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It's been a busy bank holiday weekend so far. Taking a break for a cup of tea and some blogulaton.

[ profile] flickums arranged a trip to Sheffield on Easter Sunday. Dealing with travel on a bank holiday weekend makes it feel like car hire miht make sense. Hiring a car allows other things to be got out of the way. It also means we get to get out of Manchester for a day.

So we went to Bradford. There's not a lot in Bradford. It has a reputation of being a bit of a dump - although I didnt really see that. One thing it does have is the National Science and Media Museum. Flick suggested we should go, and I've wanted to get there since it was called The National Museum of Photography, Film and Television. So we set off, got there in no time at all, and then got very lost trying to find somewhere to park in Bradford.

We had fun. We were shown how to make sonic spinners! Had a look at lostsa of photos. Flick bought me a cup of tea and a scone, but then found that I'd taken her wallet out of her bag and not returned it, so she bought it with my money. Ther is a nice exhibition of vintage cameras and a very interesting floor all about the impact of television. They also have a video games lounge. I challenged Flick to a game of Pong and got my ass handed to me. We also played Gaunlet. I was Thor. Flick was Thyra. Flick foolishly went to the first exit on the first level, leaving me to struggle to get to the exit to level 8 all by myself. I dies first but my score was higher. Also had fun in the Wonderlab. These hands on science things seem like fun, but I do wonder if kids really learn anything from them.

Today I had a car and the spare room is feeling a bit full of junk. I rather like the idea of having a spare room with a bed in it, so I rented a storage locker and moved the bike and boxes cluttering up that room into storage. It was nice and cheap. Bit of an issue is actually getting in. The entrance is not very wide. The road with the entrance on is very narrow. Fine for getting a Corsa in, but I hope there's another entrance for larger vehicles. Also quite a bit of crazy to-ing and fro-ing as everyone wants to go in and out of the same entrance. Still, after 3 trips, I have a clearn man-cave and lots of stuff out of the corridor.

Couple more things to get done today and then I can finally put my feet up!
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Am I the only sci-fi fan that thinks This Island Earth is a load of rubbish?

It is the epitomy of 1950's B-movies (although I don't think it actually was a B-movie). It has the heroic scientist (Played by Rex Reason - even the actors have puply names!), preachy moments, a rubber monster attack, and some really bad physics. the end seems to be very rushed, with the protagonists not actually doing anything. It was impressive in 1955, but seems extremely dated.

The Day The Earth Stood Still, Forbidden Planet and even When Worlds Collide all managed to do better as serious sci-fi, with a more solid plot, a clearer message, and better special effects.

That said, I do think it is a must see, because it is one of the cult classics. It is quite frequently referenced in comedy, and everyone should know what an interesitor is. I do actually like it, but mainly for the hokiness of it.

[ profile] flickums has never seen it. I feel she should. I could pick this. Since watching the Princess and The Frog, I have earned the right to insist on one cult sci-fi movie. I could go for this .

Now, there is an MST3K version, and I'm sure it's very funny, but it seems somehow wrong to start with that. It does chuck out 20 minutes of the movie. And it seems I'm the only nerd (Apart from MST3K's Mike Nelson) who seems to think it's a bit rubbish. It seems a little unfair on a highly regarded film to start with a cut down riffed version. And mainly that we lose a chunk of plot, from the bit that feels rushed! It should be up to Flickums to form her own opinion. But then I'm a bit reluctant to recommend a film that I think is hokey rubbish.
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I've seen a lot of films recently. I should really start logging them properly. Some mini reviews of movies I saw at the cinema this year:

Split: Best M Night Shyamalan movie since Unbreakable. They've been taking a strady downard trend in quality since the start. Surprising to see a good one. Although there is the usual attempt from Shyamalan to be "artistic" all the time. James McAvoy should be nominated for best actor, best supporting actor, and best supporting actress in this, purely because it would be hilarious.

Assassin's Creed: I always thought the premise of the game was a bit dumb. It doesn't make any more sense in this. What was fun was the parkour stuff, which the movie doesn't do very well. Found the whole thing boring and confusing.

