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I overheard an interesting conversation the other evening.

I was getting off the tram and someone was talking to his mate. I only caught the end of the conversation. Bloke said "... 5352". Bloke's Mate was typing on his phone. Fortunately, Bloke's Mate then repeated the credit card number back to him. Then asked for the security code.  I dare say if I started listening earlier, I would have heard Bloke's name as well.

This is the problem with cyber-security. You can add as many security safeguards as you want, but the weakest link will always be the idiot behind the keyboard (or touchscreen in this case).
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In Tabletop RPGs skills are modelled using dice and a "skill" parameter. You state your intention to attempt a task. The Game Master (GM) asks you to roll. The mechanics of the system ensure that people who are good at a skill are more likely to succeed than those who are not.

Dungeons and dragons mostly relies on a roll of a 20 sided die. Some games use percentile dice, or sets of polyhedrals. But how do we acurately model skill?

Let's compare two archers

John Klutz (skill level: "incompetent") has barely a clue. He holds the bow incorrectly, takes a bad stance and tries pulling the arrow rather than drawing the string. The arrow will still go in a direction approximating forwards. But he'll rarely get a bullseye.

At the other end of the scale, we have the legendary archer (Robin Hood, or Katniss Everdeen). They never miss!

A fluke for John Klutz is hitting the centre ring. A calamity is hitting someone behind him.

For the legendary archer though, we expect that. Even a mere Olympic archer will hit yellow more often than not. A fluke result for a legend is Robin Hood hitting the arrow that's already in the target. A calamity is Katniss not hitting the centre when it mattered most.

Flukes and calamities are what makes things exciting. They add more than a simple pass/fail. Robin Hood doesn't just win! He passes into legend! Katniss needs to do something incredible to make up for the failure. These are million to one to one shots, and in fiction, according to Terry Pratchett, "million to one chances crop up nine times out of ten"! And they should, but in games, it should be nine games out of ten. Not nine attempts! We do want it to be possible for this to happen.

We can simply roll a die. A standard six sided die (d6 in gaming parlance). This makes the extremes come up a little too often. 1 in 6 attempts are flukes. 1 in 6 are calamities. That's far too frequent. You can make them less common with 20 sided dice (d20), or even percentile dice.

It lacks something though. All results are as likely as each other. In a skill based challenge they're not. In my archery example, the target has a yellow circle, a red circle, a blue one and a black one each of the same thickness. But because the diameter is larger, the area is larger. The red circle has 3 times the area of the yellow centre circle. John Klutz is more or less hitting random points on the target so he'll get 3 times as many reds as yellows. The expert is aiming for the centre, so should get substantially more yellows.

At this point, things get longer and more mathematical. )

My conclusion here: The roll and keep mechanic is probably the best, both for elegant modelling and for general nice results. The next best is probably roll a bunch of six sided dice and add the modifiers. Noit sure which oif these I go for in my homebrew game but they're certainly my favourites.
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Have arrived back in Britain, and done the epic drive to Manchester, so I have a few minutes to update.

Final day of holiday. We went to the Game Of Thrones tour. We were told to look for a silver van with "Peppin" written on it. We saw a van matching that description and it went right past us. Turns out a lot of vans match that description.But the right silver van with Peppin arrived, and we started the tour. First of all the minibus bounced around the island's bumpy roads to pick everyone else up. Then we were taken to the first site. Our guide Malcolm seems to have done all sorts of odd jobs on various films, doing minor bits of acting, horse riding, set direction, stunts, looking after the cast and so on. Much like in Dubrovnik, he had screengrabs from the show so we could compare. Also talked a bit about how the makeup is done and how they covered up things that needed to be covered up.

Seems most of Kings Landing was San Anton palace and gardens. Was probably a lot less hassle than Dubrovnik, since it isn't a busy tourist site, and all the useful locations are pretty much in the same place. Next stop, we went to Mdina again. Our guide pointed out some of the historical locations. I foundit interesting. Poor [ profile] flickums wasn't dealing well with the heat. And one of the locations was completely outside of the shade. Turns out that the reason for all the scots is that there's a Scotland Malta match on.

Next stop was down an even more bouncy road to where the Dothraki scenes were shot. Turns out that the desert plans were actually CGI'd in place of the sea. Also turns out that the scene with thousands of Dothraki was shot by that old trick of sending horses round in a loop, so as soon as they're off camera, they gallop back to the back of the line and circle round.

