time, since I'd have weekends free, and snuggling can be done while watching TV.

Instead, I flump, argue with people on the internet, dither, and get nothing done.

I want to spend time creating a webcomic or making stuff, or reading up on rpgs, or even getting a bit further with video games. I really want to feel I'm doing something with my time. I want to progress with something. I want to opporunity to go out and do stuff. Meet new friends.

I can. The weekly role playing hasn't eaten into my time at all in any practical sense. Occasional trips to see films or go out with flickums doesn't seem to make me any more busy. It's just a question of time allocation.

Perhaps I should plan my evening. I'm  a control freak! I can do this!
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And a man with a horse's head.

I love Eurovision parties! A friend of [personal profile] flickums had invited us to Durham, so we zipped up there. Went by train. Stag party on the way back. Hen parties on the way back. *sigh*. But the evening was fun.

I brought paper flags!

So we almost watched Doctor Who but people were talking over it. Something something space. I'll have ot watch it again later. But I'm two episodes behind again! Then Eurovision started, so I started the Rum and coke, and flickums went for the Chocolate wine. We seemed to be the only people drinking. Alcohol is not ssential to have a good time but it helps.

We picked countries to support from a hat to support, and I handed out the flags I made. People liked my flags! Bloody things took way longer to make than I expected so the fact that people liked them made me happy! I had Croatia, Belgium and France.

Eurovision 2017 was meant to have a diversity theme. Ukraine is not that diverse a country. In fact I think the only minority - apart from Italy's gorilla - was the Russian entrant who was denied a Visa. The event did have a Game of Thrones theme though, with Margaery Tyrell representing the UK, Sam Tarly representing Croatia, and I'm sure there was a Daenerys in there somewhere. Khal Drogo was representing Montenegro but he was eliminated in an earlier round.

Azerbaijan had a goth, and man with a horse's head on top of a ladder, because why not? Spain, Australia and Bulgaria all decided to send kids in, or I'm just getting old.

I rather liked Belarus and their ballad on a boat. I also was fond of Romania's rap yodelling because I think Eurovision should be fun and a little bit crazy.

Portugal went for the daring and controversial idea of having someone sing a song reasonably well. We didn't think it was interesting enough but it turned out both the voters and the jury loved it.

So they won. Well, good for them. I wasn't a huge fan but everyone else loved it, and Portugal has never won before so it's nice to see them do so.

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I overheard an interesting conversation the other evening.

I was getting off the tram and someone was talking to his mate. I only caught the end of the conversation. Bloke said "... 5352". Bloke's Mate was typing on his phone. Fortunately, Bloke's Mate then repeated the credit card number back to him. Then asked for the security code.  I dare say if I started listening earlier, I would have heard Bloke's name as well.

This is the problem with cyber-security. You can add as many security safeguards as you want, but the weakest link will always be the idiot behind the keyboard (or touchscreen in this case).
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Looking forward to Eurovision party on Saturday.

Decided it would be fun to have flags for Eurovision. [personal profile] flickums thought I was being way too serious about things. I just think it's nice to have something to wave. Sadly nobody sells them. Still, I have a laser printer. Sticks can be made from bamboo skewers. It's just a process of resizing and printing off a zillion flags.

Shame my magenta cartridge is running low. And the yellow. I have the flags but they're a little faded and spotty. Oh well. They'll do.

How is Australia still part of Eurovision? Is it just because they're so enthusiastic and nobody has the heart to tell them to leave?

Anything else needed for a Eurovision party?

Except alcohol of course. It's in Ukraine. Should I try and get some Horilka?

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Finally a weekend free! It immediately fills up with stuff but at least there aren't many contraints.

So we start with a visit to out favourite pub in Didsbury Village for Brunch and for Flickums to demonstrate her skills at Cineplexity and completely whip my ass. We both went fot the bacon pancakes this time although I was a lot happier with Kensingtons, where they drown the pancakes in syrup.

Highlights of the Charity shop trawl were The Box Of Delights (much hyped by the BBC on its release but I never actually saw it), Red on DVD, then Red on Blu-ray. Still it was only 2 quid so the DVD copy was donated to Oxfam and we consider it a donation to Mind. Impressive selection of Blu-rays and pretty much all of them were highly rated. Was tempted by Dambusters but in the end, just went for The Omen and Slumdog Millionaire.

