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Wow, it's been a while since my last update... These are the entries I didn't post.

The one about Christmas. Not a terrible haul. I received (in addition to the lovely gifts froma lovely flickums) a set of FATE cards, (for the fate RPG), Kill Dr. Lucky - the card game, some socks, some beer - lots of beer - and some soapy type stuff.

Have transferred almost all of my junk from storage to flat. That was a tiring weekend. I hired a van, and drove all the way to Brighton before finding that I actually needed a bigger van. So I drove home and drove all the way to Brighton and back again. At least I had a helpful brother to assist. And it should save me a few quid. It really wasn't worth paying the storage fee, except that a lot of this stuff had sentimental value. I still have a lot of things that I ought to dispose of somehow but a lot of it is printed media. I find it really hard to get rid of that. Throwing it out feels like destroying knowledge. Anyone want a huge collection of SFX magazines and Beano comic libraries from the 1980's?

One of the items was a bike. I've now got that in a roadworthy condition. It takes about as long to cycle to work as to drive and I don't need to defrost my bike in the morning.

In other news, someone other than me tried to use my debit card to buy a PS4. I received a suspicious looking text from the bank so rang them up. Turned out that it genuinely was from my bank, and there were a bunch of other purchases, that I didn't make. Bank was nice about it though, cancelled the card, and blocked the orders. Also got a phone call from Tesco Direct (which is how I know it was a PS4 that was ordered) saying that it was flagged as suspicious. Shame really I'd just managed to memorize my Debit card number.

So that's the last few weeks caught up.

2015 meme

Dec. 27th, 2015 10:52 am
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1. What did you do in 2015 that you'd never done before?

Had a New Year Smooch.

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Another trip to Sheffield to see Flickums. Was so excited I forgot my trousers!

And my washbag.

I did notice my bag felt a little light.

This was a pre-christmas weekend for myself and [ profile] flickums. Spent the weekend watching Christmas tat and Star Wars related tat. And eating turkey.

I drove down to Sheffield. Holly (My satnav) did particularly well, having told me there was a 108 minute delay on the main route, and suggested I took a slightly different route that would only add about 20 minutes (and much less sitting in traffic). Flickums was held up by evil traffic of doom in the city centre, which gave me a chance to pick up needed toiletries. Started off with the exchange of gifts. I received a Raspbery Pi, The Last Of Us, An Orphan Cat T-shirt, and a Jurassic Tea mug. Made a promise to myself not to play with any of them until Christmas. I also received a mystery gift from Nova, but will keep that one until Christmas day. Gifts I gave flickums seemed to go down well despite my taking up more and more of her wall and shelf space. Flickums made stew. A somewhat soupy stew, which we declared was stewp!

Fridays movies: It's A Trap (Family Guy Return of the Jedi). The "Pie Fighters" joke sort of broke me.

Saturday, we watched movies. I played Mass Effect to see what it was like. Looks cool but don't know if I'd get into it. Flickums cooked a Sunday roast (except for the spuds. I did the spuds). Day was mostly spent watchingmovies and snuggling. We didn't leave the house once.

Saturdays Movies:
The Nightmare Before Christmas. The best Hallowe'en/Christmas crossover movie ever! And the songs are still great. I love animation, and this looks absolutely glorious in HD!
Bernard and The Genie. Time has not been that kind to this, to be honest. Still a really sweet funny Christmas special.
Supernatural Christmas special. Yes, where they get fudging tied to the chairs! Oh Fudge!
Die Hard: One of my favourite stealth Christmas movies. Actually there were a few bits i hadn't noticed before. Like weasel-guy was actually cokehead weasel-guy. I have only ever seen it on TV, so I imagine the BBC snipped that bit.

Sunday was more snuggling and movie watching. Fanboys - because it's mandatory viewing. Oh god it's so funny!!! And so many cameos. Also saw some of the Nostalgia Critic Star Wars reviews.

Then we saw Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens! In Imax! I was doubly delighted that they used Dolby 3D rather than the now rather old-fashioned horizontal/vertical polarisation. Dichroic filters FTW! Yes I am a nerd!  Really rather enjoyed it. Still need to ponder views, but I thought it was a lot of fun.

We then had tasty foods at a nearby restaurant, and frothed about Star Wars. And ate more tasty foods. Wanted to watch Free Enterprise to complement Fanboys, although that is really much more a Trekkie show than a Star Wars show. Still, ran out of time. Maybe next time.

