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I'm really hard to buy gifts for.

One of the things that does go down well are packeged events. So last Christmas, my mum got me a Segway Rally for 2 voucher. I finally got round to using it, and [ profile] tlanti enthusastically volunteered to be the friend!

So we drove down there. Tlanti is something of a petrol head and liked my car! We had a bit of trouble finding the venue but we got there, and loitered around waiting for Segway training. Tlanti was a little nervous about thing but did manage to make it move. I leapt omn it and zipped around as much as I could. So we went up along a course and zipped around. They're good fun. Not very fast but very manouverable. Tlanti followed very far behind at the rear and proudly declared herself "Captain Slow"! I will say though, the guys running it were very patient with her

Well worth the trip!

See below pics of me and Tlanti Segging away )
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I don't really have a particularly impressive social life in Welwyn Garden City. Welwyn itself doesn't do a lot to help. recommended London Science and Geek Chic Dating. Not really too concerned with the whole dating thing right now, but this seems mainly a singles social group rather than a dating group so I gave it a go. Next available event was a book swap. Just had to deal with the dilemma of which books can I bear to part with. I'm only really interested in meeting new and interesting people. On the other hand I do have no shelf space. So books selected, I set off and met people.

One of the regulars seemed to be explaining how the moon landings were faked. Still not sure quite how serious he was. Amused though. I did manage to shift three of my books and come back with two new ones.

There does seem to be a bit of an issue with this group, which is the gender balance. Here there was only one woman, although a few had just not managed to come due to genuine issues. Other events there was a 50/50 split, but the women didn't seem interested in the social aspect. The guys are still happy to head to the pub and chat afterwards. That seems a little odd.

The other issue is that the group needs other things to do. The organiser is into astronomy, so there's a bias towards that. This is cool and all, but there have to be other social events. Will be going along to the Science Quiz at the British Library (gender balance issue again though). There must be other things we can do though.

To finish off the "What I did this weekend" aspect of this diary; went to see a production of Wyrd Sisters with [ profile] masterofapath, [ profile] tictactoepony, [ profile] lemming_man and [ profile] omylouse.  It was good but a little flawed.  These are always abridged, but I felt that the witches gifts aspect was important and that was chopped out.
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Halloween is coming.  This means Trick or Treaters, or would if I was planning to be anywhere near home.  Something that the British just don't get.

My understanding of the way this works in the US is that the small kids go around the very local neighbourhood, accompanied by parents or sometime arranged buy schools/community groups with a large group of kids and a responsible adult.  The community is expecting this, because it's part of the tradition, so make sure they have plenty of sweets.  And it's only the very young kids.  Kids over 12 consider it childish.

In Britain we see it on American TV shows, and implement a sort of cargo-cult version.  In which much older kids go around on their own, in half-arsed costumes, knocking on the doors of people who have been drilled by the Daily Fail to assume that any teenager only wants to mug them.  The fact that they're wearing masks doesn't exactly assuage this fear.

The solution is for the police to warn kids not to do this.  This is a really really crappy solution.

Kids want to do this.  People seem to have no  fundamental issue with this as long as it's organised in advance.  Wouldn't it be nice if someone were to organise this as an opt-in thing.  Warn the neighbours in advance.  Let them put up a poster saying they're participating.  Because as far as traditions go it does look kinda fun.


May. 18th, 2011 10:06 pm
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The Netherlands State Circus!  All the fun of...   uhm actually it wasn't that good. 

The first half had a juggler who had nice ideas but seemed to be at the edge of his expertise.  I've seen far less ambitious performances work better just due to polish.  We had a bubble show and a skipping and an acrobat who was actually quite good.   But really - bubbles?  Skipping?  So yeah.  The first half was a little underwhelming. 

The second half was actually a lot better.  There was a flying trapeze act and another trapeze act and a balancing thing which was all quite good, although when someone has balanced five or six things on the end of a knife held between his teeth, a seventh is a little too predictable.  Even the flying trapeze seemed like it could do with a little more spectacle.  I'd have enjoyed all that a lot more but the first half had managed a bit more wow factor.

So, in summary.  It was all a little less impressive than it might have been. 
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Something about the royal wedding.  Really felt the archbishop should have started the sermon with "Mawwiage".  I guess I've seen that film too many times.