Also had time to do some DVD sorting! Flick's DVD collection has been pretty random since she moved in. I spent the time sorting them into
groups of each letter. The individual groups can be sorted later, but there's always a few that we miss and that requires a lot of shuffling discs. More Simpsons box sets kept appearing! I'm sure Flickums was buying them and adding to the shelves without me noticing! Still, they're becoming sorted. Everything from R to Z is now in correct order. With a slight anomoly becase the Scrubs box set takes up most of a shelf.

Spent the afternoon playing board games. Finally got to play Flick's Labyrinth game. It was a fun game, which seemed to fit into the spirit of the film without being annoyingly complicated. However, we did lose and Sarah is now dancing forever with the Goblin King.

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I like the Spike d6 system. Basically the way it works is roll a d6. GM rolls a d6. Stuff happens. Usually. Soemc haracters use cards instead.

This was [personal profile] flickums' Twisted Princess game. I was Alice. I was quite mad and wanted Disneyland back. I was assisted by Malificent, Frollo from Hunchback, and Dr. Facilier from The Princess and The Frog. Our usual GM was unable to make it so Flickums ran this as a one-shot.

Damn those princesses were mean!

Alice had the cool mechanic that she used cards rather than dice. Different cards had different effects. Mostly the face cards. It was probably a mistake for me to keep shuffling them but I'm a fidget and I like shuffling cards. I kept summoning hedgehog/flamingo croquet sets.

It was a fun game. Nice story. I heartily approve of any mechanics light/roleplay based game.

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I went to the Traders' hall at the Rolepaying event. One of the tables had a lot of roleplaying books. I was tempted by a Star Trek game, but it turned out it was the Player's Handbook. It has the rules to play but possibly not enough to run a game. You also need the narrators handbook.

That seems like quite an investment.

Too many games are aimed at people who already play RPGs. And these are hefty books. There's a lot to read before you can start having fun and actually playing the game.

They're not all that newbie friendly. Especially for a newbie GM.

You should be able to pick up a book, having never played an rpg before, get a group of friends together and just play. And some systems are good for this. Spirit of the Century came with example characters, lots of examples and a scenario. And mentioned how to play with ordinary dice. Cthuhlu is a little dense perhaps, but does come with everything you need in a single volume. Plus the rules are pretty simple anyway. With something like D&D; it requires a lot of work and effert to get started, and the rules can be pretty complex (although later editions have improved this). The target market is people who have played the previous games. I think nobody, except those few who bought the early boxed editions back in the 70's and early 80's, ever played without someone else introducing them to the game.

Something I was somewhat impressed with was Challenger RPG. It actually does give a lot of genuine advice for a newbie! I have certain issues with the dice mechanics (see earlier post - I'm not that keen on d20 systems) and it does seem a little heavy on jargon but I am quite pleased and it's well worth the £0.00 I spent on it. It even came in e-book flavour!

I quite like the idea of running a game but it frightens me. It should be fun and easy, not frightening and a chore! Too many games seem to forget this.
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Three day weekend - [personal profile] flickums and I thought let's visit Brighton!!!

Manchester is a little less convenient than Leicester or Sheffield (or even Brussels, really), since the Manchester service goes to Euston and that means either a walk to St Pancras or a tube ride to the cancelled Southern service. Still, the walk to St. Pancras is not too bad and it's signposted. We arrived. We were picked up by my lovely parents. We flumped.

Friday we went into Brighton, possibly a bit later than ideal, and trolled around the charity shops. Then to the pier where we had crepes. Tasty crepes! Wandered up the pier, and were a little tempted by the vintage photo place. Then got a call from friends and met up with them. Which was lovely, although that did mean we didn't have a lot of time to do more stuff on the pier. Had a quick zip around the North Laines, but had promised to return home in time for dinner with our hosts.

Plan was to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on Sunday, but time was limited, and we had more Brighton stuff to do, so Flickums suggested we catch a late night showing. I was up for that. We did get back quite late, but sleep is for the weak!

Sunday was where we did the chunk of Brighton we didn't have time for. Started off at Kensingtons Balcony Cafe, where I had the pancakes and bacon with maple syrup, and, oddly, scrambled eggs. Flickums had a hefty meal of chips and egg and bacon.

Next stop was the Lego store. We got a bit carried away. I bought Flickums a princess Leia to go with her Artoo bag. She made me a Lego Neil. So I made a Lego Flickums. Then she bought me a Batgirl keyring. And a bagged Batman minifig (which turned out to be King Tut).

Made our way to the Pier. Went to the vintage photo place. Flickums was not a fan of being a pirate wench so I suggested she can be a pirate captain instead! Nice selection of photos. The place only accepted cash payment which felt a bit fly-by-night. We killed time waiting for the photos to be done, by visiting the "Horror Hotel" ghost train on the pier. It wasn't very scary. Spent the rest of the hour killing time. Felt the urge to visit Devil's Dyke just because, but had to stop short because we were taking parents out to dinner.