Lego Batman: I think this was our Valentine movie! Hilarioulsy silly. It's very Lego movieish. It knows how silly every aspect of its premise is. Lots of fun. Needs to be rewatched with a finger on the pause control.

Kong: Skull Ilsand: Looked to be a film about a giant ape swatting helicopters. Turned out it was a film about a giant ape swatting helicopters! Although apparently I miussed the subtext where Kong is actually Donald Trump or something.

Logan: I liked this fulm. Flickums didn't. I thought it was a nice end to the X-Men series, and it's nice to do things a little different. Less action packed than any o fthe others, but still with plenty of action.

Power Rangers: Way better than I expected. This was a super-hero origin story, which - I may be mistaken - I don't think the series really had. More a case of "We need 5 teenager. You'll do!". A decent bunch of nods to the original. Rita Repulsa actually seemed like a vaguely challenging villain. Nice that they included an autistic kid. Some review apparently said it was played for laughs, which I really didn't see. Not all that sure he really had the mannerisms right, but maybe I'm being too stereotypical.

Now I really must think back and work out what our movie nights have included. There have been a lot of these.
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[ profile] flickums suggested I run a Cal of Cthulu game. I am tempted. Was toying with the idea of a Scooby Doo setting.

"That's not Cthulu! That's just Mr. Crowley in a mask... Cthulu is standing over there"
"A Great Dane lies cowering on the floor. Clearly this dog has seen things."
"The dog appears to be able to understand you."
"The dog seems to be trying to speak!"
"You find yourself in a room. It seems to be a corridor connecting to a lot of other rooms"
"I go through the first door on the left."
"You come out of the third door on the right of a room much like the one you just left"
"I go back the way I came"
"You come out in what appears to be the same room, but a different door from the one you previously entered. Roll for SAN loss"

More seriously, I am pondering interesting locations for the 1920's. London is overdone. Brighton might work, and is a place I know. Berlin was interesting between the wars, although I'll need to look into this. Nazi occultists!! The late 20's might be a few years too early, but I imagine there's some fexibility here. Will have to research this.

Paris could be fun, and Brussels is another place I know. Chicago is another cool 1920's city. Not sure if the far east is a possibility, but I could look into it.
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So, the Sunday of Redemption.

Went to the card games through the ages panel. It turned out, for reasons that didn't make sense, that this was swapped with a talk on historical documentaries. The guest giving the talk (Dr Lynette Nusbacher) was brilliant so was quite happy to listen. I now know more than I need to know about how historical documentaries are made. Not much of this is too surprising. The History channel does stuff because it's cheap. The talking heads are given a list of leading questions in advance. Research tends to be sending an intern to buy some coffee table books.

Time commanders, on the other hand, was different. That was BBC enterntainment. They had access to a budget, and could have set designers and costume people!

Closing ceremony was fun. Every attendee got a mention in the closing credits. KlingonRoy got mentioned for his role in propping up the bar.

More panels after. Found myself helping deal with drunk person drama at another point. Said drama pissed a lot of people off. People involved dealt with it well, although I suspect there will be a specific rule next time for this sort of situation. Then things got back on track. I am impressed just how knowledgable, intelligent and downright fascinating [ profile] sweetheartwhale can be. She knows a lot about wizards! Wish she had the full length of the talk.

Discussion about Western Tropes in Sci-fi got a little side-tracked into causes of the American Civil War. People seem to know their stuff here.

Did make it to [ profile] blazingskies party. Was only a fleeting visit because it was late and I was tired.

Turns out having a hire-car made me pretty popular. Lots of things needed to be transported from one place to another. This included shopping from Tesco, speakers to friends' flat, and a friend to his home.

It's a shame a lot of people couldn't mnake it. Also worried about how much Redemption is shrinking and how few new attendees we have. Also feel sad I missed a few items. Would have liked to have gone to the robot cool wall. And I wish I'd gone to [ profile] flickums' dystopia panel since she was all alone on that, and I could probably have contributed to that one.

