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Bought 2 DVDs. The €2 used DVD zone. Needs to be good enough to actually think I might want to watch it and to take up space in luggage. Not so good that I'll be disappointed not to have it on Blu-ray. Went for Chronicle and The Fast annd The Furious. Chronicle is pretty good if you like Faux documentary type things. The Fast and The Furious is pretty stupid. That goes into the very small dumb action movie pile, on top of Underworld. Am wondering if Star Trek (J.J Abrams version) also belongs there. Still not sure how I feel about that movie.

Started reading Temeraire book 7. This is an actual paper paperback made of paper! Temeraire seems to be a bit of an angsty teen these days. He's close to saying "That's so unfair!" and flying off in a sulk.

Papers Please is the best Tedious Bureaucracy based game I've played (Although Anchor has promise if you're a LARPER)

New season of Legend of Korra, Also Sleepy Hollow, Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D are demanding my attention. Atlantis, plus the finale of IT crowd still to watch.

Podcast grabber has been listening to More or Less and The Now Show!

Saw Cabin in the Woods. Impressed how we get a slasher movie, it gets deconstructed, subverted, twisted and turned into a film that still hits all the right notes for a slasher movie! Saw Wreck-it Ralph last week. Disney Studios can do good films rather than the shameless cash-ins they seem to go for.

So much media to consume. It's tough job but somebody's gotta do it!
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We attempted to deliver a package but this package requires a signature.

So I amble down to the post office.  No queue.  Receive a package.  It's the HD-DVD version of Stardust!  Completely forgot I ordered it!

Woohoo!  I got a prezzie!  I'll have to thank myself later.

That will be happy thought day 7!  So that's a complete week.  I can go back to being my usual miserable self!


Oct. 11th, 2009 09:48 pm
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Baked potato with blue cheese, sausages, mushrooms and courgettes, accompanied by wine and an episode of Sharpe makes me a very happy kitten.
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Alien raiders just passed Gemini!

Possibly the best Japanese Puppet series ever to inspire a song by Brian May is coming out on DVD!

So is The Mysterious Cities of Gold!

Now I'm struggling to find an 80's kid's show that hasn't been released.
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Recent DVD watching has been interesting.  Saw Bablyon 5's "Sleeping in Light" and Buffy's "Surprise"

Sleeping in Light is an odd one.  Did JMS originally plan this ending?  (And if you want to reply, bear in mind that some people on my friends list haven't seen all of B5 yet). No big bombastic conclusion that we tend to expect from Sci-fi shows.  Babylon 5 just said tearful goodbye to us and we went our separate ways. 

I've always rather liked surprise. A couple of aspects work better when you know what's going to happen.  Angel: "What do you want for your birthday?" Buffy: "Surprise me". 

Now B5's finished I have enough time to start watching other stuff.  Yesterday's DVD was Sharpe's Eagle.  One of the problems with virtually never watching ITV is that I miss a couple of good shows.  Never did see Sharpe the first time round. 
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I seem to have a huuuuuge pile of DVDs that I'm in possession of but haven't actually yet watched.

I've actually seen almost all of these.  just haven't watched my DVD of any of them. 

Here they are piled up (And a list)

Seems quite a lot to watch. 

Anyone want to help? 


Feb. 8th, 2008 02:00 pm
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TV Stuff:
Ashes to Ashes:  Not convinced yet.  Will have an opinion next week.
Reaper: I'm enjoying this series.  It's so stupid!
Torchwood: Hmm...  Still not sure I quite see the point of the series.  Still don;t care about the characters nearly as uch as the rest of my flist.
Spoilers )

DVD Stuff:
I have 5 new HDDVDs winging their way to me!  Yay!  Wonder when Blu Ray will fall in price.  I so want Fifth Element in HD. 

Costuming stuff:
What does a prince wear?

Dance Stuff:
Someone at work mentioned Salsa classes.  Trying to work out if I'm interested. 