Pub/Restaurant was a bit rubbish. We arrived. We weren't shown to our table. It was in a different room. they'd run out of most of the menu items. Felt the attitude was a bit off and the lack of food was annoying, so we went to the other pub across the road. It was all a bit rough and ready but at least the lady at the bar showed us to our table. The food was very tasty. I had a roast beef. My mum had the roast beef. My dad had the roast beef. Flickums had the roast lamb, because she's a rebel who plays by her own rules.

Monday was our final day. Wanted to see Big Brother and his girlfriend and his kids. They came and caused chaos as they do. We then went to the fair. Flickums was a big fraidy-cat on the spinny thing, but did enjoy the dodgems. She won a Husky. I won a Rubik cube and a slinky for my niece.

We made our way to the station crammed into brother's car (it's a big car but the seat that isn't occupied by a car seat is a little small). Met up in London with [personal profile] tictactoepony and [ profile] masterofapath and played a card game - "Knock Knock, where you have to host a Hallowe'en party and accept or reject guests. Masterofapath won considerably.

Caught the train. Collapsed at home. Nice to be back.

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In Tabletop RPGs skills are modelled using dice and a "skill" parameter. You state your intention to attempt a task. The Game Master (GM) asks you to roll. The mechanics of the system ensure that people who are good at a skill are more likely to succeed than those who are not.

Dungeons and dragons mostly relies on a roll of a 20 sided die. Some games use percentile dice, or sets of polyhedrals. But how do we acurately model skill?

Let's compare two archers

John Klutz (skill level: "incompetent") has barely a clue. He holds the bow incorrectly, takes a bad stance and tries pulling the arrow rather than drawing the string. The arrow will still go in a direction approximating forwards. But he'll rarely get a bullseye.

At the other end of the scale, we have the legendary archer (Robin Hood, or Katniss Everdeen). They never miss!

A fluke for John Klutz is hitting the centre ring. A calamity is hitting someone behind him.

For the legendary archer though, we expect that. Even a mere Olympic archer will hit yellow more often than not. A fluke result for a legend is Robin Hood hitting the arrow that's already in the target. A calamity is Katniss not hitting the centre when it mattered most.

Flukes and calamities are what makes things exciting. They add more than a simple pass/fail. Robin Hood doesn't just win! He passes into legend! Katniss needs to do something incredible to make up for the failure. These are million to one to one shots, and in fiction, according to Terry Pratchett, "million to one chances crop up nine times out of ten"! And they should, but in games, it should be nine games out of ten. Not nine attempts! We do want it to be possible for this to happen.

We can simply roll a die. A standard six sided die (d6 in gaming parlance). This makes the extremes come up a little too often. 1 in 6 attempts are flukes. 1 in 6 are calamities. That's far too frequent. You can make them less common with 20 sided dice (d20), or even percentile dice.

It lacks something though. All results are as likely as each other. In a skill based challenge they're not. In my archery example, the target has a yellow circle, a red circle, a blue one and a black one each of the same thickness. But because the diameter is larger, the area is larger. The red circle has 3 times the area of the yellow centre circle. John Klutz is more or less hitting random points on the target so he'll get 3 times as many reds as yellows. The expert is aiming for the centre, so should get substantially more yellows.

At this point, things get longer and more mathematical. )

My conclusion here: The roll and keep mechanic is probably the best, both for elegant modelling and for general nice results. The next best is probably roll a bunch of six sided dice and add the modifiers. Noit sure which oif these I go for in my homebrew game but they're certainly my favourites.
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I was hoping to get out early... I had an urgent mission of mercy!

[personal profile] flickums' wallet had been stolen at the weekend. The replacement debit card was probably going to arrive yesterday, but she had to head to London. I volunteered to rush it to her before she left. She said there was no need. My control freakery insisted.

In our software development team, as is typical, we each work on our own branch. We do all the work, get other people to review it and then merge it. Merging is only allowed when a test build has been completed, a tester has tested, and another developer has signed off.

So I had everything working. Tester noticed one more extra issue... Fixed that. Rebuilt. Everything was ready! I could finally do the merge!

Merge conflict!

Gaaah! So I merged, pushed and started a build. Then tried it locally. There was an error. Fixed that. Set off a test build. I was watching the progress indicator like a hawk.