But I refuse to end on a negative note. It was wonderful to see friends. The panels were great! Friends were there! The hotel was lovely! Looking forward to 2019.
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Getting here was a lot more stress than it should have been... I booked a hire car. I didn't have the right ID. They couldn't hold it for more than an hour (would have taken me about 2 to get the documentation together). So I spent the best part of an hour getting through to Rentalcars, and sorting out another car... They booked another car with the same company. Apparently they had no more cars; not sure what they would ave done if I managed to come up with the right ID at that point... So I finally got a booking with Europcar, got a tram back, spent ages digging out suitable documentation, splashed out on a minicap back to the airport, and it turned out they didn't need to see my identification... I think in the future I'll go with Europcar. I never have problems with them.

So, we set off, arrived and collapsed briefly in the hotel. Really lovely hotel! And we did end up with an executive room :)

I had volunteered to run the music quiz again last minute, but I needed a compere. Fortunately [ profile] tlanti is awesome at this and after only a little begging, agreed to help me.

Spent the next morning throwing together some music for the quiz. [ profile] flickums turned out to be invaluable. She knows her movie stuff way better than me. Also really knows her Disney, and cutesy cartoon stuff. Turns out that the panelists didn't though. They were too old or too young to get Sailor Moon, and none of them got the montage song from Team America.

Took part in the Trek at 50 panel. This stayed more or less on topic but since there's the new Discovery series, recent movies, HD re-releases plus 6 series and the original batch of movies we could have kept waffling about that for way more than an hour. Also enjoyed the Boot or Reboot panel and went along to "Ration Roulette" where we are treated to ration packs from around the world! Also went to the Victorian fashion panel. I was the only boy there for most of the time.

Pirate party was fun. Tried to persuade flickums to pirate up because she looks awesome in my black leather coat and purple pirate shirt, but she refused, and looked awesome as by goth pirate wench instead.

So far seem to be having fun. Took a bit of time getting up to convention speed. Redemption seems to be shrinking a bit though. Would really like to see some new faces here.
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One of the things I miss about being a  contractor is having vast amounts of cash roll in every week. There are quite a few things I'd like to do this year. But I do have to budget for it. I also need to budget holiday time. Not sure what I should pick. I already have a few days in a cabin in the Lake District - this was a gift from my parents via This is bought and paid for. Should be fun.

I want to visit a country I've never been to before. The choice I have to make is whether to do this by going to worldcon Worldcon, or a birthday holiday.


I was a supporter of the bid. I do have supporting mebership already. I would quite like to visit Finland. Lots of friends will no doubt be there, and I want to encourage non-US cons. The downside is [ profile] flickums isn't particularly keen. We're not joined at the hip, and she has no problem with me going on my own, but I would like to go away somewhere together.


Birthday Holiday - Previously if I've been to a Worldcon, it was the same weekend as my birthday. Sadly not this year. I like to go away on my birthday. Since 2006, I've only spent 2 birthdays in England. Granted, a couple of those I didn't really do anything, but this time I'll have a flickums!

I actually have no idea where I want to go for my birthday. Rome sounds nice. So does Venice. Perhaps I'd like somewhere a little quieter and more out of the way though. Also would like a beach! Essentially i want somewhere as awesome as Dubrovnik was... That said, I have a pending demand to visit a friend in Canada and I would like to visit.  Of course if I do Worldcon, I always have the option for a weekend trip somewhere nearby. Maybe a long weekend in the Azores or Madeira, or even just a weekend in Paris or Dublin. I'd really like to go to Grenada or St. Lucia, or maybe Nassau - somewhere in the Caribbean with a decent chunk of history. If it really appeals I can find a ship and become a pirate!

Other Conventions

Am sort of keen on Clone Club... Downside is I do have certain issues with Starfury. But I would love to spend a weekend geeking with other Orphan Black people, and all the Starfury muppets I know. Also there's Vampire Ball which has always been a lot of fun.

