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Finally a weekend free! It immediately fills up with stuff but at least there aren't many contraints.

So we start with a visit to out favourite pub in Didsbury Village for Brunch and for Flickums to demonstrate her skills at Cineplexity and completely whip my ass. We both went fot the bacon pancakes this time although I was a lot happier with Kensingtons, where they drown the pancakes in syrup.

Highlights of the Charity shop trawl were The Box Of Delights (much hyped by the BBC on its release but I never actually saw it), Red on DVD, then Red on Blu-ray. Still it was only 2 quid so the DVD copy was donated to Oxfam and we consider it a donation to Mind. Impressive selection of Blu-rays and pretty much all of them were highly rated. Was tempted by Dambusters but in the end, just went for The Omen and Slumdog Millionaire.

Also had time to do some DVD sorting! Flick's DVD collection has been pretty random since she moved in. I spent the time sorting them into
groups of each letter. The individual groups can be sorted later, but there's always a few that we miss and that requires a lot of shuffling discs. More Simpsons box sets kept appearing! I'm sure Flickums was buying them and adding to the shelves without me noticing! Still, they're becoming sorted. Everything from R to Z is now in correct order. With a slight anomoly becase the Scrubs box set takes up most of a shelf.

Spent the afternoon playing board games. Finally got to play Flick's Labyrinth game. It was a fun game, which seemed to fit into the spirit of the film without being annoyingly complicated. However, we did lose and Sarah is now dancing forever with the Goblin King.

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Glad I'm back at work!  That Christmas break was just hectic!

23rd - car was being fixed.  Saw Sherlock Holmes.  Radio stopped working.  Got stuck in traffic.  Had dinner with parents. 

24th - Tried adding blue streaks to hair.  Didn't work. 

Annual Christmas Eve meetup with old school friends.  Had been moved to the afternoon because that's more convenient for those with kids.  Those with kids didn't turn up and a couple of those without couldn't make it so that left three of us.  Met up with those who couldn't make the afternoon in the evening.  Met up with [ profile] eglantinedreams and friends after spotting a last minute invitation on facebook.

25th - Christmas, and all the insanity involved there.  Also received code for radio:) 

26th - Boxing day.  The more relaxed version of Christmas without the expectations and with lower stress. 

27th - School friends arranged pub lunch.  Some of them actually made it this time!  Ate Venison.

28th - Tried to play new Zelda game.  Discovered that new Zelda games needs the new Wii Motion Plus remote.  Most annoyed by that one.  I'd have asked for the version that came with it had I known. 

Board gaming at [ profile] aperrott and [ profile] ingaborg's.  Lots of fun there.  Met extended family people, played Civ and Clans and Metro.  Helped dispose of additional food. 

29th/30th - Finally! Time to myself.  Spent the time playing video games!  Made Eggs Benedict.  Also made mushroom Stroganoff. 

31st - Decided to retry adding colour to hair.  eglantinedreams had offered but thought I'd give it another go since what's the worst that can happen?  Red this time which doesn't need pre-lightening.  Worked a lot better.  invited to parents place again.  What the hell.  Free food:)  and I love my mum's cooking.  Played Mario cart with nephew.  I think it's a bit hard for him actually.  Went to Bearhaus to celebrate New Year.  Met people not seen for some time.  Was told by [ profile] the_ladylark I need to book for Discworld ASAP if I want the chance to go.  Hair was much admired:)  Walked back to parents place to sleep shortly after midnight.

1st Jan - Woke up far too soon after going to bed.  Provided much needed Kindle tech support to my mum (specifically the free books available from Gutenberg)

Drove back.  Received text from friends who suggested we do stuff.  Went for pub lunch.  Played a new game - CowPoker.  Fun but required balancing a lot of numbers which was way too much for us after a late night.  Went to eglantinedreams' place for more gaming.  Very nice Chinese takeaway which did excellent fake-meat. 

Played Munchkin Booty.  Was told I am deliciously well spoken:) and was encouraged to go for a different British accent for being British.  Went for Bristolian.  Couldn't manage a Dutch accent.

Also played Therapy.  Was psychoanalysed several times and people seem to think I'm pretty positive and hopeful, which is odd because while I am, I also see myself as a whiner who complains about everything.  There was a question, asked of [ profile] flannelcat - who does he think is the best actor.  Pointed looks from eglantinedreams on that one to make sure he put down the right answer!  He did and therefore escaped with his life.

2nd Jan - Last minute invitation to [ profile] omylouse's birthday bash.  Went to pub.  Ate Venison.  Again.  This time in pie form.

So that was Christmas.  Am now back and fought through the rain (and avoided the Dartford crossing since the bridge is closed, and half the tunnel is sent in the opposite direction.
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