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J Michael Tatum is a lovely chap.

We went to Yorkshire Comic Con because [personal profile] flickums wanted to see him. Well, she would probably have gone anyway, but fangirls gonna fangirl. And I like dressing up. I dressed as Indiana Jones. Apparently he has a very sexy voice. She even made me watch an episode of Black Butler to demonstrate.

So having arrived, Flickums joined the autograph queue. I found myself in front of a raffle for lots of Lego. Looked around. Went back and found Flickums and promised to hold her had and stop her giggling like a loon. We got the the queue. He was very nice and chatty and signed Flick's Manga of Black Butler, and did a silly selfie with us. Flick asked him to do his voice. He demanded she command him to use his voice. Flick said "I command you to use the voice". He did. Flick melted. I cleared up the molten Flickums.

See under cut for selfie. )

The rest of the day was spent looking at stalls, taking photos of cosplayers, and looking at the various things that were happening on stage. It was a bit of a mixed bag. Talent show, Elsa and Anna doing a magic show. Mary Poppins and Bert doing the catchy songs from Mary Poppins. Flick later got a photo with them because she was wearing the perfect T-shirt.

Photo proof! )

We also met a Sheila the Thief from Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon, who was pleased because so few people got her costume.

Flickums bought lots of things for lots of people. I bought her a "Mr. Pool" Deadpool/Mr. Man mug. She bought me some T-shirts. One of them was Chip And Dale/Indiana Jones mash up.

There was a whole load of drama beforehand, because the venue was being a little overzealous with security and people were told not to bring large bags.Then the information on what size is acceptable was vague confusing and contradictory. After a lot of worry and panic, all they did was wave a wand over everyone and look through bags.

And so we saw friends, watched Doctor Who, drove home. There were a lot of lost sheep on the road. Flickums was very sleepy when we got back. Must have been the sheep.
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So I really need to think about what to wear for Redemption 2015.

Theme is Alice as in " Wonderland", but it's not like anyone's too strict. If I thought I could find the parts, I'd reinterpret it as "...Cooper".

I do have rules when it comes to costumes;

Must be obvious. A "clever" idea may sound like fun but in practice it means you're constantly explaining the joke.

Must be get in-and-out-outable of.

Must by cool! Or at least not too uncool.

I have... A mask, various shirts,m cat ears, a black hooded robe, and various jackets.

Suspect I may end up ignoring it. Can always ressurect my Indiana Jones costume - one that I realised is extremely useful because it comes with a bag.
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The whole Cosplay and hall costumes thing isn't as big here as the more visual media oriented but there are plenty of people in costumes milling about. I went for my Dread Pirate Roberts look again, because it's easy and stylish, and only gets confused with Zorro 25% of the time. Also went for the Indiana Jones look the next day because he's also stylish and the costume works with a bag.

Someone chatted to me and said he'd considered dressing as Indiana Jones (and Austin Powers) but didn't think it would be allowed. That struck me as very odd. I looked around and could not find a costume police officer anywhere. But it is an odd viewpoint. I've seen people at conventions wear larp gear, regency clothing, random wild outfits and more. I could probably think of a few that weren't even remotely science fiction or fantasy.

There were some rather nice outfits. The previously mentioned hooded figures warning us about the forbidden dog park; The Young Ones; Lara Croft; Earth force Officer... Also the usual plethora of Star Trek shirts.

The Masquerade

This was a lot bigger than any of the previous Worldcon or Eastercon Masquerades. Good to see! Also the quality was very good!

Some highlights:

Emma's awesome Kimono
Doctor Who Monsters
A Glamorous Evening of Galactic Domination

Actually felt the winning entry was a little dull. Yes, it was beautifully made, the choreography was good, and the lighting worked, and there was a lot of effort, but it lacked a sense of fun that the others had.

Felt the Minotaur (Coliseum) was my favourite in the show. Well made, exciting production and a brilliant concept.
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So, my initial thoughts on the masquerade was one of slight uncertainty.  The thing is, the quality of some of the masters didn't look that great.  Then it ocurred to me - I was right up front, and these are about looking good on stage.  They make them big, and showy!

Still, I was particularly imprssed with one of the novice category.  Dragonriders of Pern with a Dalek.  Most bizarre, but really good. The dalek was fabric, with hula hoop for the base.  A lot of work, and a wonderfulo presentation.