Can't do all of these. I need to pick and choose.
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I seem to be the one in the relationship who likes "Chick Flicks". A lot of films are unfairly maligned by this label. I thought Mean girls was great, Clueless is hilarious. Last night's movie was The Devil Wears Prada. Not everyone's cup of tea but certainly one of my not-so-guilty pleasures.

Oddly, I only watched it because it was an in-flight movie option. When flying, I always go for the films that seem interesting but I probably wouldn't otherwise watch. A tiny screen is not how to get a full cinematic experience.

The part that hooked me, and pretty much every critic was the speech from Miranda (Meryl Streep) about how the fashion industry affects everything people wear. It's possibly a bit of an exaggeration, but there's a lot of tuth to it. The black jeans I'm wearing right made it to Next's product line because a few years ago someone decided black jeans are cool. Even the fact that I wear boxers was influenced by a Levis ad (probably more of an advertising decision than a fashion decision but it's all part of the fashion/publishing/popular-culture empire). Surprisingly, this was actually removed from an early draft. Meryl Streep insisted it was put back.

I have some issues with part of the message this seems to be pushing though. Essentially, Andy's friends are awful!
Spoilery part )
I feel I'm being too critical. I enjoy the film. Meryl Streep is excellent, and I rather like Stanley Tucci. I just wanted Andy to ditch that loser boyfriend for good.
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Saw Lego Batman last night. That was a silly movie!

Like most good kids' movies it works on a lot of levels. On one hand, there's some silly gags and jokes that will work if you haven't even heard of Batman. Mainly it's a good natured satire of Batman, with a pile of romantic comedy tropes thrown in for good measure.

But for the fans, there was a whole load of references and in-jokes. Unlike a lot of comedies, it doesn't labour on the references. In fact they fly past at an epic rate. So we get a bunch of lego adaptation of scenes from every live action Batman, shooting with about half a second between each. A whole laod of villains shot through in about the same time. Lots of shots in the batcave where we see a lot of mementoes and the like. No idea what they all were. To get all the references you'd need to watch again. Ideally in slow motion.

Definitely a good film for fans!
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It's been a busy week. I really need to keep on top of my blogulating.

On Monday I test drive a car. It was okay but I think I want more than 125 horses. Also I want a manual gearbox. Felt the Ford Salesman wasn't doing a good job of salesmanning. Also I really was hoping for a better breakdown of the finance option. [ profile] flickums was feeling down having had a whole load of rejections in one day so we went out for dinner.

On Tuesday, I was feeling grouchy, so hid from the world.

Wednesday we took advantage of Merekat Movies and Flickums took me to see Split. A good film! Best M Night Shamalama film since Unbreakable. And James McAvoy was best actor, actress and supporting actor! Followed this up with food at the nearby Italian restaurant.

Thursday was gaming night. My character went into full on rage against some skeletons and accidentally injured another character. Ooops. It was his own fault for standong too close to a whirling urgrosh.

Friday was Stir Fry-day. So I did stir fry. I felt Flick needed to see the Galileo Seven (Star Trek Episode).  I was very dismayed that they had redone the special effects! Badly! The new CGI looks like a video game! And they felt the need to redo all the shots! It's very incongruous.

Flick retaliated by making me watch and episode of My Little Pony. We established that I am Rarity. But then apparently so is [ profile] hils, and we can't both be!

Finished the evening with Gone in 60 seconds because I wanted car porn, and Blonde Angelina Jolie. It's actually a pretty good dumb action flick. Jerry Bruckheimer does throw in a lot of action but it feels a little less gratuitous than certain other directors. Also I like Blonde Angelina.

Saturday we went to Didsbury Village on a Cheese and Charity shop raid and I accidentally bought seasons 1 and 2 of Star Trek TNG on Blu ray; while flickums bought too many books. Then we had tea. I made Lasagna because Flickums claimed never to have had it. We watch Sucker Punch because that's her guilty pleasure. I enjoyed the crazy war mashup sequences and was somewhat bemused by the rest of the film.

So that was my week.