Tour ended at a point overlooking Popeye Village - the actual set from the Robin Williams movie.

Returned to the hotel and jumped in the pool. Flickums was a lot happier after shedding heat, and this time we weren't thrown out early. No idea what the deal was the previous night. Went into town and saw even more Scottish footy fans. Had food, cocktails, and an ice cream from the make your own ice cream place. I made a point of adding a Maltese Malteser. Since they were priced by weight, that Malteser pushed the price to €5.03, but fortunately we were lett off the odd 3 cents.

Returned to hotel and went to bed because we needed to get up early for the flight.
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An odd meme that crops up from time to time is something along the lines of "Books are better than e-readers". I guess it's not that common, but it's something that newspapers and magazines will occasionally dedicate a page to, and something that I see as a meme on facebook from time to time. For example, this one. It's one I don't quite understand.

I mean, understand why people like books more.

But why the disparagement?

Kindles are great! They're immensely portable. My Kindle 4 fits easily into a bag and can hold hundreds of books. I'm taking a train ride tomorrow and don't really want to take a bag. Not a problem. I have the app on my phone. It automatically syncs with my other devices. And I get access to the whole of project Gutenberg! For Free!

And I know books are great too! Everyone does! Everyone who has a Kindle or a nook or any of the other e-book types has them because they love to read. They have heaps of paper books. And they know they're great! The texture of the paper, the feel of turning pages, the smell. We love everything about them! The UI is great too. The remaining thickness indicates progress, flicking through to find a previous point is cool to. You can take them to book signings and get the author to autograph them! The search feature is non-existent but on the whole, it's a great format. It's been around for centuries virtually unchanged. Of course it's good.

Both have their uses. And the key thing is that they transmit stories from an author to a reader. Seems to me that what's important is reading. Not the means we use to read.
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Because making New Years resolutions in themiddle of winter is for suckers!

So, the goals for this year are as follows

1: Buy a house

2: draw a comic strip.

3: Build a robot

#1 does require that I actually get myself a job or a new contract fairly soon. Still don't know where I want to live. Leicester is convenient for work and for flickums. I just don't know ifd I really like this place. I miss Brighton, but there's no way I can afford to live there.

#2 is one of those things where I just want to be creative! I have my main character and a basic premise. I probably want some sort of a story. And I need to finalise my character designs. And work out how to get a squarrel looking squirrellike.

#3 is actually in progress. I have a lego robot chassis. I have the skills to program Pi-fighter to control it. I don't seem to have the eletronics skills I need. Still having trouble with PNP transistors.
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I have a lot of projects currently on the boil. I'm really not sure what I should be looking at finishing.

PiBot: A rasberry pi, some motors, a Wii controller and some electronics. It's sort of fun to do stuff with my habds for a change. First experiment was getting a Pi to drive a motor. Next step will be directional control and then getting a robosegway working.

Android sliding block game: Essentially a clone of Split Personalities from the C64. And it's sort of making progress. Somehow though I can't get into it though. I just find this a dull project. I should be able to finish it. Nothing remaining is difficult. I need to add a level complete animation, a game complete screen, a set of start buttons, and possibly all the other paraphernalia related to Android games. Also, need some pictures.

Comic editor: Actually this one has reached a nice stable point

Then there are things I want to investigate

OpenGL programming: I am so out of date with this. I know broadly how shaders and stuff work, but I haven't had that much experience. The hassle here is setting things up. Windows' OpenGL support stinks. It doesn't even handle OpenGL 2.0 out of the box (we're on V 4.3 now). Perhaps I should consider Vulkan instead but I've written a whole load of that and still haven't got close to actually drawing anything.

Computer Vision: This is part of the PiBot. I really should learn OpenCV some time. Also I have some mirrors that I need to configure to do some 3D vision stuff.

Space Ship Manager: Combination of Star Trek and a football management sim. Yes. Yet another game, because why not?

So that's a total of 6 projects. I really can't decide which one to do next.
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Got a little tired of my Comic maker, so decided I'll do something with "Pi-Fighter" - my Raspberry Pi. I already have Wiimotes working. Now I need to get the IO working. Bought a huge batch of stuff from Amazon, including a vast number of white LEDs. I remember when these things were expensive. Now I can get a pack of 50 of the things for £3.46.

