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I recently installed a [ profile] flickums in my flat! She's great! I just need space to put the accessories...

Most of last week has been spent finding space for stuff. DVDs are on shelves. Flickums' PS4 is installed. I have a rudimentary man cave (A place to sit and a TV and console). Things were starting to look good. Space was starting to appear. Boxes were starting to pile up (because we have another week until the recycling van comes along) but things were progressing nicely.

Then the bed collapsed. Problem is, it has a central support. The central support never really fitted that well anyway. And it probably came off. That meant there was not enough support for two people and the tasty roast dinners inside them. So, cue lots of grouching and complaining, and working ut what the hell to do. Under the bed is used for surplus storage. So there's more stuff to find space for until I get a new bed.

Am getting kind of irritated by the annoyances vcoming my way :(
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Seems this lodging is starting to piss me off.

Started off so nicely.  The other two guys who were there at the time seemed decent enough.  Place was clean

I think there's a new arrival.  Washing up has started piling up.  Inexplicable large quantities of toilet paper are put into the loos.

*sigh* glad I'm rarely there....
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It was agreed that I could work from home today.  I have a laptop now and it's easier without the distractions. 

So, I plugged in the USB key, took the machine up to my desk.  Realised I have no working wi-fi.  Took it down to [plug it into the network.  Found most of the USB key was no longer connected to the plug. 

A valiant attempt to solder a new cable failed.  Decided to take the day off and do some other stuff that I'd been meaning to do.  Mainly make a pair of shiny Flash Gordon trousers (attempt 2). This time, to reduce the amount of excessive stretching of the backing I used some poly cotton to line them.  If the backing stretches too much, the plastic comes unstuck. 

Tried the trick of using baking paper to sew with the shiny side out.  And this more or less worked.  The same cannot be said for the trick of lining to prevent the PVC coming unstuck.  PVC still came unstuck.  I think I made a mistake in using such a fine stitch length.  Maybe I should have a third try next on Sunday.  Will see. 

Have managed to mostly catch up with essential TV watching.  Which mainly consists of Grimm and once Upon a Time.  Interestingly different ways of handling similar concepts.  Grimm actually kinda reminds me of Demons, but with production values and possibly with less humour. 
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I was feeling energised, so I decided to go into town, get a haircut, buy essential extra components for rocket pack #3.

Hhave already stuck the rocket components together and painted them.  Am rather pleased with the job I did of that as well. No runs.  Used a car primer and then went over with silver spray.  Have received a nice chunk of veg-tan leather so that should make a good harness.

This is where I was expecting to be at about 12:00 tomorrow. 

For some reason my gaffer tape has vanished.  So have my vampire fangs.  And so has my impact adhesive which I'm pretty certain I didn't use up.  It's all easily replaceable and I don't need any of it for a while but I'd rather I knew where they all were.  I did find the grat polish I stole from [ profile] flannelcat  a while ago while looking for them and a bag of nails I forgot I owned.  Still, there is some debate about whether this is borrowers or Nargles. 

I now sport a stylish short spiky look (as long as I can be bothered) Also found some coloured spiking gel which I seem to recall being a little disappointing but maybe I should give that a go.
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My parents are on holiday at the moment. 

I received a phone call from a slightly panicked brother's gf.
"Hello.  Do you know where the stopcock is?  There's a burt water pipe and your parents house is flooding"
"Uhm...  I take it you've tried under the sink"
Angry voice from brother "YES!"
"Oh.  Erm... where the sink used to be?"
"Not there either"
"Shall I come and help?"
"That would be useful.  Yes please"

So I arrived.  Water was coming through the ceiling of the bathroom and the landing and probably the bedroom (I didn't dare look), and then going through to the living room and the kitchen.  My parents have an indoor swimming pool. 

After an extensive search I found the stop cock.  It felt like it hadn't been shifted since the place was built (1930-something).  Forced it off.  Water slowed down. 

That's the immediate problem solved.  Now there's roughly 100 gallons of water in the kitchen, wallpaper soaked, electrics not working (the breakers broke as the should do but I don't think they're going back on), and the fact that there's still no water when they get back.  I don't envy my dad's task of tracking down the pipe and fixing it. 

Remember - when going away on holiday, always turn off the water!

Now that's left me all stressed out and I need a cuppa.
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I overslept yesterday morning.  This has a positive side to it.  It's the first time I've slept properly on a Thursday night for weeks.  But it did mean I got into work half an hour late which meant getting out half an hour late.  I was a little worried about the traffic. 

It wasn't bad at all.  A little slow in places but with freezing roads I'll accept that people are keeping down to 50 or so on the motorway.  Didn't even get stuck on the M25.  Traffic announcement said there was an accident on the M23 and queues were forming but by the time I got there the queue had gone. 