Should really keep up with this.
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I have no real need for a car. I get the tram to work every day, and I am now living walking distance from Flickums (it's a very short walk from my flat to my flat). But occasionally it would be useful. For example, I want to get some dead bed to the dump. I'd like to carry lots of stuff to the dump. It would be nice to be able to visit other people more easily.

So I need to decide what to get. As ever indecisiveness overwhelms me.
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I recently installed a [ profile] flickums in my flat! She's great! I just need space to put the accessories...

Most of last week has been spent finding space for stuff. DVDs are on shelves. Flickums' PS4 is installed. I have a rudimentary man cave (A place to sit and a TV and console). Things were starting to look good. Space was starting to appear. Boxes were starting to pile up (because we have another week until the recycling van comes along) but things were progressing nicely.

Then the bed collapsed. Problem is, it has a central support. The central support never really fitted that well anyway. And it probably came off. That meant there was not enough support for two people and the tasty roast dinners inside them. So, cue lots of grouching and complaining, and working ut what the hell to do. Under the bed is used for surplus storage. So there's more stuff to find space for until I get a new bed.

Am getting kind of irritated by the annoyances vcoming my way :(
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It's that time of year again. I try to do one of these every year.

1. What did you do in 2016 that you'd never done before?

More below the cut... )

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Had another fun weekend last weekend. Another trip to Sheffield to see [ profile] flickums. Last time ever travelling to Sheffield to see her!

So I arrived. We did the Christmas gift exchange. I received many new and exciting gifts! Including a brand newcar! Made from Lego!!! Shall have fun building that. Flickumsthen disappeared in order to pass her driving theory test! And now she can drive! At least in theory.

Did very little for the rest of the day. Went to the christmas markets, failed to squeeze into Thors Viking themed beer tent. Then it was time to see Rogue One! Been looking forward to this for a while. Although there was a little trepdiation.
Spoilers for Rogue One )
Also cool, was the trailer for Dunkirk! Man, that was intense! And that was just the trailer.

Went to a party afterwards. Was sad that [ profile] blazingskies wasn't feeling well, so she and [ profile] greyfore left pretty much as soon as we arrived. Met other nice people though. And geeked about sci-fi, and homebrewing.

Had to leave early on the Sunday because Flick had a train home.

And onto episode 2 of the RPG I've been playing. It's a cool setup. Space battles are handled using Artemis space sim. The rest uses the Serenity system. Board is handled using a projector and roll20 (I think). Nice bunch. One newbie, one experienced, and a GM who throws lots of action at us.

We defeated an alien mech using brains, and then escaped from the space station on a transmitter dish. Then fought some more aliens...

And that was a week ago. Doesn't time fly. Off to Sussex for the holidays.
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Another trip to Belgium. Bit of a short trip because we're a little light on reamaining holidays.

So, I felt I should wait in the First Class lounge at Macnhester and take advantage of the snacks. Then when I got on the train, I realised I didn't actually have a first class ticket. Will have to try that more often... Penedelino pendelinoed me to Euston, and walked to St Pancras. Found myself arriving far too early. Did see an odd altercation where a policeman told a woman "I wouldn't do that", followed by the woman apparently doing whatever "that" was.

[ profile] flickums arrived with plenty of time to spare, so we got a burger. I accidentally ordered off-menu. Apparently a bacon Whopper doesn't exist. Well, all I can say is, it does now!

It was finally time to go to the Eurostar terminal and so we went. Train whisked us to Brussels, while Flickums revised her highway code. We arrived late, walked to the hotel, because it was only walking distance away. Checked in. Discovered the hotel was rather nice, and collapsed in bed.


I wanted to go to Leuven because it's a bit different. So, after breakfast (included in price) we caught the train, and zipped to the next town along. It was Saturday so it was market day. Lots of junk, and a few stalls selling worthwhile stuff. Bought a Christmas present for my dad. We then found the Christmas market... Found a present for my mum. Found a pancake stall. Flickums bought be a glühwein but I didn't ike it. Then she felt terrible guilty so bought me a hot fruity drink that was nicer, but got fleeced with her change.