So, for my first trick, I try to light an LED. Seems to work if I connect it between 3.3V and GND. Also between one of the IO pins and GND. Seemed to light up. Yay!

Then I try to programatically tun it on and off. Doesn't work. Try lots of tinkering. Somewhere in my tinkering I manage to kill an LED! That's 7p worth of electronics down the drain already.

I try reading the inputes Still doesn't seem to work. Also the library I'm using seems a bit out of date and doesn't believe a Raspberry Pi can have a 40 pin connector. So I change library to one with no apparent documentation, and try again. Input 4 seems to be high. What happens if I force it low? Apparently I cause the Pi to restart.

Finally I work out the problem! Flip the ribbon cable round.

Suddenly it works!
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In our previous installment (which I don't think I actually mentioned) I managed to get Pi-fighter - my Raspberry Pi - working. Also got X working. This is nice because it means I can access the system from the comfort of my laptop PC.

Today I started tinkering with bluetooth.  It should involve 3 commands:
sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends bluetooth
sudo service bluetooth status
hcitool scan

The first command worked fine. The second one had an odd error message. A bit of googling told me I can ignore this. The third one simply refused to work. After much googling I found out that there was an hciconfig command it told me the interface was DOWN. So I needed to turn it UP

hciconfig hci0 cc up

Should have worked. Turns out I need to run as root.

So I scanned and i saw my mobile phone and my wiimote. Yay! Even managed to work out how to set up a connection (although there didn't seem an obvious way to maintain a connection). Still, doesn't matter. There are python modules to do that. Tried a cut and paste.

socket connect error (control Channel)

So I tried to use a genuine remote instead. Yeah... That worked. That's a little disappointing. I want to use a cheaper controller. I guess I can probably get this to work with a bit of C tinkering. It's network stuff though. Network stuff scares me.

The next problem - how do I actually read it. There are plenty of tutorials, but doesn't seem to be any actual documentation! Still, I think I have a basic idea about it now. I can at least read the values I want to read. And probably make it rumble :)

For my next trick I need to control some motors. Pondring concepts for ball balance bot.
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Saw The Force Awakens last weekend. I enjoyed it.

Non spoilery technical stuff - It was in Dolby 3D - the version with shiny glasses. It's better than the previous version with horizontal and vertical polarisation, because it handles head tilting a lot better. Downside is it doesn't handle 2D very well. One of the lenses sees nothing at all. It was bit distracting when they switched from 3D trailers back to 2D ads. Also since when have they been showing ads after trailers? Technically though it gives really awesome 3D.

Anyway - there will be many spoilers here so here's a cut.



Nov. 26th, 2015 05:22 pm
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Once upon a time this happened on Countdown.

Clever isn't it!

My dad is a fan of this show, and hyper competitive when it comes to the numbers game. When I visit I rtend to watch with him. There's actually some tricks to these, that James Martin used here.

The first trick is a simple one. When you have all 4 large numbers (for those not familiar with the show the large ones are always 25, 50, 75, and 100)  you can combine these to make 2 (50/25 or 100/50), 3 (75/25), 4 (100/25), 5 ((50+75)/25) and a number of other small numbers. The problem with this is you end up using up your big numbers.

What Mr. Martin did here was realise he had 954 from (100+6)*3*(75/25). Not a terrible score, but not perfect. There are the numbers to get the remaining 2 (50/25) but he's already used the 25. Still, we can use that as a start.

952 = (100+6)*3*(75/25)-50/25
or slightly more conveniently
952 = ((100+6)*3*75)/25-50/25

Those who do a lot of manipluating equations will spot something we can do here. We can factor out the 25

952 - ((3*75(100+6) ) - 50 ) / 25

And there you have it. James Martin had no idea what the intermediate number was. He didn't need to. People actually use this sort of trick all the time. It's unusual to do it with such a huge number, but the rules are no different. The real trick is spotting that under the pressure of a 30 second time limit.

For those who prefer the letters game, there's this:

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Dice are an important part of RPGs. I'm sure there's a perfect mechanic somewhere. I did try coming up with a new one years ago when toying with Tales out of anchor with [ profile] flannelcat. Never worked though.