It was a curious day.  My mother, generally a royalist, had volunteered to do some tour guide without realising that it was the same day as the Royal Wedding..  The "guiding" was simply a matter of getting the tour party from the airport to the coach.  But that was happening at about 10ish and there was no way of getting back from Heathrow by the time it starts. I volunteered to go with her, keep her company and help find somewhere that might show the wedding. 

So, set off early to make sure that even with traffic there would be a good hour's leeway before the plane landed.  I'd persuaded my mum to take her car (A sporty 2 seater convertable Daihatsu COpen), rather than the shared Fiat Punto they share.  Weather wasn't good enough to take the lid down but it's more fun to drive.

It being first thing in the morning on a bank holiday the drive took just over an hour.  but at least that gave plenty of time to get bearings, work out where the coach stop was and we could sit amusing ourselves watching the pre-wedding stuff on one of the screens in the arrivals hall.  It's an amazing skill those presenters have.  Finding inoffensive stuff to talk about for several hours when absolutely nothing is happening.  I'm actually rather intrigued by the Household Cavalry.  Firstly, how many other countries still have Cavalry? But also they showed a shot of the stables.  Of course it's the army, so they don't have grooms.  Those smart elite troops who escort royalty spend a huge chunk of their time shovelling horse dung.

So, further pictures of other royal weddings, speculation about the weather what might Kate Middleton be wearing, what hats people are wearing - all thrilling television. 

The airport played the national anthem in honour of the royal wedding.  Which was bizarre and slightly awkward since we're really not sure if we should stand or not.  Nobody else was so we didn't.  Costa was giving out free tea in honour of the event which is something I can get behind, and fully support this Britishness.

Anyway, the plane landed, the group arrived, and were directed to the coach, and I vanished to keep out of the way.  Once that was dealt with there was a good 15 minutes or so until the wedding started.  I was prepared. I'd searched the night before and one of the first hits for pubs that seemed likely to be showing the event was The White Horse in Heathrow.  I know this pub.  It's a regular food destination for us at conventions.  And I know how to get to Longford, at least once I get my bearings.  It's a lovely old fashioned 16th century pub very well kept and does good pub food, real ales and soft drinks.  There was seating outside and a television and we arrived just in time to see the bride arrive, so that all worked out well.  Rather charmingly, the pub staff were all dressed up in their wedding clothes and were planning a street party later on which alas we didn't stay for.

I'm not actually a huge royalist.  Still, I do have a fondness for the pomp and ceremony this country does so well, and rather like this sort of major national event.  It's not for the royal family.  It's for us.  The smattering of people in The White Horse were all watching and commenting and sharing the event with each other.  We felt we were sharing it with everyone else in the world who was watching.  It's a shared experience brings people together.  I think we need more of that.
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So, the Applefest.  Nice to go to but a bit annoying due to transport and stuff.

I decided I'd go on Saturday. I had to return to Cheltenham on the Sunday and I completely failed to drink last time I was there because I was the designated driver.  So this time I got the train.  Sadly everyone else except [ profile] flannelcat decided they'd do Sunday instead.  So got to Lewes.  Queue was hideous.  Called flannelcat.  Trains to Lewes had been replaced by buses, which were being crap and slow. 

Decided to queue for the minibus to the farm and meet him there.  By the time I was anywhere near the front of the queue flannelcat was almost there so I decided to wait. 

Place was packed!  Lots of stuff happening!

I was in a grumpy mood having been kept waiting by annoying public transport system and underplanned Cider transport system, but there was food there.  Tasty Pakora with mango chutney.  And pancakes!  And Cider and Perry.  And saw music and met a few of flannelcats friends and generally geeked. It was nice to catch up but I was really hoping there's be a decent crowd there. 

Bus back had annoying queue again.  Annoying person had argument with another.  Bus was packed. 

The applefest was pretty cool.  Just way too annoying actually getting there. 

Plan for next year:  Unless someone else wants to drive, meet at station, get Taxi (unless Taxi from Brighton would be cheaper). 


Aug. 8th, 2010 09:06 am
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Was [ profile] lemming_man 's birthday.  He siad let's go to Go Ape, so spent yesterday working my way between trees and sliding down ziplines. 

It was fun! 

[ profile] omylouse  made a cake.  it looked like a train.  It soon became a train wreck.

Found a quid on the course!  Result!

Found 20 quids when I got back home.  Yay!
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A friend of mine is doing a street piano crawl this Sunday.

From Portland Square, St. Pauls to Waterfront Quayside. 