The reason I actually wanted to go was that it's a more traditional town than Brussels, with a nice university vibe, and there's the beguinage (Or the Groot Begijnhof since we're in Flanders). These days it's student accomodation, but the beguinage was a place that housed beguins - women who live in a religious commune but don't take the vows that nuns do. This particular one is a UNESCO world heritage site. I think it's worth looking at.

I learned that they light candles at 5pm, but it was nowhere near close to that time and there was nowhere near enough to do in little Leuven to occupy us until then, so we returned to Brussels, and looked around the St. Catherine Christmas market. Little Canada was still there. Flickums was still feeling guilty about buying me inadequate glühwein, and bought me another hot beverage - Canadian style. Which I accepted warmly. I bought some beer. One of them had a bar wench on the label, and I was strrongly encouraged to buy that. Flickums wanted to go to "Choco Nads" because she has a muture sophisticated sense of humour like that, and they sell nice chocolates. I wanted to go to the Delrium village for a beer. Delirium Christmas was nice and warming.

We went for dinner at the Cheescake Cafe, because it's a cafe that does cheesecake. More of a large restaurant than a cafe, to be fair. I had beer and steak, followed by a hot fudge sundae. Flickums had omelette and "pop" of some sort, and cheeesecake. Were knackered by this point so returned to the hotel for essential snuggles.


Had breakfast because we could.

I was planning to do the Brussels market today but we'd done that yesterday. Still, we went back for remaining purchases. Flickums was still feeling guilty about the glühwein, so bought me another. This one was actually really good. Had an edgy flavour, and genuine bits of lemon. Also tasted spicier as I got to the bottom. Very good. Flickums bought a goth Alice picture, and a Cinderella picture. We shared a fondue roll type thing. Then it was a matter of killing time until it was time to get the train. Stopped in various geeky shops. Belgium does have its comic tradition... Went back to Delerium cafe for more beer. Wish I knew what it was. Decided to walk up to the park and palace. Then checked tickets before we got there, and realised that I'd got mixed up over time, so it was probably a good idea to return to the station.

They've rearranged the Eurostar terminal! Apparently they're refurbishing, which is fine, but it does mean there are annoying queues and I had sore feet. Still, we got there with plenty of time to spare. Sat on the train and zipped home.

It was a shame we only had a day and a half to spend this year. We did do everything we wanted (I drank beer, fickums bought chocolates and had cheesecake) so it's not terrible, but I'd have liked to have been able to watch the parade. Maybe next year.
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Today I say goodbye to my loved but unreliable car, Thunderbird.

It was never a particularly good car. MG-Rover was not renowned for their reliability. It took a while to actually get it because getting it past its MOT cost a lot (I reckon that pretty much clobbered the dealer's profits). And it didn't take long before it needed a head gasket replacement. And then after I'd had it a year, it was back in car hospital for another couple of weeks to sort out remaining issues. And it never really had the performance a sports car should have. Plus a couple of niggling issues like the window randomly winding down when it rained. At 10 years old, poor Thunderbird's age was showing.

Nor was it a particularly practical car, although unlike the MR2 it did actually have a boot, and a large enough boot to squeeze in my suitcase.

But I was fond of it. It was my car! It got me to and from Chez Flickums. It let me take trips to places public transport didn't reach! It allowed me to pose and attract the laides (no it really didn't. [ profile] flickums thought it was a silly impractical car and never got the point of convertibles). And I had some good times with it. I loved driving out to nice places around Sheffield and Leicester, with Flickums. It was fun to zip down to other parts of the country to see friends, and to be able to just jump into my car and visit Flickums mid-week. And there was the time - where Thunderbird earned his stripes and his name - flickums was stuck at work, so I could swing by and pick her up. And another time, the train was late, the trams were crap and so I could collect a flickums at the station.

But Thunderbird started to make a tapping. The tapping became a knocking, and the mechanic said that it would cost more to fix than the car was worth. I decided to take the car home, and it died on the way back. The AA pulled it home.

Today the scrap man came to take it away.