Other great ones were a steampunk lady demonstrating her "marvelous machine".  This was all about detail work.  Lots of really nice dials a guages.  Then there was the leather clad sky pirates with a fantastic flying contraption. 

Also notable was a Prince Zuko, who did some loely streamer based fire effects, and a character from Tsubasa. 

As mentioned, Emma demonstrated a stemapunk kimono. And wore it to the parties afterwards. 

The event seemed just a little different from ones I'm used to. Firstly, there were no mics.  Also the MC wasn't as polished as the people I'm used to at British cons, but that might be just that the handful of british presenters have been doing this for long enough that they know what puns they need and how many cat stories. 

I do want to do an entry at Worldcon 2014.  I'd like to do something for Redemption, but I lack a sewing machine, have no idea where the fabric shops are and hve no inspiration... 
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Would like to do Edward Scissorhands costume as a masquerade entry. But really want to do more than just walk in and walk off. Would do a live action version of that cartoon with ES and The Thing but nobody has a handy golem costume.

Anyone in Livejournal land have suggestions for a simple thing to do on stage. Doesn't need to be complicated. Just a line or two to say.

Probably not since you're all either at Eastercon or Maelstrom. 
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Still trying to make the Edward Scissorhands costume.  Went to Camden, partly because I'd not been there for a while and partly because I know for a fact that I can get leather stuff for a tenner a piece.  Can't be all that choosy.  No men's trousers but since I'm going to be slicing them up, decided to re-tailor a pair of womens.  I have no qualms about wearing womens clothes:)  They have a tighter fit around the leg, anyway, which is what I need. 

Also found a replacement army rucksack.  In green, so acquired some dye.  A pack of dye is far too much so felt I should buy a new shirt as well. 

I was at the hardware store so bought some plastic sheeting (really good for tracing patterns.  I recommend this to everyone.  Better behaved than tracing paper and really easy to cut.

Still prefer the look of mostly sewn mismatched leather so dismantled the trousers, and replaced chunks.  One major cock-up which I wasn't happy with.  Had to stop when I ran out of thread.  How have I used 100m of cotton already?

Decided I hadn't done myself a roast for too long so bought one of them as well...  And a bottle of Rioja.  Half price at Tesco:)  Will probably not be drinking it this evening actually.  Still have a bit of a sore throat from the cold a couple of weeks back. 


Mar. 11th, 2012 03:14 pm
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Well, it turns out that Edward scissorhands is a little too far outside of my skillset.  Also requires a lot more scrap leather than I can be bothered with. 

I saw the actual movie costume at the Tim Burton exhibition at ACMI when I was in Melbourne.  It was made from a  hotchpotch of different bits of leather.  Decided to have a go myself.  Get some leather jackets,  cut them up, make stuff out of them.  Turns out that you need a hell of a lot of leather to make a single pair of trousers.  Also, not that easy to stitch these bits together or to make a pair of trousers out of them.  I only have another three weekends before the con.  Since I have to make trousers, jacket and scissors in that time, and have no idea how to do any of these,  I think that will be cutting it a bit fine.

Would be nice to make something. 

Themes are Superheroes, and robots. 

Maybe I could give it another go.  Still requires a Camden raid.  So, what else can I make?  Ideas are hereby solicted.

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Decided to try a Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers/Generic spaceman type costume for Satellite 3. 

So, purchased some silver PVC coated fabric.  Grabbed some pieces of an old pair of trousers that I'd cut up for this purpose.  Wasn't too hard to make, although PVC is a bit tricky to sew.  And the thread seems to keep breaking.  There is a trick to sewing the shiny side of PVC.

Anyway didn't take long.  Tried them on.  Looked pretty cool and space-y  For about 15 minutes. 

Seems that I need to make sure there's not so much stretch in them.  The plastic coating just peels away from the fabric. 

All kinda disappointing.
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Have conventions to go to...  Pondering costumes.  Advice solicited.

Also interested in geeky stand-up.  Anyone want to come?

Satellite 3.

The theme is Mars.  The obvious Martians themed costumes are Marty the Martian, Martian Manhunter, generic green man, and Mars attacks, all of which are a little too much effort.  I don't really have time or patience to create a costume. 


Don't think there is a theme here. 