Also,another friend is running a little Firefly Shindig on the 26th. 
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It was[ profile] tinkerbell1980  and[ profile] medium_jock 's last Hurrah, so a load of us went to Kingston to swim (or not in the case of two people who misinterpreted what was meant by "pool".

[ profile] omylouse and [ profile] lemming_man  joined us and we messed about in the pool and jacuzzi.  Felt a little like a fifth wheel though. 

[ profile] blue_sun_scribe .  joined us and after various people got lost in the thick jungles of the Disney Store, went to pub and drank copious amounts of coffee.  We went to an All You can eat Chinese restaurant and ate until I could eat no more.  Although I did feel hungry 10 minutes later.  Nice place and only cost a tenner for food.  Was expecting drinks to be pricey but they were fairly normally priced for a restaurant (£1.20-1.50 for soft drinks).  A couple of other friends joined us.  Went back to chez Tink

Tink decided to play Yenta with her friend Harriet and me (thanks to [ profile] shebit  for introducing me to that very useful word.  hope I'm using it properly)  Still not sure whether this is sweet or if I should get annoyed by it:)
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There was an apple festival at Middle farm.  Live music and fairground rides and Cider and stall selling things.  And stalls selling food.  Deep fried vegetables in gluten free batter with Mango chutney.  Yum.  Impressively designed so that there can't be anyone with an allergy to them.  I  also had some of Dom's pork scratchings which are impressively designed so that anyone who has issues with salt, pork or fat can't eat them.  Also won a White Tiger on a crossbow stall, and drank lots of apple juice.  Was lots of fun. 

Trouble was there was no room to breathe in the Cider shop.  I wanted to buy some nice cider but I have crowd issues.  I think I'll have to go again next weekend when there's no apple festival and just the farm shop.  Anyone else want a lift?
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Well, that was a laugh.  Better than the last one on account of not being rained off.  Not as good as the time before on account of not having real shotguns. 

2 driving events - Rage buggies (cool) and blind driving (actually pretty good fun.  A great team building event even though I did almost run everyone over).  2 shooting events - laser clays (grrr!  Want gunpowder) and crosbow (I should have ignored the telescopic sight.  Would have done better) and a couple of generic team building events.  (get team across a "swamp" using crates and build an egg catapult). 

No pub quiz or inflatable sumo or bungie run this time. 

Bar tab was fun. 
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So, who's coming for my Eurovision party?

So far I'm pretty certain [profile] tinkerbell1980, [personal profile] tictactoepony, [profile] masterofapath,[info]squirrel_dreams, [info]medium_jock and  
[profile] ghostpaw are coming, but let me know if other things have come up. 

Anyone else?

Also let me know if you have any particular dietary requirements. 

The futon is spoken for on Saturday night but I have floor space if anyone wants to sleep over (bring a sleeping bag if you do).  If you have a long way to come I'll happily entertain you on Friday, as long as you're willing to help me cook on Saturday.

There's a big water pistol fight the following day which we might go along to depending on energy. 
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If anyone wants to come to the pub tomorrow.

Brighton Geek Pub Meet

Friday 16th May
The Eagle
Gloucester Road.

From about 8:00pm

Look for the purple two headed bear. 

Let's see how it goes.  If there's a decent turn out I'll try and make this a regular event.
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Beer foamy.  Beer good.  Haven't had a pub meet for a while.  So, how does the Eagle sound. 

Brighton Geek Pub Meet
Friday 16th May
The Eagle
Gloucester Road.
From 8:00. 

I'll try and remember to bring a purple two headed teddy bear or something sci-fi related to indicate where we are.

Eat Paint!

Apr. 28th, 2008 09:14 am
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One of the ladies at Ceroc is doing paintball this saturday. 

Anyone else want to come? 
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Brighton Modelworld on Saturday 16th February.

Followed by videos at my place (floorspace is available), and probably pizza or other takeaway.  I'm still trying to get the Kill Bill Marathon thing done.

Then we'll do something else on the Sunday.

Any interest?
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According to my diary, I'm not doing anything on the 19th January.

Anyone want to come and watch some Movies?  I was thinking Kill Bill 1 & 2 could be fun.  I have other options.

Other "Who's going" stuff:
  • B&B7 tomorrow.
  • Apparently there's a Brighton Below LARP event in February - possibly the 9th or 16th.
  • Modelworld at the Brighton Centre is on the 15th/16th/17th February.
  • Picocon 25 on the 23rd February.
So, who's going?
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