Farewell Thunderbird. May you rust in peace.
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Because i have a bit of a backlog...

1. Pick up package from post office
2. Finish laundry folding.
3. Clear crap from floor
4. Build final piece of Ikea crap.
5. Clean out more of Angry Dome
6. Make wine

The angry dome clearout is still not quite going to be finished. I have to throw at least some of this crap in the recycling bin, and that fills up after a week. There's another week until it empties. Still, it would be nice to have a bit more space.

Bike still needs a home... Maybe I'll get a cover sometime and keep it outside
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It was my last [ profile] flickums weekend until December :(

But it was a fun weekend!

Started off well. Got to the station with plenty of time to catch my train. Manchester has many stations. This was the wrong one. And the next available train looked packed and uncomfortable. I decided I could afford to splash out the extra on a first class upgrade, and get the train that arrived 2 minutes later. Arrived at Chez Flickums, and collapsed in front of the 80's-tastic "The Worst Witch" - which has those wonderful 1980's kids TV production values (i.e. it looked cheap as well and used Chroma-key a lot). Also watched Sky Captain. Sort of. Flickums was plying me with wine and had some alcohol herself. Stuff happened. Angelina Jolie showed up and the plane turned into a submarine. Yeah. Wasn't really paying attention.

Saturday did a quick bit of car shopping. I wanted to see if the convertible mini appealed to me and to flickums, but I think it's a little too small and impractical. Bought ingredients and spent the rest of the day watching Police Squad. Until it was firework time!

Sheffield had its big After Dark display! We got there nice and early and had the opportunity to wander around and eat toffee apples and candyfloss and then we got a space right by the fence so we could see the bonfire being lit! Sadly, no guy. On the plus side, no crimes against geek (Leicester burned Darth Vader last year)!  Really wish I'd brought gloves and a hat though. Flickums offered to buy me a tea to warm me up. I negotiated this to a hot chocolate. I suggested we go for the queue that appeared to be a place that specialised in drinks rather than the burger van that also did drinks.

I chose poorly.

Or well.

I'm not sure. We were stuck in the queue for the best part of an hour, listening to the overly perky radio people say a few things that were incomprehensible because there was an echo. On the other hand, they had additional flavour syrups and the gingerbread squirt was absolutely delicious.

Fireworks were fun and funky! Fireworks are always nice to watch.

Getting home was an adventure in itself. Logistics of this sort of thing are tricky. Everyone wants to leave at once but there are very few trams. But we got home eventually.

Sunday was a day of relaxation and pumpkin cooking. I feel pumpkins should not just be used as lanterns! So I roasted some and made pumpkin pie out of some more, while flick played Final Fantasy X. Not sure about the roast. pumpkin. I think it was a bit bland and flavourless. It seems more there as a means to soak up flavours.

Pie was a great success though. Pumpkin pie has nutmeg and cinnamon and allspice and sugar and eggs and cream, so tastes of nutmeg and cinnamon and allspice and sugar and eggs and cream. I don't think the pumpkin really contributes to the flavour but the final result is very nice!

Also watched WestWorld. One of the better serious 70's SciFi films. 70's sci fi has a tendency to take itself too seriously, be rather slow paced and talky, and end rather abruptly. Westword does end rather abruptly, but on the more positive side, it does allow for a few funny moments. It's a little slow paced but not as slow as something like the Andromeda Strain, and there's some good solid tension in the relentless pursuit which is emphasised by the absense of music and just the quiet.

Then it was time to go home. This made me sad. And while there was an attempted coup by the tram, to prevent me from leaving by not turning up, I did get to the train on time thanks to Flickums being highly organised and having a Taxi summoning device.

Another month to Flickums. *sigh* :(
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[ profile] flickums came. We went to the pub and played cineplexity. Once again Flickums whuppedmy arse completely by knowing about films. Ordered nice beer, and tasty food. It's a bit of a hipster pub so the food is well presented but not as good as the solid hearty fare of the Metropolitan. Also trendy pubs have this weird thing where the pile the food up. We returned home and went for a spooky halowe'en weekend thing of watching Ghostwatch. Kind of an odd bit of TV history in that it seemed a little undecided about whether it was a hoax or a drama. It was quite clever in a lot of ways and while the acting was somewhat mixed, I can understand why some people were taking in. And as flickums pointed out it does predate things like Blair Witch.Much hilarity was had by repeated mention of a "Glory Hole".