Brighton appears to be having a Science festival. 

Anyone fancy coming to see the Spoken Nerd thing with me?

Or one of the science of magic things where Trez seems to be performing.
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Halloween is coming.  This means Trick or Treaters, or would if I was planning to be anywhere near home.  Something that the British just don't get.

My understanding of the way this works in the US is that the small kids go around the very local neighbourhood, accompanied by parents or sometime arranged buy schools/community groups with a large group of kids and a responsible adult.  The community is expecting this, because it's part of the tradition, so make sure they have plenty of sweets.  And it's only the very young kids.  Kids over 12 consider it childish.

In Britain we see it on American TV shows, and implement a sort of cargo-cult version.  In which much older kids go around on their own, in half-arsed costumes, knocking on the doors of people who have been drilled by the Daily Fail to assume that any teenager only wants to mug them.  The fact that they're wearing masks doesn't exactly assuage this fear.

The solution is for the police to warn kids not to do this.  This is a really really crappy solution.

Kids want to do this.  People seem to have no  fundamental issue with this as long as it's organised in advance.  Wouldn't it be nice if someone were to organise this as an opt-in thing.  Warn the neighbours in advance.  Let them put up a poster saying they're participating.  Because as far as traditions go it does look kinda fun.
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I love the used leather clothes store in Camden Stables market.  So many somewhat tatty leather items, most of them cost a tenner.  Well worth the trip up there. 

Met up with a group of crazy Swedish geeks I know.  I've met enough Swedish geeks to consider learning the language.  Craziness is common affliction.  I reckon they just go stir crazy on those long winter nights.  Met them in the Electric ballroom as they were haggling with one of the stallholders.  They seem to be quite fond of Camden.  I think they're regular visitors. 

So we abled slowly to the place I went to, stopping off several times on the way because Camden is full of interesting shops.  It's a bit trendy these days but there are some places that are worth stopping in.  I do like admitring the boots. Not too likely to get a pair of New Rocks any time soon, but they're pretty funky.  Also wanted to stop at the army surplus store.  I want a new vintage rucksack.  One that I can dye black without feeling guilty about it.  They don't seem to be available any more.  10 years ago the army surplus store had dozens of the things.  Considering these are 50 years old, I can't imagine they suddenly ran out; or were they just trendy for a bit? 

Eventually reached the shop.  There's a lot of coats.  I'm slightly choosy about what I want.  I'm after a 3/4 length leather jacket.  Must be black (that's 90% of them), button up (a good proportion of them) must be cut for a guy (that actually cuts it down by aobout 70%), must be my size (surprisingly rare.  I see to be abnormally large for their customer base).  Took a while to find it.  And didn't find it on the £10 rail.  Actually found it upstairs with a £5 price tag. 

The girls wanted to get some kit for costumes for a Wild West party.  This involved a fair amount of them trying on corsets.  I was impressed by their desire to inflict pain upon themselves for the sake of a narrow waist and prominent boobs. 
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So, I was on a panel.  The future ain't what it used to be.  Which was one of those delightfully vague panels that could go absolutely anywhere. Took a bit of a shove to get started.  Max made a valiant effort to keep things on track.

So, the hall costume - Silver rocket pack.  Grey jacket, black trousers and boots, black goggles, grey nail varnish, grey snaz over face and hands. 

I was a black and white era rocketman in Greyscale! Which some people just didn't get...  One person did actually spot the Captain Proton influence which was cool.  James Swallow is a Star Trek novelist so I'm actually quite pleased about that.  It was the original idea but the design had diverged way too far.  I received 19 hall costume tokens (each attendee gets three of these and they can give 1, 2, or 3 to their favourite hall costume)!  I don't know if anyone else managed more but I'm happy to have made a decent showing.  And I used coffee tins rather than coke bottles for the fuel tanks.  This means I can lean back on it without crushing it.

It was easily good enough for the masquerade except that needs some material.  Not a lot.  Just a few lines.  Had I a co-conspirator I would have thrown together some bad dialogue but I couldn't think of anything to do by myself.  I really meant to ask [ profile] tinkerbell1980  since she's great at this sort of thing.

Masquerade was great but not enough entries.  Several Chaos entries though, and an absolutely fantastic (non-chaos) Morgana costume from Merlin.  The cabaret was actually rather good.