It passed. I merged! I rushed home. The replacement card was there! So was a mystery package. I rushed to the station. Flickums demanded I didn't. Sadly, there was a communications issue of some sort and the message broke up... I leaped onto a bus, went to the station and handed the envelope over. And the other mystery package. I was rewarded with gifts liberated from the first class lounge. The mystery package contained a replacement Fallout Oyster card wallet.

I realise this is all bit self congratulatory but I felt damn good about myself!

Plus I got to kiss my Flickums goodbye at the station :)


Apr. 25th, 2017 12:05 pm
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After a weekend of roleplaying, my mind is buzzing with thoughts and ideas. This is a good thing. My imagination has felt stuck in a tarpit for far too long.

Two main thoughts:
1. An extremely newbie Friendly RPG.
2. Possibility of GMing at nationals.
3. Dice mechanics.

I'm reading a kindle book that may cover the first, so I'll start with the second.

[personal profile] flickums  has been urging me to run a game at next year's nationals. I am a little nervous about the idea. I probably shouldn't be. I have actually run games before. Flickums has only run games at the nationals, and she seems to have done okay. And I would feel less like of an imposter (not being a student) if I was actually a volunteer. And, hell, I have ideas!

I've wanted to run a Steampunk sky-pirates game for a while. I have absolutely no idea how to go about something like this as a one-shot. The problem with fantastical worlds is you need a lot of world building. We can assume people are familiar with certain tropes and settings due to cultural permeation. High Fantasy, Star Trek, certain historical setting and so on. Sky pirates doesn't really have anything obvious to hang it on. People like Steampunk, but it's not something that is all that well defined in the public conscious.

I have a few other ideas. Maybe a Redshirts game. Perhaps just adapt one of my failed (or successful) Nano attempts. Maybe a bank heist.

Something else I want to do - I really liked the "Become a God" goal in the first game I played. It was nice to have a clear goal. I also liked that we really had to encourage others to do stuff rather than do stuff ourselves. I did feel though, that there wasn't enough incentive to work together. Ideally I'd like to set things up such that they need to work together but make sure there's an incentive at the end to doublecross. Whether they do or not should be up to them.

I suspect anything I do will be a simple custom homebrew. Roll 3 dice. Add your stat. It requires no more explanation. Range of 3-18. Average of 10.5 (so 11+ is a success on a coin flip). But need to discuss this in a separate installment.

So there's some ideas, down on blog. It's all a bit chaotic. If anyone has advice or suggestions there's a comment box down there↓↓↓↓↓
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So, have switched from Livejournal to Dreamwidth. Not sure I'm all that happy about it. Feel I've been pushed away by the Kremlin. And I was never all that convinced about the drama that cause DW to happen in the first place.

Importing was a relatively painless task, although it did take a while to get round to admitting it failed and letting me retry when I put in the wrong username.

Still, this is me. Feel free to add me as a fiend.
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It's been a busy bank holiday weekend so far. Taking a break for a cup of tea and some blogulaton.

[ profile] flickums arranged a trip to Sheffield on Easter Sunday. Dealing with travel on a bank holiday weekend makes it feel like car hire miht make sense. Hiring a car allows other things to be got out of the way. It also means we get to get out of Manchester for a day.

So we went to Bradford. There's not a lot in Bradford. It has a reputation of being a bit of a dump - although I didnt really see that. One thing it does have is the National Science and Media Museum. Flick suggested we should go, and I've wanted to get there since it was called The National Museum of Photography, Film and Television. So we set off, got there in no time at all, and then got very lost trying to find somewhere to park in Bradford.

We had fun. We were shown how to make sonic spinners! Had a look at lostsa of photos. Flick bought me a cup of tea and a scone, but then found that I'd taken her wallet out of her bag and not returned it, so she bought it with my money. Ther is a nice exhibition of vintage cameras and a very interesting floor all about the impact of television. They also have a video games lounge. I challenged Flick to a game of Pong and got my ass handed to me. We also played Gaunlet. I was Thor. Flick was Thyra. Flick foolishly went to the first exit on the first level, leaving me to struggle to get to the exit to level 8 all by myself. I dies first but my score was higher. Also had fun in the Wonderlab. These hands on science things seem like fun, but I do wonder if kids really learn anything from them.

Today I had a car and the spare room is feeling a bit full of junk. I rather like the idea of having a spare room with a bed in it, so I rented a storage locker and moved the bike and boxes cluttering up that room into storage. It was nice and cheap. Bit of an issue is actually getting in. The entrance is not very wide. The road with the entrance on is very narrow. Fine for getting a Corsa in, but I hope there's another entrance for larger vehicles. Also quite a bit of crazy to-ing and fro-ing as everyone wants to go in and out of the same entrance. Still, after 3 trips, I have a clearn man-cave and lots of stuff out of the corridor.