Getting back to Brighton was a surprise.  Cheltenham had a light dusting of snow.  It was cold and there was ice on the back roads, but that was about it.  Brighton's roads were ice.  Even along the motorway the right hand lane was still covered in snow.  Taking a warning from [ profile] penguin_worship , I was driving extremely carefully, especially down the ice slide that is Miller's Road.  Pulled into my parking space.  Car stopped.  Tried reversing back up and into a better parking place.  Car moved sideways down the camber.  Decided that since I was now about an inch away from the kerb that would do.

Went inside.  Fell on my arse.  Turned water back on, water didn't flow.  Put space heater in bathroom to defrsot the pipes and went to the Tesco express at the top of the road.  The shelves were bare.  Welcome to Soviet Russia, Comrade.  Returned home and I had running water!  Yay!  Also the hot water tap that hasn't been working for over a year suddenly works again. 

Went out for drinks with an old friend. This time I was mostly on mulled wine and mulled cider.  Someone was talking about trapeze to her boyfriend.  The snow had already started to melt by the time I got back.

So that's the snow.  It has now gone.  I'm not sure if I'm happy about this or not.
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How the hell did I tear my trousers?

This lunchtime I discovered that decent quality cotton trousrs can't be purchased in Next.  No suitable ones in Sainsbury's either.  Went for a pair of cheap vVn de Graaf trousers instead. 

Today I shall be luckykaa!  Lord of Lightining!
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Or at least at a price I want to pay?

Broke [ profile] hawkida 's guest bed last week.  Said I'll fix it.  Was hoping it would be easy either to buy a,metal plate or some short pieces of wood to reinforce it, or a replacement slat.  Can't be done.  Only long planks, which is fine except I can't get one of them home on the tube. 

Was also hoping I might be able to get a charger for my laptop.  40 Quid!  I could get one for half that off ebay, but that would involve waiting.  I can get one for a tenner but it's an unofficial one and I'm slightly wary of those.  Car chargers are no cheaper.  Guess I'll just do the detour to home before Eastercon.  I'm only in one evening and there's a good 3 hours of life in the laptop.  Plenty for checking email/facebook/LJ
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I have big spotlights in the ceiling.  I have a partition between the bedroom and the shower.  Basically just a rail for sliding doors.  The shower light failed.  Here are the steps I went through to change it.

The partition was put in after the shower so I couldn't extract the bulb.  I tried unscrewing the partition but it still didn't budge.  I had to go into the loft and dislodge the light fitting just to get the thing out.  I'm sure changing a frikken lightbulb shouldn't have been so hard.

new shower

Aug. 22nd, 2009 06:49 pm
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Finally!!!  I have hot water.

And a relatively tidy flat. 

Seem to have pulled out of that depressed state I was in.
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So, because people whizz down the road at stupid speed, and I parked just a little too far from the edge without my wing mirrors folded in, I have yet more wing mirror damage... 

Mirror's fine.  Trim is damaged.  Need a new wing mirror cap. 

Wondering whether to go for these...  Not because I have any major desire for chrome mirrors.  Just that I expect this to be easier than getting the plain plastic ones and spraying them silver...

In shoe news, the new DMs came with a pair of yellow laces.  Yay!  Brightens up the relatively dull reddish colour. 

In shower news, the electrician came and couldn't do anything.  That means I'll need a new shower.  That means the electrician will have to get onto the landlord to work out what needs to be done, and that means I'm still having cold showers.  Bum!

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I need to call in a plumber.  Or an electrician...  Is a broken electric shower a plumbing problem or an electrical problem?
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Maybe I shouldn't have destruction tested my beanbag.  It's all fine until the test fails.  I now have a floor with many polystyrene balls on it and a semi-restitched bean bag. 

Seems to be the final edge that was the weak spot.  Strange.  I double stiched it. 
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Update on me.

I'm still hungry!

A crepe clearly isn't enough to keep me gong until the end of lunchtime. 

Mmm.  Kettle chips.

Infinity Foods is a damn fine health food shop.  Shame the queues are so horribly slow. 

For some reason last week I was feeling lonely, unloved and miserable.  This week I'm feeling lonely, unloved and reasonably cheerful.  I wonder what changed. 

I still have no grill.

I have now booked for Orbital and Redemption and encourage everyone else to do the same. 

Keep wanting to buy myself a penis extension new car.  Wondering if I can justify it. 

My devious plan to make a very short LEGO animation has run into a problem.  For some reason, two UFO's with various aliens, a Blacktron, a gyrocopter , a couple of aquanauts and a pirate and skeleton refuse to suggest any story to me. 
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I was grilling some burgers.  I saw a light from the grill.  It was bright and it was yellow.

It was a sign!

A sign that my grill element is broken. 

Oh well.  Better call my landlord.
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