Went to history of chloroform talk, which was fascinating, Physics of the impossible talk, which sadly ran out of time, the Real Word Biology panel and the Could We Build Kitt panel.

Party theme was Saints and sinners.  Fans liked dressing up but seemed to prefer the convention songs to the themed songs. 

Am still feeling too tired for this but somehow am enjoying myself.
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I was feeling energised, so I decided to go into town, get a haircut, buy essential extra components for rocket pack #3.

Hhave already stuck the rocket components together and painted them.  Am rather pleased with the job I did of that as well. No runs.  Used a car primer and then went over with silver spray.  Have received a nice chunk of veg-tan leather so that should make a good harness.

This is where I was expecting to be at about 12:00 tomorrow. 

For some reason my gaffer tape has vanished.  So have my vampire fangs.  And so has my impact adhesive which I'm pretty certain I didn't use up.  It's all easily replaceable and I don't need any of it for a while but I'd rather I knew where they all were.  I did find the grat polish I stole from [ profile] flannelcat  a while ago while looking for them and a bag of nails I forgot I owned.  Still, there is some debate about whether this is borrowers or Nargles. 

I now sport a stylish short spiky look (as long as I can be bothered) Also found some coloured spiking gel which I seem to recall being a little disappointing but maybe I should give that a go.
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That was a fun New Year party!

Theme was Space Pirates and catgirls.  Well, there was no way I was going to be a space pirate!  So, eyeliner, spiky hair, cat ears, goggles, leather waistcoat and leather trousers (bare feet although I did paint my toenails black).  I'm such a tart.  Nice thing about dressing as a cat is people will stroke you. 

For some reason I keep getting accused of being a furvert. 

People dressed ever so well.  They always do for bearhaus things.  I was escorted into the building at phaser point when I arrived.

Drank lots.  Made Pina Colada (not quite got this right.  Too much coconut).  Saw lots of people I don't see much.  Did get a New Year Kiss which was nice. 

So now it's 2011.  And people are trying to work out whether "Twenty-eleven" sounds right or whether it sounds silly.

Returned the following day for tea and sandwiches and to make a token effort in helping clear up.  Attempted to call a friend to bring her along but she didn't answer her phone so I took that as a no.

People said spiky hair was a good look.  Maybe I should do that more often.
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One of the things I did manage to buy on my shopping trip was a ray gun.  When I got it home I found only one side was painted.  I felt this was cheap even for the 99p shop.  Not that it mattered since I disassembled it and painted it silver.  I have three different cans of grey/silver spray so decided to use two of them.  Not quite sure I see a difference.  But it doesn't matter. Cheap crap + paint = slightly less cheap crap.  Although may splash out on a nerf gun at some stage.

Additions to sci-fi silver rocket pack turned out to be delayed owing to absence of straps, some sort of spacer (after plastic pipe), or bolts.  However I did finish off the brass/copper Steampunk one.  Remaining issue was that it was wonky since it's asymmetrical and one side is heavier than the other.  Tightening all the straps so there's enough tension to yank it into the right position works. It's not so tight as to be horribly uncomfortable so that works for me. 

For the silver rocket pack, it occurs to me - perhaps I should add some lighting bolt decoration.  Opinions?
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My plan was to simply tidy up my flat this weekend.  I managed to put a few things away, and do some vacuuming.  The place is tider than it was so that's a success.  I got distracted though.  I have a costume plan and I had to buy raw materials.  This involved raiding the 99p shop.  I'm building myself a new rocket pack. 

There's nothing wrong with the old one.  It's just all a bit steampunk with brass pipes going all over the place.  Now, that's cool and all but my plans are much more 1930's serial.  Now, I have two rocket boosters.  Unfortunately I have no idea how I'm going to attach them to straps and attach them to my back.  Still, work in progress.  Am happy I found some rocket nozzles accidentally when I used up a can of spray paint.

Gaming was fun.  Hadn't seen [ profile] ingaborg  or [ profile] aperrott for ages.  Now I have and drank their tea and ate pizza. 

Played Carcassonne.  I won.  I did the devious tactic of subtle aggressiveness (collaborate with those who aren't going to win so you can share cities, arrange things so you get extra guys in the fields. 