Then I had to go home. Booo :(

Why do I always have to go home after seeing flickums?
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It had been a long time since I was in Brussels. 2 and a half years or thereabouts. But I wanted to see the Christmas market, and [ profile] flickums seemed keen.

I've always loved Eurostar. It's a lot less hectic getting to St. Pancras - although I was getting very panicky when flickums' train was getting more and more delayed. Still, it arrived and after a brisk walk to the Eurostar departure area, we checked in with a whole minute to spare. Sadly there wasn't enough time for flickums to admire the Disney tree. But once we were inside, we could wave our passports at the passport people, put our bags through the security scanners, and relax. And this time neither of us were suspected terrorists.

Trainn took us to Brussels at the incredible speed that Eurostar manages, zipping through the tunnel, then through France and then through Belgium, and then we arrived, and I confidently led us to the metro. Except while I'm absolutely certain I went in the right direction, clearly someone had rotated the entire station 180 degrees since I was last here and the metro was in the other direction. Also got a bit confused with buying tickets because they've changed from the paper tickets. And we had to queue up at the ticket barriers because the machines don't take notes. In hindsight, getting a 10 trip ticket was a false ecnomy because we only used 4 trips. Oh well.

Arrived. Met with Barbera - the lovelyiest of Italian ladies. I knewher when I was living here and it was nice to catch up. She took us to a nearby restaurant - just round the corner from the hotel. I had rabbit in a very nice kriek sauce, and Belgian beer.

Woke up next day, had the lucicrously expensive hotel breakfast, strolled through the market - which was just opening, and flickums was highly amused by a stall that said "Choco Nads". It was just opening though and I had an urge to visit the essential sights of Brussels.

Then we went to the Atomium. Belgium's famous alien spacecraft. Flickums bought me a beer at the restaurant, and we saw all of Brussels and the surrounding area and all the other displays in the Atomium.

After that the market was open so we looked around there and I had a gluhwein, and we saw lots of exciting things. Then we went to see the other essential sights - the Grand Place and the Mannekin Pis. I think something might have been going on in the grand place just before we were there because we seemed to be fighting against the mass of people. I always feel the Mannekin Pis is a it disappointing, but it was at least wearing an outfit.

Flickums was excited by the Cheesecake Cafe, and had an omelette and a cheescake. That girl loves her cheesecake!

Sunday we largely ambled around town. Had a look at the comic museum but didn't go in because it looked a bit dry and we were both a bit tired. Had a look at the giftshop though. Flickums decided to goive names to the various parts of Brussels. There was the chocolate district, the beer and chocolate district, the gloves and chocolate district, and the pushy restaurants and chocolate district.

I went ice skating, and found that it was harder than it looks. I would have been a lot happier about it if other people there were as inept as me but I was the only person who wasn't, so I decided it wasn't really for me. I did get a maple lolly as a reward from flickums though. Went on the big wheel after that, and flickums decided it wasn't for her. She did get a chocolate lollypop as a reward though. Flickums bought herself some Chocolate Nads, and bought me a beer (Delerium Tremens!) and a glass with pink elephants on!!! And various other gifts.

That evening was the Christmas parade. Lots of floats. Some of them really well done, including a humungous train, and santa and reindeers, and some giant teddy bears, one of which seemed to be having trouble with his gloves. They played a repretitive french Christmas song that

Ate at one of the many nearly identical restaurants in the St. Nicholas area (The pushy restaurants and chocolate district). Decided we'd go for the one with the best sales pitch, But the first guy did such a good job that we decided to get there instead. We had waffles! I was worried we might end up missing out on them.

My bag weighed several times more on the way home than the way out, because it was laden down with beer. And a few glasses. Glad Eurostar doesn't have a weight limit. Glasses survived the trip home!

So that was a busy weekend!


Nov. 29th, 2015 05:45 pm
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Another weekend of [ profile] flickums and geekery!

There was a bit of a delayed start because Thunderbird is still in car hospital so I had to get the train. But the people on the train have me tea and biscuits, so it wasn't all bad. And Flickums met me at the station because she's the bestest girlfriend ever. Then made me watch Clue because it is very silly, and has Tim Curry and Christopher Lloyd in it. Dozed off a bit towards the end, so caught up next morning.

Went to the alternative Christmas market and  looked at some alternative Christmas stuff. Saw Mockingjay part 2. It's a pretty good adaptation. I never felt the second and third books were as good as the original.

Went to [ profile] blazingskies' place to watch Doctor Who. We saw City of Death. Actually a pretty good episode, even managing some location work in Paris.

Sunday, watched new Who. It was a little odd.

