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I like feeling creative. It's fun producing something. I just can't decide what.

In the past, I did programming. That's a good weekend activity - actually working on something I want to work on, but my weekends seem to be frequently busy these days. After a day at work, I'm really not in the mood for even more staring at computers.

I am rather pleased that I seem to be slowly improving at drawing, and I quite like the idea of making a comic. Shame I still don't have a plot. Or a setting. I think I have a character but that might change.

My initial idea was 1920's dieselpunk. But then I figured I don't really like the fashions. 1960's is much more relaxed and colourful. I don't want to do historical though. I want to do speculative. So atompunk/raygungoth it is.

This does require some worldbuilding. Obviously the year is something futuristic sounding like 2000AD. The cold war is still going on, of course. There are space stations, rocket ships, and everyone wears shiny silver outfits.

No plot though. Also, not sure if my ace reporter is a good fit. Ponering if I should furry the whole thing up and create some anthros instead. I'm often accused of being a furry. Why not go the whole hog? Pigs are cool!
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I've finally had time and energy to make some sort of progress on my comic editor. I can now draw speech bubbles, and change the shope of the tails. Change the outline, change the colour, hook them to a frame, and the tail will stick in place. Taken forver to get this to work satisfactorily. Partly out of a pigheaeded desire not to add curve editing controls. Realized that was daft. Spent a chink of time dealing with inexplicably bugs as well, and drawing icons takes longer than you might expect.

What I have found is that UI design is hard.
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I will say I'm fairly pleased with my progress today. I could technically use this to create a strip. I have a million and one more features to add, and about half a dozen before I actually think it's ready to put on sourceforge or something. Still need to work out what licences Qt allows me to release under. Honestly I doubt anyone would want to use my code but if they do I want them to be able to without any obligation.
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Qt has several different types of line pattern. Solid, dotted, dashed, dotdashed and so on. I wanted to come up with filenames for icons that are more concise and distinguishable than dashdotdashLine and dashdashdotLine. Doesn't need to be obvious to the user. Just to me, and expandable in an obvious way

It suddenly became obvious.

My lines are now saved as:

While it is only for my own purpose, I wonder it it is obvious to others which is which.
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Currently, the biggest limitation of my comic maker is that speech bubbles are limited. I can draw bubble shapes, or at least I will be able to once the UI and save mechanism are hooked up, but it's the tail (a.k.a the pointy bit) that's causing problems. Most comics use curved tails.

I already had a mechanism for selecting and editing points, and for doing the same with bounding boxes. I didn't want to modify that, so I found an algorithm online for computing a curve through points. After spending a day fiddling with numbers, working out where I went wrong, and debugging, I had a nice curve. Unless it's too short. Or there are only two points.

Today I realise that the reason I didn't want to modify the point editing no longer apply. It would have been a whole lot easier to just create a curve editor and let the user specify the curves. And that means I don't have to use black magic of maths I don't really understand.

So having spend two days on this I have produced approximately zero useful code. Doh! Ah well.

Still need a decent algorithm for drawing thought bubbles.
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I've been writing an application. A web comic maker. The idea is that you can draw bozes, load images into them, move them around and save to a PNG. There are apparently tools that allow you to do this but they look expensive.

Essential features:
  • Draw panels.
  • Add pictures to panels
  • Draw speech bubbles
  • Add text to speech bubbles
  • Free!
It's actually a little morre sophisticated than that. Panels can be any polygon shape. There's a snap to grid option. Speech bubbles have slectable font and colour. I have code, but no UI to draw square, anger and thought bubbles. They don't look great though. There is some nice auto-sizing going on with importing images and resizing panels though.

Things to do:
  • Improve the way speech bubbles work. They're rubbish at the moment. Specifically - it should be possible to chain several of them. Also I want to have more options when it comes to shapes.
  • Comic title
  • Captions
  • Undo buffer
  • Drop shadows
  • Control over lines
  • Ability to add and remove points
  • A size dialog. Actually this should be basic funtionality, but I don't want to worry about that when debugging.
My problem right now is what to do with it. It's in an alpha version right now. Somewhat buggy and lacks essential features. What can I do with a half finished application? I could create a web page but that involves the hassle of setting up a web page. Maybe I should put it on github or sourceforge or something.
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Dork Tower on LJ.  Amusing because creator John Kovalik is actually still a regular LJ poster.

