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And a man with a horse's head.

I love Eurovision parties! A friend of [personal profile] flickums had invited us to Durham, so we zipped up there. Went by train. Stag party on the way back. Hen parties on the way back. *sigh*. But the evening was fun.

I brought paper flags!

So we almost watched Doctor Who but people were talking over it. Something something space. I'll have ot watch it again later. But I'm two episodes behind again! Then Eurovision started, so I started the Rum and coke, and flickums went for the Chocolate wine. We seemed to be the only people drinking. Alcohol is not ssential to have a good time but it helps.

We picked countries to support from a hat to support, and I handed out the flags I made. People liked my flags! Bloody things took way longer to make than I expected so the fact that people liked them made me happy! I had Croatia, Belgium and France.

Eurovision 2017 was meant to have a diversity theme. Ukraine is not that diverse a country. In fact I think the only minority - apart from Italy's gorilla - was the Russian entrant who was denied a Visa. The event did have a Game of Thrones theme though, with Margaery Tyrell representing the UK, Sam Tarly representing Croatia, and I'm sure there was a Daenerys in there somewhere. Khal Drogo was representing Montenegro but he was eliminated in an earlier round.

Azerbaijan had a goth, and man with a horse's head on top of a ladder, because why not? Spain, Australia and Bulgaria all decided to send kids in, or I'm just getting old.

I rather liked Belarus and their ballad on a boat. I also was fond of Romania's rap yodelling because I think Eurovision should be fun and a little bit crazy.

Portugal went for the daring and controversial idea of having someone sing a song reasonably well. We didn't think it was interesting enough but it turned out both the voters and the jury loved it.

So they won. Well, good for them. I wasn't a huge fan but everyone else loved it, and Portugal has never won before so it's nice to see them do so.

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Looking forward to Eurovision party on Saturday.

Decided it would be fun to have flags for Eurovision. [personal profile] flickums thought I was being way too serious about things. I just think it's nice to have something to wave. Sadly nobody sells them. Still, I have a laser printer. Sticks can be made from bamboo skewers. It's just a process of resizing and printing off a zillion flags.

Shame my magenta cartridge is running low. And the yellow. I have the flags but they're a little faded and spotty. Oh well. They'll do.

How is Australia still part of Eurovision? Is it just because they're so enthusiastic and nobody has the heart to tell them to leave?

Anything else needed for a Eurovision party?

Except alcohol of course. It's in Ukraine. Should I try and get some Horilka?

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There's a small but enthusiastic Eurovision fan group here in Berlin! They decided to kick off Eurovision season with Eurovision 1967 - the last time it was hosted in Austria. Some things change, some stay the same. Bar was fully decked out with international flags, including a few from countries that didn't exist in 1967. I love fans of any stripe an colour! These guys were great!

So it started, with the Eurovison fanfare, and the title comes up. It wasn't "The Eurovision Song Contest" back then. Maybe it would have been in English. We had the German language version so the title was in French. Also in Black and White, which was a surprise. Colour TV did exist by that time, and Eurovision is usally pretty technologically forward thinking - it's all about the techies getting to play.

The hostess for the evening reads an introduction in German. Then reads the same introduction in French.
Then in English.
Then in Spanish
Then in Italian

I was a bit worried that we'd hear it again another 8 times (3 languages for Yugoslavia) but instead we had an apology that the hostess didn't have the time to learn those languages. And the contest began. With the Netherlands performing a decidedly Eurovision song with the title "Ring-Dinge-ding". None of the glamour or spectacle we're used to - this is just a song contest. There's an orchestra and each country picks their own conductor. Songs finish. Polite applause fromt he bowtied and black dressed ladies and gentlemen in the audience, and in the 21st century cheering and flag waving!

Highlight of course, was Great Britain. No really - that's not jingoism! Sandy Shaw's "Puppet on a String" was by far the best song of the batch! Our gang even joined in!

Intermissiion as the votes were tabulated. We saw Austria's boys choir or something performing Blue Danube... If you're reading this in 1967, expect to be hearing that a lot next year.

Voting was a slow drawn out process. No excitement in the studio. Plenty in the 21st century tme capsule. Occasional interruption as the people running the scoreboard messed up and it needed to be corrected. Not quite sure how the voting worked. Didn't seem to be any pattern. Puppet on a String was a runaway success getting votes from every country except Spain and Yugoslavia. Did we invade them in 1966 or something?

So anyway, Sandy Shaw won of course. And so she go to perform it again. Except they really didn't think this through. Sandy was still holding the flowers when it was announced she was to sing again. Poor Sandy looks a little panicked as she realises there's nobody to take them from here and hand her a microphone.

The show comes to an end. Our hsotess says "good night" in 1000 languages, but it's onlytwo words so doesn;t take that long. Meanwhile there's a lot of bustle in the background ans people walk past doing whatever the're doing.

Was TV really so unpolished in 1967?

The night ended with some other highlights of Eurovision songs. The 70's adds colour and sparkle and a disco feel. The stage expands in the 80's to accomodate shoulder pads.

Looking forward to 2015. Although I realise it clashes with Fedcon. Curse you fannishness!
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After some degree of faff, I managed to find a place showing the show, and get together a group of like minded fans. Was then a bit disappointed that the bar allowed smoking. Forgot there were such places in Germany still. But it was well ventilated and I'm not nearly as averse to smoke as some people, so it was fine.

Were accosted by a drunk German who felt an urge to rant in a good natured way. But I'm not sure what he expected us to say.

Missed having the commentary by Graham Norton. It was made up for by the commentary from the bar and twitter.

Personally I rather liked the Polish entry but that's just me. I like the novelty acts. Also rather liked the skater effects they had for Montenegro.

Rather miss the days when countries sung in their own language.

Is fun though. I'm sure Eurovision was seen as tacky rubbish a few years ago and has only recently transcended from that into into kitsch.
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Well, that was adequate... 

Graham Norton was okay.  Was worried that he might overshadw the contest but no.  He was fine. 

Wasn't nearly as much fun as last year.  No pirates or 1930's gangsta rap!  We need pirates dammit! 

Amused by Armenia's entry.  "Nor Par!" became a Klingon salute. 
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