Then finished off Spirit Of The Tentacle. Which seemed to go pretty well considering I'm new to the GMing thing. Feel I didn't give everyone stuff to do though. Also felt it was a bit too combat heavy. And I really need to learn how the system works properly, but that last one is more about experience. Have some idea of what I need to do when I run a game that I write.

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So, it's 2015. No flying cars, or lunar colonies, but I do have a pocket computer, electronic books and indirect access to zeroth generation replicators.

It's been a pleasant week. Flew home from Berlin, bitter about the cockups that meant that Berlin Brandenburg still isn't open. But I got home safely, got in, wrapped presents, left to see friends for Christmas Eve drinks. For complicated reasons which I may go into later, I got invited to a party and the people there were so friendly that it was hard to leave.

Christmas was a nice enough affair. Kids seemed to have a good time. Nephew liked the magic set I got him, after a little coaxing from the grownups. Niece seemed to enjoy the playdoh hair kit. I received a copy of Cash and Guns, a bowler hat, a segway rally voucher, and socks. Plus a chocolate-chilli russian roulette game. Cool stuff. Hat needs an outfit to go with it. Will need to think about that.

Managed to get to Woking for boardgaming and seeing people I'd not seen for ever! That was fun. Needed to get back before it was too late though, so had to adandon the pandemic before it was cured. Aso discovered Pandemic is an intriguing game. Fun times were had.

And then we reached New Year! [ profile] flickums was there!! Hugs were had!!!! There was some other stuff going on as well, but since we hadn't seen each other since August, I did find myself a little distracted. Apparently we're "adorably cute" together.

New year chimed! Got a kiss at midnight (yay!). Then we went out and saw some fireworks! And heard someone ringing a bell and shouting Happy New Year!

Didn't manage to play the russian roulette game. Did chat to other people a bit. It was certainly an awesome New Year party.

Happy NEw Year all. Hope 2015 works for the rest of you!
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As mentioned, my mum and a friend came to visit. They were actually feeling a bit rough which was a shame. The trooped on though, determined to have a good time. I was working so mostly we just met to eat.

Tuesday: Met at a Christmas market. Can now claim to have done one of them. Bit too crowded for me.
Wednesday: Went for meal at a very german restaurant. It was a very german meal.
Thursday: The Wyld. Awesome show. See previous entry. Visitors had been to see the TV Tower but didn't get a fantastic view. Really need to go there some time.
Friday: Visitors had been to see the Reichstag and saw Angela Merkel. Italian meal. We got shafted on the wine. We saw a bottle advertised for just under €20. Bill came. It was €40. Turns out that the €20  was for a 1 litre jug rather than a .75 litre bottle. Disappointed that they didn't make that clear. Probably should have realised that it was different. Pledged never to go back there.
Saturday: My full day with the visitors.

Met for breakfast at a place in Potsdammer Platz, then went to "The Hollow Tooth" - the remains of Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial church, kept in its bombed out state as a memorial. Lots of information inside including a somewhat over apologetic note on a translation of the plans of what to do after the Germans won the war.

went to Charlottenburg Palace. Here I discover that my mum's friend, while being quite assertive and being German is actually not very useful when it comes to public transport navigation. She assumed that the correct station was Charlottenburg. Actually some way away. Still there is a bus that goes to the palace. So we arrived. Included a free audio tour, which was nice. I was impressed with how many different ways the announcer had to tell me to press the green button at each room.

Always seems rather sad how many people died at such a young age. There's always a "never lived to see it completed"  in these places, and these are the rich! Also always sad how much was destroyed by the Second World War. The palace is essentially a 1940's building built around 17th century plans. We went into another room and saw a huge collection os porcelein. Seems King Friedrich was something of a porcelein nerd. History was interesting. Upstairs was basically just a museum. Not very interesting to me.

Went back to place where visitors were staying. Bit drab. Also my mum seems unable to operate the keys.

Decided we'd go back to the German restaurant to eat, but they were full. The Italian place wasn't but they'd gypped us on the wine. Found a nice place in Freidrichstein. A little chain-y but did good steak! This place was halfway between where I lived and where my parents were staying. Got home. Got a text. "DDo you still have my key"? Turns out I had. Dammit, I'd just got in!
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Good lord!  Is it getting to Christmas already!?