It is something I've been noticing though.  My LJ friends list seems to have a lot more of the communities than actual friends, and it can be many hours before I see an update from anyone.  5 years ago I had to refresh my friends page several times a day. 

These days we're just spreading quick thoughts.  We use Facebook and Twitter.  Neither of them lend themselves to deep thoughtful discussion.  Twitter often involves links to interesting blogs but there's no way to say anything that doesn't fit into 140 characters including the link.  Facebook allows comments, but don't lend itself to deep discussion.  It'snot even threaded.  There's no room for debate.  Blogs have a list of comments.  It's hard to address a previous comment

Even the social news websites with a decent comment section have their problems.  Digg (unless they've changed it sine I was last there) only has one level of nesting. reddit is a bit better but the default behaviour of sort most popular makes it into an echo chamber, and also means the silly funny comments rise to the top way more than the interesting ones.

So, I'm still here.  LJ will live until something better comes along. 

edit: Changed to link to the actual comic since muskrat_john asked so nicely.


Jan. 26th, 2010 05:39 pm
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I'm not normally a fan of Subnormality, but this is pretty much what goes on in my mind.
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[personal profile] the_magician linked to this comic

Wonder if it works. 

Say wonderful things about me!  (lying okay) 

Failing that, be mean to me in an amusing way. 
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Hey, anyone remember th xkcd "Dream Girl" comic?

Well, that was yesterday.  There was a meetup

As a hopeless romantic, I hope someone met his dream girl. 


Aug. 21st, 2007 07:37 pm
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I was directed to Fleep - a comic strip set in a phone booth

This has to be one of the best comics I've read for a while.  The mathematical ingenuity is good on its own, and I rather like the style, and it's written almost entirely as a monologue.  Comics work great for that.  But that alone isn't what makes it for great. 

Like any art form, short comic strips have rules.  Each strip has to work as a self contained story  - it has to have an ending (or in this case a cliffhanger), and it has to set the scene for each installment in the first panel or so. It has a fixed amount of space to tell the story.  To tell a story as a series of 42 different stories is no easy feat.  Adding plot arc development as an additional layer without compromising and without relying on several strips of plot exposition makes things even harder.

Normally you don't expect this level of plot complexity in the medium of 6 panel comic strip. 
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I always seem to be rather apathetic after lunch.

Anyone think a change in diet might help?

And is my constant posting  to LJ just me being an attention whore?  Enquiring minds want to know.

Since I'm in the mood, I feel I should direct people to Basic Instructions.  I think How To Listen Tto Other People's Problems might appeal to some of you.
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So I felt I should do a new one.

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There's going to be a Comic Book panel at the Brighton Festival.

Even if you don't want to come down, I'd encourage everyone to take a look at the festival.  It's pretty cool.

And happy birthday to [profile] gaspodex and [profile] tinkerbell1980

In other news, I have a shiny new Brighton icon. 
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Went to a TokyoPop Manga promo convention in a Waterstones the other day. There were some cosplayers.

So I took photos. 

And my new comic book arrived. 

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This in number 4 of 5.  the last one was number 5. 

I really need to get round to another set of characters. 
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Another Dalek comic for you. Long and page widening so click on the preview pic.

No idea if anyone actually likes these, but I enjoy drawing them, so I don't care.
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Dork Tower has an excellent idea for a Geek T-Shirt.

Only thing is, everyone reads that.  I bet that come Redemption, there will be a million Random Fandom T-Shirts.  I think I should subvert it. 

My Fandom is Quantum.

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Okay,  I thought the last one was going to be the last, but I had an inspiration when watching an old episode of Coupling.

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I've drawn episode 2 of my comic

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