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Hired a van at the weekend. It was really nice. Brand new, with aircon and a handy reversing indicator. Paid extra for a full tank of fuel, before realising that it was only really worth it if I brought it back almost empty. Surprisingly nice to drive, although I felt I was about to tip over every time I went round a corner. Am actually tempted to get a practical car when I replace Megatroff. Fun though a sports car is, a 10 year old MG is a little shaky.

Went to the storage locker. Loaded what I could into the van. Decided that I didn't absolutely need my DVD collection, especially because I lacked storage for it.

Needed to dash back after a short time at home because Flickums was visiting. Got home late. Went straight to bed. Flickums arrived the next day and in order to prove she is the best girlfriend ever, helped me unload. Was considering moving the living rom to the spare bedroom and the spare bedroom into the living room but way too much hassle. And there was snuggling to do.

Realised I really need more storage. And a coffee table. Also needed food. Flickums suggested that since I had the van, we go to Ikea and get meatballs (thus confirming beyond any doubt that she's the best girlfriend ever!)! The ikea in Leicester turned out to be a figment of Google's imagination. But meatballs had been sugested so we had to get meatballs!

Meatballs were duly eaten. Furnishings were bought. I now have the potential joy of assembling a vast quantity of Ikea furniture.

Been a fun weekend.

We did completely fail to see Starlord and the Raptors. But that can wait.
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I now have Me Time. I should be happy. Sadly this means that [ profile] flickums has had to return home.

We had a lot of fun though. Right from meeting her at the station and being squished to death by hugs until the tearful goodbye.

So after a slight delay caused by my leaving the interior light on, we set off and saw Brighton, went on the pier, wandered through the North Lanes, and Pavilion gardens, had a greasy meal at Kensingtons (actually I just had a cuppa, but Flick had a hefty meal), and went up on the Brighton Wheel to see views of Brighton, with commentary by Steve Coogan.

After that I took Flick on a drive to Devil's Dyke (it's funny because it has "Devil" in the name). Got to take the roof down, so that was fun. Loitered at the Dyke admiring the view.

Since I now have Netflix, we watched an episode of Daredevil.

Flick demonstrated her mad bread making skillz. I showed off my mad Toad in the hole making skillz and my roast spud abilities. Then introduced Flick to the wonder that is Pavlova and, apparently, to Strawberries and Raspberries. Flick now accepts that egg whites do have a use in society.

Went to the sci-fi pub quiz. Flick knew a regular there and he had a mate so that was a team of 4. Round one was Orphan Black. I was the only person on the team that had actually seen the show. After the scores were announced it turned out I was the only person in the pub who had. In the end though, we came second. General Nerdage was unusually hard.

Final day involved lots of snuggling, a stroll to the green where a small fayre was happening, and a meander to the beach. Brother, his gf and daughter were at the fayre. Had a go at the shooting gallery. Flick declared herself to have too many toys so I won a teddy for my niece instead. Flick was too busy admiring other aspects to pay attention to my shooting skill.

Also there has been much snuggling!

I think it's been a successful weekend. Just wish it was longer.
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So, it was another busy weekend.  Seem to be havng many of them.


Went to t'pub.  Somneone had contacted me on OKCupid.  This seems to be happening more often recently.  Sweet French girl who was slightyl geeky and had quirky hobbies including Kendo, falconry and travel. 


My it's complicated came to Brighton.  Went to the beach.  Did the usual amble round brighton I like to do.  Went to The Tea Cosy.  It's changed slighty.  The oh-so-camp gay guys seem to have either sold out or hired another person rather than working those 12 hour days.  Also I didn't have a list of fussy rules (no dunking biscuits, use the sugar tongs, etc) which was what I liked about the place before. Still, had uncomplicated fun. 


Laser tag at Laser Hub in Crawley for [ profile] talismancer and his SO's birthday bash.  I wasn't feeling in a very talky mood, so running around shooting at people worked for me. 