The classic mechanic is simply to use the dice score. Add the die to your skill, and if that's higher than the difficulty level then you succeed. There are other arithmetic mechanics, but they're generally equivalent. Here's the thing, no matter how inept you are at a skill, it should possible, through sheer chance, that you will succeed. Likewise, no matter how high the skill, it's possible that something goes wrong; the sword breaks, the gun misfires or whatever. And because this is a about the story, this theshold should actually be lower than in the real world Million to one shots should happen all the time; maybe not nine times out of ten, but once or twice per session makes for some drama.

And this really doesn't allow for that sort of nuance. You could make a natural 20 a success, and a natural 1 a failure but that is a bit artificial. The other problerm is the linear level. A high level will win statistically 19 times more often than an untrained character. All tasks are clamped to that range. It's a little unsatisfying.

Savage worlds uses an interesting mechanic. You roll a polyhedral die, with the number of sides related to your skill level. If you roll the maximum, the die "explodes" - you get to roll again and add to the score. This can happen multiple times. You also get to roll a D6, and if that rolls higher you take that score. The D6 may also explode. This does make it a lot less predictable. It also means in principle, anyone can manage any difficulty. If I declare a difficulty of 600 for firing an arrow in the air, the wind taking it and it hitting the villain killing him, then there's a mathematical possibility (approx 1 in 653 318 620 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000) that after rolling a hundred 6's in a row the bottom level character succeeds. Plus it allows polyhedrals, which I like because I'm a maths nerd and Iike platonic solids. People seem to criticise it a lot though. Never really been sure why.

To be honest, I'm actually quite happy with the Fate system. 4 dice with + and - on, plus your base skill must equal or exceed the difficulty. So basically another arithmetic system. But it gains in one respect - aspects. You can tag an aspect and get a bonus. It works. Although there it's mainly about supporting the story. If you do something awesome then you are more likely to succeed. It is about the story. It works.


Nov. 17th, 2015 06:22 pm
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I thought I'd have a look at the microsoft online store. I was hoping to be able to find a podcast reader.

It wanted a microsoft account. Apparently I already had one. I tried the password I use for accounts that contain no useful information. Apparently none of them work. I tried resetting it. Apparently my usual password had already been used and I couldn't re-use it. So I tried logging in with that password again, and possible variations. They didn't work.

Then I tried clicking on the link that seemed to suggest it would delete the whol account. Seemed like a nice idea. That would mean I could restart from scratch.This may have been a mistake. It didn't delete it anyway.

I tried resetting the password again. Rather than sending another link, it demanded another email address anbd then sent me a form. This form required information like the last 5 email subjects I'd sent (I've never sent any through the server), my XBox user ID (I don't have one) and a bunch of other info they can't possibly have, plus my date of birth and a postcode.I gave them all the information they could possibly have. Apparently that's not enough to identify mTe. I'd have thought name, DoB and postcode plus email address would convince most people but apparently not.

I created a new account with my google email address. and tried to use that to download the app. "There's a problem at our end" apparently. Great.

Meanwhile I tried to find an email address so I could get a human being. Eventually, after much hunting, I found a contact us form. The response I got was a link to a message sent to my locked account. I sent another contact, this time specifying the new account. They actually did send that to my email address. They didn't tell me anything remotely different or useful. So I sent a Data Protection Request. Mainly to see how they respond to that. If they want information then they can damn well tell me the information they want!

Windows 10

Nov. 14th, 2015 12:44 pm
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My PC came with a free Windows 10 upgrade. I thought the best feature of this was that I could wipe the entire OS and remove any junk that HP felt I absolutely needed. This did mean I had to reinstall the Cyberlink stuff which is actually useful and it took a bit of time to find it, (and work out which of the half dozen applications with names like Cyberlink_HHQTB2 is which). To be fair to HP it seems that there's actually very little shovelware.

So, Windows 10... Feels fairly similar to all other versions of Windows to be honest. Disk drives are still represented by a single letter. Starting with C: for reasons that now seem very quant. Microsoft have put back the start menu - which I never really felt was perfect, but people seemed to like it. Oddly, it no longer says "start", which I thought was the original point. I seem to be in the minority who actually liked the metro interface, at least conceptually. I like the idea of having apps always available. The problem for me was that it wasn't fully integrated enough. I want to be able to put a twitter feed or news ticker at the side of the screen and "full screen" for the app I'm interacting with to be considered the rest of the screen. The legacy desktop should have been just another tile.