I seem to keep being accused of being a furry.  I'm not convinced I am but given a fondness for cat ears and a fixation on leopard print, people don't seem to believe me.  The fact that I play WitW doesn't help much.  Did manage to explain the attraction of a Wind In The Willows based LARP to ingaborg by adding the important key point.  It's post-apocalyptic Wind In the Willows.

Am also pleased to have assisted [ profile] lemming_man in DIY.  My assistance was generally of the form of chatting and keeping him company as he did bits of work that required one person but he seemed happy with this so I consider this a success. 
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So, I've been trying to make a Dragon corps jacket.  Green military jacket in an 18th century style.  Still no idea if I'm going to do M&M but I wanted a project and have been wanting to make this for a while. 

Not quite sure where to go with what I've done so far. 

Naomi Novik thinks the dress uniform would be something along the lines of a green version of the Navy uniform.  What does she know?  I disagree.  Something more frock-coat-ish rather than a tailcoat seems better.  To keep things simple I went for a Costume pattern.  Based it off a pattern for an American "patriot" costume, and used polycotton drill for the fabric. 

Last Easter, I was given the tip to trace the pattern onto plastic sheeting.  It's a brilliant idea.  It's 75p a square metre form a hardware store, a lot easier to cut and to pin, easy to trace through since it's totally clear.  And the nice thing about tracing is that it makes modifications easy.  I wanted a modification.  I wanted turnover cuffs on the sleeves so I extended it appropriately. 

I'm getting better at this.  Granted I'm still useless at following patterns.  Sewing patterns instructions always seems to be a little confusing to those of us used to Lego.  Given the price of these things I'm sure they could justify an actual instruction booklet with photos, but anyway - I only had to unpick once due to not quite understanding how the sleeves work.  Must remember in future to test these things when tacked before doing any actual stitching. 

So it's assembled according to the instructions.  I still have some work to do on it.  Quite a bit actually. 

Still not sure whether I want to do it with this coat or start again.  One issue is that the sleeves are a bit short.  Yes - that's another thing I learned.  Measure first.  Not too much of a problem since I extended the sleeves.  Just makes the turnovers a little shorter. 

The other problem is that it's a little bit tight around the shoulders.  Sadly I have no idea how to deal with this.  Even if I were to start again it will still have the same problem. 

I'm also a little concerned that it feels a bit unfinished.  The pattern is just for a costume so it's unlined but that feels cheap and the front will come unflapped.  I can make a lining easily enough.  It also doesn't look all that military yet.  I saw a nice piece of fanart that adds some yellow trim which might work.  How the hell do I do that though?  What do I use?  My coat is collarless so I'd only put it around the cuffs.  I should be able to find some dragon buttons but if anyone can point me at some I'd be grateful.  Still, at this point I'm flying blind. 

I'm also wondering about accessorising.  It would be a good Eastercon hall costume but it needs a little more work to make it obvious what it is.

I realise without a picture to guide it's not that easy but if anyone has any suggestions on the above I'd be grateful.
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Steampunk!  It's all sooo pretty!

I am rather fond of my rocket pack (now modified with a new reactant bottle, and more holes in the straps), but it doesn't lend itself to accessorising as much as I'd like. 

OTOH, I am experimenting with piston shaped devices - some pump type things and some extendible bits for a laptop support - that look perfectly fine when painted bronze coloured.  Now I need to work out exactly what to attach them to, and how to attach them.  Leather straps are a start, and I have plenty of buckles and rivets.  it's making them pivot around a point without breaking, and possibly attaching plastic to brass.  Hot glue simply isn't going to stand up to that sort of wear. 

Still, once I do that I could well have a decent looking steam powered power-suit.  I do rather like the rocket pack though.  I can't help thinking that the two concepts clash a little. 

And then there's the next concept - wings.  Mechanical folding wings.  Worked out the basic mechanism with Technic Lego.  Now I need to work out the rest of the construction, and for that matter, the rest of the costume.  Not even sure what I should use for structure.  Aluminium is too heavy.  Plastic is too bendy.  Wood is too bulky.  Bamboo might work but I'm concerned about how it looks.  Could go for tent poles but getting the mechanism in there adds complexity. 

Honestly, I have all these ideas and so little time to play with them.  
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This lot...

I'm probably going to end up on a watchlist somewhere. 

Not sure why I bought a fishing reel but it seemed impressively complex a device for 99p.


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