This is a different game when played with gamers, all of whom have developed a certain instinct for tactics and strategy.  Try a tactic.  If it doesn't work we try another tactic. After a while the opposition adapts to those tactics so it's an evolving game.  There was a lot of ad-hoc squad forming and mainly running around shooting at people.    Also pizza.
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[ profile] masterofapath , [ profile] tictactoepony and [ profile] pixiequeen10thk came to play.

We went to the beach.

I'm quite fond of going barefoot.  My feet are tough enough to handle roads, and grass is very nice, metal is bearable even on a hot day.  Stones aren't so great though. 

Haven't been swimming in the sea for years!  Tricky getting in but once you're in it's great! Tricky getting out too.  Undercurrents try to trip you up

I have established that sunblock does actually work.  Also established that I really need to be more careful about applying it to my whole body.  My back is slightly red and burned in the places I missed.  Also should probably have put sunblock on my face, but since I try to avoid looking at the sun less of a problem.  I am now doing a nice lobster impression.
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So, my ickle cousin is now married.  This is all a bit scary.  Was a lovely wedding and I ate half a pig at the reception. 

Occurs to me that it's summertime.  I'm near the beach and lots of nice parks.  I seem to be indoors on the interwebs today.  Will really have to avoid doing this next week - especially because it's a bank holiday.

Who's going to be around and who wants to go to the beach?  Or if anyone's doing anything else at any point, can I come?
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In hindsight...  Might have been a good idea to have told that girl I was leaving and ask for her number.

Edit: context.  was in a pub with Tink and feegle.  Started chatting to (family) group next to us because I thought 20-something daughter had a nice smile.  Tink started falling asleep so thought it would be polite not to force her to stay.  Didn't occur to me until this morning that asking for her number when I left would have made sense. 
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So, after trapeze I went to the pub. Met some people I know. Discovered [ profile] eglantinedreams seems to know someone else I knew. Chatted to a slightly drunk girl. snogged a slightly drunk girl. Turned down invitation to The Engine Rooms. Agreed to see her today.

Today, was Pride. Got some nice pics and uploaded some highlights.

Friend from Bristol couldn't come down, neither could [profile] squirrel_dreams.  Thought I'd try and meet a friend hadn't seen for ages but don't have her number and she wasn't answering what I was given as new number.  People I met last night aren't talking to me (I wasn't expecting them to but though I'd try), and all my Brighton friends are working.  Big festivals are pretty dull on your own.  I'm sure there's a way to solve this but I don't know how.  I tried treating it like a sci-fi convention but the social dymanic just doesn't work with normal people (except for that steampunk guy in the last photo). 

Seem to be at a loose end now.

edit: Girl I met last night eventually responded to my text:)

edit2: And completely failed to show up when I suggested meeting up again. 

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Anyone feel like coming to the Eagle on Sunday at 12 for food and chat?
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This girl I met online wants to visit.  she suggested I should show her around Brighton this Saturday.

Sounds good to me.

Now, where do I take her?

Edit: Cool. Thanks, guys.  lots of ideas there. 


Mar. 8th, 2009 09:48 pm
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Redemption 2009.
Picocon (mosty Destructgion of Dodgy Merchandise)


Feb. 15th, 2009 02:43 pm
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Saw The Day After tomorrow fuelled by sugary alcamahol.  It was amusing but not the thrill of bad jokes that I was hoping for.  

Went to Modelworld with [ profile] omylouse and [ profile] lemming_man  and [ profile] masterofapath and [ profile] tictactoepony  and randomly bumped into [ profile] shebit there.  It was all fine but seemed far too similar to the last couple of years. 

Still trying to persuade the extended HONHOI crowd that they wish to play Puppetland.Did manage to bully people into Apples to Apples though. 

Saw Dollhouse.  Not quite sure what to make of it.  I seriously doubt that the pilot really gives any indication of what the show will be about.  I really don't think it's going to succeed.  It's too hard to summarise in a single sentence. 