Things I like about Christmas:
  • A week off!  Yay! 
  • Buying presents for people!
  • Receiving presents!
  • Christmas dinner!
  • Christmas foods!
  • Spending time with friends and family!
  • Copious quantities of alcohol!
Things I have problems with:
  • Working out what to buy for people.
  • Where do I put all these presents!?
  • My dad's refusal to be interested in any aspect of Christmas except dinner. 
  • Christmas songs in shops! There seems to be about 10 of them and all the shops play the same songs.  And no, I'm *not* doing Christmas shopping in the 99p shop!
Thing is, I like unwrapping presents.  I like other people unwrapping mine.  Essential people I need to buy for are nephew (He's 5.  Toy shops are good), brother (already sorted, slightly by accident), sister-in-law (tricky), grandmother(also tricky), and parents (no idea)!

This has been a ramble with no real point.  I felt I was neglecting LJ a little.
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So, Christmas turned out not too bad.  Was at parents' friends place and she has space!  Was also round the corner from bearhaus so invated there for randomness. 

Christmas haul included new DMs.  Same as the old ones except newer, and with tread.  Also received new jumper, a wallet, some whiskey, some magnetic ball things and many many socks.  Played buckaroo with nephew.  Decided it's a silly game.  Ate world's biggest ever Turkey!!!!  With bacon and stuffing.  Played Apples to Apples with family and friends.  Drank lots. 

Boxing day I did as little as possible.  Went to see family and friend again and ate the world's biggest piece of beef!  Watched Upstairs Downstairs.  Drank less. 

And today I went into town.  I wanted to buy various bits and pieces for costume.  I found a ray gun and that was about it.  Am also tempted by new phobile.  The HTC wildfire looks tasty but they were sold out.  So that was a bit of a failure.  Will try again soonish.

And have now run out of things to do.  Well, wil be doing the long put-off house tidy.   Need to see people at some point.

Right now am making leek and onion soup.  Yum.
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Christmas Eve:  Go home.  May leave first thing in the morning and skip work.  It's only a half day I'd be missing.  Depends on weather.  Do have plans for tradition of Christmas Eve drinks with friends.  Brighton looks to be less snowed in than Cheltenham so should be okay

Christmas Day: Have Christmas with family.  Am actually looking forward to this.  Parents' house is still being deflooded so we're all visiting a friend of my mother's who I think is absolutely wonderful.  I've apparently been tasked with finding entertainments.  I'm not sure if she was serious but I shall astound and amaze them with my selection of party games.  She's also fairly close to bearhaus so may head over there and chill out.  Am rather looking forward to Christmas this year.  It's usually a bit fraught.

Boxing day: Sleep.
27th December: Sleep
28th December: Sleep
29th December: Sleep
30th December: Sleep
31st December: New Year Party!  The theme is cat girl and space pirate and I'm not sure I see myself as a space pirate.

Back at work on the 4th Jan.  Said I'll work until the end of the month.  If I extend that towards the end of Feb then I don't need to worry about new contract immediately and can easily take the Monday following off.  This allows me to do the dead dog party and return home in a very relaxed manner without worrying about work.  On the other hand, this contract is driving me nuts.  Not that I'm that expectant of getting a contract that soon anyway. 

What I do know is I'm really looking forward to some time off.  I plan to be bored at some point.
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Happy Chrimbo everyone. 

And belated Hannukah and solstace greetings to those who celebrate those.

If anyone has another seasonal celebration around this time let me know and I'll try and include you.
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Presents all wrapped.

Work over for a bit.

Off to pub in a bit to see friends from school who I typically see about once a year.

Developing a cold and I don't care!

Really looking forward to spending tomorrow morning in bed. 


Dec. 26th, 2008 10:19 am
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Dad decided not to do the starter, the fish course, or the soup course so we went straight to the main Christmas dinner.  Then I drank lots. 

We actually had time to open presents for a change.  Chilli got lots of good toys.  I'm jealous.  I want a toy garage!
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So, I arrived at a not too early time because Christmas in the Parentals household tends to involve a lot of waiting whilst father spends all his time doing the cooking. 

Anyway, had fun.  Received an assortment of presents of various levels of interest.  Am intrigued that all the relatives insist on using nephew Chilli's real name rather than Chilli.  His great gran goes for the compromise "Chilli Joseph".  Seems to work. 

Ate Dinner.  Yum.

Showed my parents how to play Settlers of Catan.  Non-gamers are a pain.    Anything with remotely non-trivial rules and they suddenly get scared.  Still, my dad enjoyed it.  Mum dropped out early (established player drop-out rules - put all the resources back.  Leave all their pieces on the board).  Slightly unusual in that the high probability tiles were all wheat.  Seems to have resulted in a lot of devcards. 
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Once again it's been a busy few days...