There are a couple of features I like. Fingerprint login is pretty cool. Windows has supported this for a while now but this is the first PC I've have that had a scanner. Also the file copy dialog has been improved. It gives a nice chart showing transfer speed. And if there are multiple copies in progress they can be paused. Would be nice if they could be queued instead.

Something thats strange is that there are two settings apps (settings and Control Panel), with overlapping functionality. Actually there's a lot of this. Functionality is spread all over the place. I can never remember whether I want wireless settings, properties, network settings, or adaptor settings to set up the various bits of internet. Apps can be started from the start menu, all apps, the taskbar, or the desktop. Application config is in the registry and advanced system settings.

On the whole it seems quite okay. That's all I really want from an OS. Okayness.
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My poor computer (Quorra) is feeling a bit crufty. Seems to inexplicably freeze for a few minutes shorty after waking up. And I have about 5GB left on my C: drive.

Normally I'd reinstall the OS at this point. But I have other things to do with my time. Also that small C: drive means I'd need to repartition, which means the tedious process of backing up my old disk.  Or, of course, I could simply upgrade the disk.

But at 3-and-a-bit Quorra is getting a little old, and more to the point, I want something a bit better. Intel graphics are fine to an extent, but I'd prefer something a bit more meaty. And that 1366x768 screen has never really satisfied my urge for resolution. I really want 1920x1200. And that's the main factor that's been stopping me from getting a new one.

For some reason, resolution isn't seen as important to the PC buying public. Most PCs don't specify, and it's not something that's listed in mostonline search options. Adding "1080P" to an amazon search lists all the laptops with "1080P" in the description, even if they're just telling me they can output to a 1080P display. Asus have a laptop that offers "up to 1920x1080", and doesn't seem to consider the distintion to deserve a different product number. So that leaves a handful of manufacturers.

Lenovo do seem to care about resolution. Unfortunately they don't care about security. They've installed way too much dangerous shovelware (some that even survives a full reinstall!) for me to trust them at all. "YunSun" seemed to offer a decent range of machines, but there's the added cost of import duty. Also they only seem to come with US style keyboards. I want a european one, with the correctly shaped enter key.

So we're down to Toshiba and Gigabyte (Which may also only have US keyboards). Toshiba seems to have a 1 month wait and I really can't be bothered with planning that far ahead.

To make life even more difficult, I need a DVD Drive. Well, I don't actually need one, but there I do have some stuff on CD-Rom still and will want to rip a Disc from time to time.

So that means I need to work out whether I actually want one of theose Gigabyte PCs.

I guess I'm a bit too fussy.


Sep. 29th, 2015 09:17 pm
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Wandered to hackspace to see what's there. They have some cool stuff.

Seem a nice lot, if somewhat ultra-nerdy.

Plenty of useful tools kicking about. Also saw someone had made a stirling engine from a syringe, a hard disk and a metal can.

Still not sure it's what I'm after. People seemed very stuck into their projects, which is all well and good, but I want something to do that involves some general chat and getting to know people and make new friends. Not sure if i would get that. I chatted to a couple of people, then shyness took over and I left.

Also I'd really need a project. I'm sure some people would be happy for a helping hand. I'd quite like to get into robotics. I was hoping someone might be able to offer some sort of advice, but there wasn't anyone there that day. Maybe I'll go along next week.
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It's my birthday. So I woke up [ profile] flickums by jumping up and down on her demanding we open presents. Got DVDs and Lego and a T-Shirt

Then we had breakfast and went to The Old City again for a Game Of Thrones Tour.

The tour is really well done. We had little radio receivers, so we could hear the guide at the back. The tour guide was a fangirl, who'd seen the show, read the books, knew the city well, had been an extra, and really knew her stuff. She had a book of photos showing the scenes where the various sites happened. This is where Joffrey was sapped. That's where Joffrey choked at his wedding. We all love to hate Joffrey (although apparently the actor is a realy nice guy)

They added a lot of CG to the outside views, but the walls of Kings Landing are the walls of Dubrovnik.They just add some extra towers behing them. A lot of the filming happened in Fort Lovrijenac just outside the city, which makes sense because it's a lot easier to close a single building than it is to close a whole chunk of a working city. Although the climb up to the fort was a bit of a trial in the heat. Flickums especially seemed to be suffering a bit. We cooled off after with cokes and then went back to air conditioned hotel room and took a dip in the cool pool. Then jacuzzied.