Computer Stuff:
Seem to have abandoned my last game idea having spent too long not working on it.  Need a new idea.  Thinking about a Carrier Command type game so I can play with water effects, but then a space/stratefy game with funky particle effects sounds fun too.
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I can tell because I feel exceedingly apathetic. 

At this time of year I just want to hibernate with a cache of nuts.  Or possibly DVDs. 
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I have a pathalogical hatred of of the anti-piracy message you get on so many DVDs these days

So I really need to know if I'll have to be irritated by a sanctimonious message before I buy the disc.
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So, I send back the Chicken Run DVD. 

Choices send a replacement. 

DVD is exactly the same budget version with no special features. 

Gave up.  Bought it in Fopp.
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I wantched Chicken Run last weekend.  Well, most of it.  Layer 2 whioch contains the last 20 minutes of the film and all the extra features seems to have stopped working since an inconsiderate previous flatmate used it for polishing rocks or something.  So I ordered a new one.  It's not the same.  It said it was but it wasn't.

The advertised features:
Teaser Trailer, Regular Trailer, Chicken Impossible Trailer, Chicken Run Game Trailer, Fowl Play The Making Of Chicken Run, Chickens Go In Pies Come Out, Aardman Archive Clips, Directors Commentary, Audio Described, DVD ROM Material, Interactive Moving Menus

The actual features:

I'm a little bit miffed:(
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On the weekend before Christmas I saw on DVD

3 Star Wars films,
2 Fireflies,
And Hogfather was on TV

It's a good job I don't have to watch something for all 12 days of Christmas.

It's been a geeky weekend, going to [personal profile] tictactoepony 'sfirefly fan meetup in Woking, that was meant to be from the browncoat's board but didn't actually get a lot of people from there. Total board member count was 3, Ithink, inclusing me and [info]tictactoepony. Still, it was fun. There was food and there was beer, and T.E.A is quite nice, so I confounded everyone by ordering a Spitfire as part of a large order of T.E.A, T.E.A, T.E.A, T.E.A, t.e.a and t.e.a. and then forgetting which glass was the Spitfire.

Next day went shopping and Saw Clerks and all three Star Wars films. [profile] mingmerciless , [profile] lemming_man , [profile] tinkerbell1980,[info]beermat , beermat's R.I.B and [profile] omylouse were there too.  For those who care, EpIV "original theatrical"* , EpV SE, Ep VI original theatrical.

Since Beermat asked, we added subs.  There's quite a bit of random waffle that you don't hear like Stormtrooper chat.  Nothing that matters.  Just arbitrary filler chat, but it's stuff that a lot of people aren't aware of.

*(the original orignal didn't have the "episode IV: A new hope" subtitle but did have the "close the blast doors" line.  Apparently it's all about which sound mix was used).

Next day idly watched telly.

And saw the first part of Hogfather.  Which was fairly enjoyable but why does everything made by Sky have such a Sky Oneish feel to it?  I can't help feeling that this would have worked a lot better as an animated film. 
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...and snatch it away.

Gaaah! Sony have postponed the UK release of Steamboy.

Not that I wanted that edition. No original audio! Do they have any idea about their target market? Most of us prefer the original audio. Big name actors are not always the best voice actors. Please inform Hollywood. At least give us the option of a japanese language track. It's not like they have to record it especially.

Typically, the R1 release has RCE (Enhanced region coding protection) presumably based on the belief that there is a single anime fan in the English speaking world that has a player that can't play RCE discs.

Just give us the goddamn discs!

In the meantime, I have to ponder whether to go for the Australian edition or the American edition.
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Gaming yesterday. Played Formula de. One of these days I'm not going to go whizzing off the track having used up all my tyres and brakes.

But anyway, [ profile] ingaborg and [ profile] aperrott and had a load of miscallaneous stuff to give away. I think it belinged to [ profile] purple_peril. I took the Star Trek TNG Murder mystery game.