Finally resolverd the Ikea Wardrobe saga. I will probably go into more details in a later post. However, managed to hire a van for 2 hours from Hertz 247. Marginally cheaper than a full day from Easirent, and they do cover fuel costs.Since I have no car this did involve the epic trip from one end of the tram network to the other, which takes a while. On the positive side, this did mean I could return the wrong wardrobe, and there was no quibble at all about a refund. Celebrated by eating meatballs, then took the epic tram journey home. Hertz Ikea Van rental is pretty good when it works but Hertz seems to have a slightly odd issue with believing I am who I say I am (They sorted it over the phone so no real issue). Everything beign automated does make things fairly efficient. Type in the code, check the damage report is correct, and then you're free to go. Wish they had reversing sensors though. Fortunately a chap with a flat cap saw us out.

Went up to Huddersfield to see Cat and Frodo. Train was a little packed but we got seats. And were really pleased to get out at Huddersfield since this is where all the football supporters got on. Was an offer to get a taxi back woth Frodo but that was a miscommunication somewhere along the lines about finishing times. Still, we had directions by taxi. Although the house was hard to find due to some rather odd numbering scheme. Still, we found the place. Cat and Frodo's daughter seemed to take a shine to me. Ordered Pizza, but they forgot Flickums's.  Frodo ran an RPG for us. RPG was based on Fallout. We all died horribly! It was a lot of fun though. Involved much running around and avoiding being killed by gribbly monsters.


After a busy Saturday we just wanted to spend lots of time sleeping. That was fun. Eventually dragged ourselves out of bed an into Didsbury village where we acquired cheese fro baking, and then went to see Dr. Strange. Kind of enjoyed it. It's decent Marvel fare. Bongledooch is good, as ever, and there's plenty of action. So we saw that, went to the arcade and played lots of games invloving shooting. Apparently pirates had machine guns. Who'd have thought?

Returned home and watched Bram Stoker's Dracula. A film that I had a certain level of trepidation about; mainly because of Keanu Reeves playing Jonathan Harker. Actually it's not so terrible. Even though Keanu constantly looks like Ted "Theodore" Logan, and while - bless him - he tries to do a British accent it isn't exactly great, at least Jonathan Harker isn't actually all that significant a character after the Castle Dracula part. And it is a fairly faithful adaptation of the book (apart from the slightly odd reincarnation thing). Plus gorgeous costume (oscar winning) and set design (oscar nominated).

Sadly, as ever, I needed to send Flickums home at this point. But I get to see her again next weekend :)
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So, I need a new car.

Actually that's probably overstating things. I don't need a car at all, I just find having one is often useful, and since Thunderbird is no more, I have to buy one.

Am considering buying another impractical 2 seater convertible. I could get a brand new one on hire-purchase, and therefore not dig further into the house deposit fund. Do quite like the MX-5 although that does have the "hairdresser" association which worries me more than it probably should. Of course there's also the Fiat Spider 124, which is essentially the same car and is very pretty.

Other options are a used MX-5. More practical than a MG-TF or an MR-2 (it has a boot that is big enough for more than a small case), and probably more reliable. Or there's the gorgeous BMW Z4

Loking at more practical cars that can still have the roof down, I could get a slighlty less impractical 4 seater convertible. Renault Meganes seem to be going cheap, and there's plenty of Peugeot 207's. I quite like the VW Eos and the Saab 9-3 which are ragtops; which means I'd still have boot space with the roof down.

Final option is the cheapest possible car that has 4 wheels and an engine. Gets me from A to B, and even to C (car dealers).

The real problem I have is that the dealers are not easty to get to without a car. But I have time to mull this over. I think I need to book a test drive or two.


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