Boardgames at the house of noise.  Started playing the buffy board game.  The rules are very unclear...  I think I understood them in the end but we gave up...  played "guess who" instead.  It's a little different with these gamers.  Questions included "Is your character suffering from an existential crisis?"


Half day at work.  then went to Bristol for [personal profile] dylan and [profile] ghostpaw's party.  Was fun.  Over far too quickly.

Apparently traffic was going to peak at about the time I left.  Didn't seem to affect me.

Seems to be a lot of grime on my car though...  And every car.  Had to keep using the windscreen washer   Where is all this dirt coming from?

Tried to get a sensible answer from my brother over what to get my 14 month old nephew for christmas.  "Bongos", apparently...  I think not.  Maybe next year but I don't think he's old enough yet.


Finished Christmas shopping.  Yay! 

Bought a toy gun at the Entertainer.  "Can you prove you're over 16?", joked the girl at the counter.  "Yes.  I remember seeing 'Fairytale of New York ' on Top of the Pops when it first came out".  If only I was that quick witted.

Visitted various people who live near the M4.  Was a slow journey home. 

Car now exceedingly grimy.  Why!?
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For a nice long Christmas break. And lots of food and presents. 

Just wish I knew what to buy for my brother.

And for my nephew for that matter.

Suggestions are hereby solicited.
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And the goose is getting fat.

Seems to be a general feeling amongst some people I know that people have too much stuff and not enough space to put it. 

Anyone got any thoughts for unusual presents that don't take up much space I can give people?
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Christmas was fun.  And a little less stressful than I was expecting. 

Caught a bit of a cold on Friday.  Struggled to do the remaning shopping on Saturday then curled up in front of the telly for the next day and a half.  This was what I was planning to do anyway so no loss there.  then I managed to get to the pub for the traditional annual Christmas Eve drinks with mates.  Pub was a little empty and they ran out of real ales a bit early.  And for some reason, people were all clustered around the bit of the bar by the stairs when there was a good half a pub pretty much empty.  Odd.

I was expecting my dad to be his usual rather stressed frantic and occasionally angry self.  But now he's a granddad and has Chilli to play with which seems to cheer him up a lot.   Chilli is much larger than when I last saw him.  Still cute.  He was a bit grumpy on Christmas day for some reason. 

I got some nice prezzies. 

A cute Dalek game
Some pens
Some chocolate.
A Cheapass game. 
Some Tarot cards. 
A 20 questions game type thing. 
A rechargable hammer drill/screwdriver (with the extremely handy torx bits to disassemble my car). 
Some jellies and a 20 quid note.  (My nan always makes sure I have a present to unwrap).
Tarantino DVD collection
Star Wars Lego 2,
And various useful dull things like CD cases and electrician's screwdriver and sidecutters.

So, not a bad haul.

Boxing day we went to Bramber castle.  There's not much of a castle there any more.  More of a hill with a hill on it and some bits of castle wall. 

Stopped off at a supermarket.  Young lad at the till was asked by another customer (or it may have bene my mum) about working on a bank holiday.  He said,  "Because I'm a muppet".  Poor lad.  Still.  He seemed good humoured about it. 
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And has been for at least 10 minutes!!!!

Happy Christmas everyone.

I can now open presents and then go to bed.


Dec. 29th, 2005 08:33 pm
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And horay! That should be the end of the christmas music in the shops (humbug).

A rundown of presents:
A Shiny Palm TX.
Age of Empires III.
Neverwinter Nights.
Diary of a Nobody. My brother got this as well. Seems my mum thinks everybody should read it. My mum got it as well. My dad thought my mum should also have a copy if it's that good.
Consider Phlebas by Iain M. Banks.
A USB cup warmer.
A card game - Skallywags.

Game was fun. Had to make sailors out of bits of sailors. And say "Arrr" from time to time (House rules). Also turned out to be very useful. For some reason, my dad has no interest in the non-food related aspects of Christmas. He's also the worlds slowest getter upper. So every christmas, we have to wait for him. After about an hour, he finally manages to come downstairs. Breakfast is more important than presents though... So we have to wait for that to be made. Then we have to eat it. Then we're finally allowed to open presents. Except Dad still isn't interested in his ones. Maybe we're just no good at finding him interesting gifts.

Got to mention the food - We don't do things by halves. We didn't just have any turkey - We had organically reared, free range, dry plucked Norfolk Bronze turkey, stuffed with sausage meat. Home made cranberry sauce. Home made christmas pudding. Brandy Butter (but no Vodka margarine).
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