Couple more things to get done today and then I can finally put my feet up!
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Am I the only sci-fi fan that thinks This Island Earth is a load of rubbish?

It is the epitomy of 1950's B-movies (although I don't think it actually was a B-movie). It has the heroic scientist (Played by Rex Reason - even the actors have puply names!), preachy moments, a rubber monster attack, and some really bad physics. the end seems to be very rushed, with the protagonists not actually doing anything. It was impressive in 1955, but seems extremely dated.

The Day The Earth Stood Still, Forbidden Planet and even When Worlds Collide all managed to do better as serious sci-fi, with a more solid plot, a clearer message, and better special effects.

That said, I do think it is a must see, because it is one of the cult classics. It is quite frequently referenced in comedy, and everyone should know what an interesitor is. I do actually like it, but mainly for the hokiness of it.

[ profile] flickums has never seen it. I feel she should. I could pick this. Since watching the Princess and The Frog, I have earned the right to insist on one cult sci-fi movie. I could go for this .

Now, there is an MST3K version, and I'm sure it's very funny, but it seems somehow wrong to start with that. It does chuck out 20 minutes of the movie. And it seems I'm the only nerd (Apart from MST3K's Mike Nelson) who seems to think it's a bit rubbish. It seems a little unfair on a highly regarded film to start with a cut down riffed version. And mainly that we lose a chunk of plot, from the bit that feels rushed! It should be up to Flickums to form her own opinion. But then I'm a bit reluctant to recommend a film that I think is hokey rubbish.
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I've seen a lot of films recently. I should really start logging them properly. Some mini reviews of movies I saw at the cinema this year:

Split: Best M Night Shyamalan movie since Unbreakable. They've been taking a strady downard trend in quality since the start. Surprising to see a good one. Although there is the usual attempt from Shyamalan to be "artistic" all the time. James McAvoy should be nominated for best actor, best supporting actor, and best supporting actress in this, purely because it would be hilarious.

Assassin's Creed: I always thought the premise of the game was a bit dumb. It doesn't make any more sense in this. What was fun was the parkour stuff, which the movie doesn't do very well. Found the whole thing boring and confusing.

Lego Batman: I think this was our Valentine movie! Hilarioulsy silly. It's very Lego movieish. It knows how silly every aspect of its premise is. Lots of fun. Needs to be rewatched with a finger on the pause control.

Kong: Skull Ilsand: Looked to be a film about a giant ape swatting helicopters. Turned out it was a film about a giant ape swatting helicopters! Although apparently I miussed the subtext where Kong is actually Donald Trump or something.

Logan: I liked this fulm. Flickums didn't. I thought it was a nice end to the X-Men series, and it's nice to do things a little different. Less action packed than any o fthe others, but still with plenty of action.

Power Rangers: Way better than I expected. This was a super-hero origin story, which - I may be mistaken - I don't think the series really had. More a case of "We need 5 teenager. You'll do!". A decent bunch of nods to the original. Rita Repulsa actually seemed like a vaguely challenging villain. Nice that they included an autistic kid. Some review apparently said it was played for laughs, which I really didn't see. Not all that sure he really had the mannerisms right, but maybe I'm being too stereotypical.

Now I really must think back and work out what our movie nights have included. There have been a lot of these.
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[ profile] flickums suggested I run a Cal of Cthulu game. I am tempted. Was toying with the idea of a Scooby Doo setting.

"That's not Cthulu! That's just Mr. Crowley in a mask... Cthulu is standing over there"
"A Great Dane lies cowering on the floor. Clearly this dog has seen things."
"The dog appears to be able to understand you."
"The dog seems to be trying to speak!"
"You find yourself in a room. It seems to be a corridor connecting to a lot of other rooms"
"I go through the first door on the left."
"You come out of the third door on the right of a room much like the one you just left"
"I go back the way I came"
"You come out in what appears to be the same room, but a different door from the one you previously entered. Roll for SAN loss"

More seriously, I am pondering interesting locations for the 1920's. London is overdone. Brighton might work, and is a place I know. Berlin was interesting between the wars, although I'll need to look into this. Nazi occultists!! The late 20's might be a few years too early, but I imagine there's some fexibility here. Will have to research this.

Paris could be fun, and Brussels is another place I know. Chicago is another cool 1920's city. Not sure if the far east is a possibility, but I could look into it.


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