Seem remarkably unenthused about everything this weekend.  Maybe it's me. 
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Days are getting shorter.  Weather's getting colder.

I think we need some video evenings.

Anyone up for heckling some bad movies with beer and pizza at some point? 
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Anyone else want tocome to the pub this evening? 

Drinks and Geeky chat
Grand Central.
20th June
from 8:00

It's right by the station. Easy to find.

Once again, I will bring a purple two headed bear so people can find us.

Honestly, I think I was pretty inept when it came to timing with this one.  Everyone's going to be busy gaming, solstacing, or generally doing other things. 
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Another fine fun weekend!

And required substantially less travel on my part, but many more traffic lights.  [personal profile] tictactoepony, [profile] masterofapath, and [profile] squirrel_dreams were coming down for a day at the seaside.  Then  [profile] wolfie_sara suddenly had a free day on Saturday, so she came down as well!  W00T!!!  And she got here first which meant we had a bit of "us" time:) 

We went to the beach.  Drove all the way along the port road into Southwick for a picnic (right about here) .  I'd made sushi and baked some bread.  [profile] wolfie_sara had made a delightful concoction from port, cider and ginger wine.  And we set off some Coke with Mentos. Fountains!!! 

Saw the Lady Bee Marina.  Went back.  Had lots of tea and chat.  Then I kicked my friends out and spent the rest of the evening with Wolfie.  Shame she had to go home next day:( 
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I was a little worried since seven people were explicitly not going to come. 

But I was undaunted.  I took a leap of faith, heading the words of the immortal prophet [profile] emperor_zhark - "If you run it they will come", so I ran it.  They came.  So did a mate I randomly bumped into on the way.  And Zhark is always useful because he actually knows other people. 

Chatted about Diplomacy, Blade Runner, Inquisitions, Zhark's kids...  The general chat amongst geeks is pretty damn general.  Although I bet none of us knew a damn thing about sports. 

So I guess I'll do the same again next month. 
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So, who's coming for my Eurovision party?

So far I'm pretty certain [profile] tinkerbell1980, [personal profile] tictactoepony, [profile] masterofapath,[info]squirrel_dreams, [info]medium_jock and  
[profile] ghostpaw are coming, but let me know if other things have come up. 

Anyone else?

Also let me know if you have any particular dietary requirements. 

The futon is spoken for on Saturday night but I have floor space if anyone wants to sleep over (bring a sleeping bag if you do).  If you have a long way to come I'll happily entertain you on Friday, as long as you're willing to help me cook on Saturday.

There's a big water pistol fight the following day which we might go along to depending on energy. 
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If anyone wants to come to the pub tomorrow.

Brighton Geek Pub Meet

Friday 16th May
The Eagle
Gloucester Road.

From about 8:00pm

Look for the purple two headed bear. 

Let's see how it goes.  If there's a decent turn out I'll try and make this a regular event.
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Beer foamy.  Beer good.  Haven't had a pub meet for a while.  So, how does the Eagle sound. 

Brighton Geek Pub Meet
Friday 16th May
The Eagle
Gloucester Road.
From 8:00. 

I'll try and remember to bring a purple two headed teddy bear or something sci-fi related to indicate where we are.
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Remarkable similar every year.  Model railway technology doesn't move on too quickly.  Although come to think of it, I didn't see the guy with the extremely detailed model of Portsmouth Harbour. 

Still, kind of enjoyable.  There were some cute Daleks there and also a Dalek and Cyberman invasion on on of the models, which was a nice bit of detail.  And there was a fantastic huge model Lego castle with loads of people, including someone being mugged. 

Ceroc was Catapult-Spin, Secret Swizzle and I-could-tell-you-but-then-I'd-have-to-kill-you sweep.  Beginners moves included the catapult.  Always fun but one of the trickier ones for the beginners. 


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