Plans to go to nice restaurant later.

Bithday so far has been both great and awesome.
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Cruise traffic seemed less scary today, so we braved the Old Town. And while it was pretty busy it didn't seem terrible.

First a meander around the town. We found a shop selling t-shirts. And another shop selling Game of Thrones tat, with a free offer to take photos on their Iron Throne on purchase of said tat. So we bought some tat and took photos.

Let us sit on the iron throne )

We planned to go cable car riding but that seemed crazy busy so we went to what [ profile] flickums insisted on calling Loki Island. The taxi driver said we should go there so we did.

Lokrum Island is one of many small islands off the Dalmatian coast (Disappointly the coast is not spotty). Uninhabited but did once contain a monstary and a fort. Also a nice place ot go swimming. No sandy beaches, but the rocky coastline does have ladders into the sea, and the water is lovely.

So we walked a short distance. Found the monastery. And the dead sea, althugh it seemed considerably less impressive than the one in Israel.Decided that since they were so insanely close, the fort can't be a long walk. And it wasn't. However it was mostly vertical. Flick's flipflops were't really up to the hill walking, so I made the final ascent on my own.

We returned feeling somewhat tired and sweaty, but felt a lot better after pouring a bottle of water over ourselves and sitting down on the boat home.

Went to a restaurant. Failed to forget my bag but we almost forgot sunglasses this time. Both of us.
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Amongst my possessions I have an HD-DVD player, a VHS video recorder, a first generation TiVo, an Amiga A500P, a Palm TX and a scanner. Need to decide what to do with these. I do rather like the idea of being past-proof. ("Future proof" is a myth - not possible. Wait for the future to become the present and the technology will be cheaper than the future proof premium)

TiVo. Why do I still have this damn thing? It's obsolete and a total white elephant! Shall throw this one out, I think.

HD-DVD player - I can get cheap HD-DVDs of eBay (which was the entire point). Not sure if I want to. Perhaps I should replace my small collection of HD-DVDs with Blu-ray.

VHS video recorder - well, I have a huge pile of tapes somewhere. Once again I ask myself "Why!?". Because it is and was a good video recorder. But the odds of me remembering I even have all these videos is pretty remote.

Palm TX - Cool gadget, and it was a gift. Obsolete again. I feel very bad about throwing out gifts though.

Amiga A500P - I have an emulator! And this is a museum piece!

Scanner - This one annoys me. It's a perfectly good scanner. Theres nothing inherently wrong with the device. It just doesn't work with Windows 7. I could always just plug it into my netbook, scan from that and transfer. Is this actually worth the effort though? I could just spend £44 on a cheapest scanner I can find (and it will be more than adequate for my needs) and save the effort.

I guess I'm a hoarder. I get far too attched to the gadgets I buy. The end result is I have several boxes full of junk, that should really be taken to the dump, sold on eBay or given to a charity shop. Most of these gizmos, I haven't used in a long long time and still won't. I won't miss them when they're gone. Why is it so hard to part with these things?
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Between contracts, it's my usual policy to keep working a 9-5 day, but do so on personal projects and job hunting.

But I can't decide what I should be doing as a personal project. In the past I did Android stuff, because that was usuefulfor boosting my CV. I have been working on my comic editor, which I previously justified as Qt experience, but the truth is I'm not learning anything new here. I wonder if my time might be better spent on something else.

And if so, what?

I could do some computer vision stuff. Play around a bit with OpenCV. I would like some sort of aim here though.
Similarly I could do some OpenGL stuff. I am, after all, chasing a lot of openGL related jobs.
Maybe I should get back to Android. I'm a little rusty.

My problem is a common one - These choices are mutually exclusive, and I'm indecisive. I end up being crippled by indecision. I seem to be doing nothing.

Oh well. Tax form is out of the way. Done some job hunting. Not been a completely wasted day.
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Qt has several different types of line pattern. Solid, dotted, dashed, dotdashed and so on. I wanted to come up with filenames for icons that are more concise and distinguishable than dashdotdashLine and dashdashdotLine. Doesn't need to be obvious to the user. Just to me, and expandable in an obvious way

It suddenly became obvious.

My lines are now saved as:

While it is only for my own purpose, I wonder it it is obvious to others which is which.
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