I arrived home and found that my DVD of Bubba Ho-Tep had arrived. I have no time to watch the DVD. I'm busy every evening until Wednesday.

I received £150 000 worth of valueless cheques. The cheques tell me I have to call an 0906 number ot see if I've won a prize. Doesn't say "this is not a cheque" on it. Maybe I should try to pay it into my account. Why do I think this isn't going to work?

I received a black cloak I'd ordered. This will be used as part of a costume at some point.

And I was given a free pen from One-tel, plus a chance to win a Smart Car. I did have to work for the pen though. I had to play dodgeball (throwing only) against their bloke. As far as worthless giveaway tat goes, it is a pretty nice pen. It has a light inside and glows green.

I flicked through the rules of the Murder Mystery on the train. Plots seems its a theft rather than a murder. The game requires Riker, Geordi, Bev Crusher, Deanna, Ro, Guinan, Data and Worf. Yikes. Looks like I need some female trekkies! And 4 of them!!! Where are you going to get them from? Might pull it out sometime if I ever have space for 8 people, a large quantity of Romulan Ale, and some Gagh that needs to be used up. Perhaps I should have nabbed that other game as well.
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I ordered a DVD from choices direct (Buffy Season 6). The package really went through the wars. It looked like they'd stacked an elephant on top of the thing.

The good news is Choices Direct knopw what they're doing. The box it was sent in is 20 times the size it needs to be, and filled with cardboard padding. Still, it's kind of annoying that they care so little about my stuff.

Scam baiting continues. Anyone got any opinion on the ethics of attempting to hack into their email accounts?

A large number of tanks whizzed by the offices. No news reports of anything going on though. Could just be back from the Gulf. They seemed to be heading the other way before the war. Either that, or there's a tank race. Or maybe a 3-for-1 special offer at Tesco.
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I really must get round to updating this more often. Not quite sure what to add though. New Years day. That was fun. Not a lot happened really though, apart from my drinking too much. Also in the news, gravity continued to work.

Saw various friends in Bristol. There were too many groups though, and alas, I wasn't invited to the nymphomaniac party, so I had to go to the one Ruth invited me to. This meant I had to dash around a lot and drink in several places.

Somewhat upset about the poor West Pier in Brighton. Colapsing horribly. Probably a bad idea to build it out of iron.

Picked up issue 100 of SFX. Not quite sure why I still get it though. I seem to get bored with it rather too quickly, and don't have enough time to read it. Still, there's some interesting stuff, like the results of the readers favourite character poll. I think the writeup of each character was written by a woman. Lots of comments about tight trousers.... (Note to self - go shopping. where can I get tight trousers?) Aslo some comments about the ones that got away (a list of those with one vote, no votes, and surprisingly few votes). Captain Zep got a vote! I remember that! (vaguely).

Finally saw the Two Towers. I like Gimli! You can't beat a Dwarf with a battleaxe as lots of orcs discovered. (You can toss them, but not beat them). 'Course, Lord of the rings is not really a great starting point for a film. It's not divided into acts, and it doesn't follow a single character. And actually, that's a pretty good thing. It's so nice that we've got a film that actually dares to be different.

I keep looking at CG effects from a geek POV though. The Ents were pretty good when moving, but I think they should have CGI'd the entire forest. They seem to clash a bit.

Must buy some LotR stuff. I want Fellowship of the ring on DVD, but can't decide whether to get Region 1 (slightly more expensive, but does have the MTV spoof easter egg) or region 2.
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Looking for a belated Christmas present for some friends. Decided on Transformers the Movie DVD. Outside HMV, there was someone representing a charity. He told me what the charity was, and asked for some change! He didn't want me to make a regular donation, just to give some loose change. I wish there were more people who wanted that.

Also tried to remember where Forbidden Planet is. I was sure it was on Tottenham Court Road, but apparently its on New Oxford Street. Took a lot of walking to discover this simple fact. Did get to explore the centre of London a little more though. I can usually find a place I've been to before.
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