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Part 3 of the epic "Luckykaa moves home" series

I signed up to Three before I moved in, because Vodafone PAYG seemed really bad value for money. And I knew I'd want some sort of internet access short term. Figured tethering would do me for the short term.

Arrived at new flat. I got reception near the window, if I stood in exactly the right place. Zero bars. Not quite good enough for reliable browsing.

Thought I'd try to get Internet on a Stick. Tesco is open 24 hours. Sadly the local superstore didn't sell them. The big out of town store probably does but theit phone store was closed b the time I got there. (Was also planning to buy food but all the freezers had broken so that was out of the question too). Considered buying a pair of scissors but since they were all packaged in ways that need scissors to open I decided against that too.

Ordered a new SIM from Gifgaff. It took a long time to arrive but I may have ignored it initially because it looks like junk mail. Still, plugged it in, and set it up, and didn't have internet access. No information on how to get internet access.  No number I can call. Only help is available online. It's that damn Zen scissor riddle again!

Eventually using the slow unreliable Three connection I got information on how to set up giffgaff internet. And it worked! It was fantastic! Fast reliable solid 3 bars! It meant I could actually use the internet properly until Cable guy arrived.

Cable guy arrived after about 10 minutes.
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My internet connection has failed on the 12 July, the 1th August, and the 12th of October (not sure what happened on the 12th September). This month it seems to have failed 2 days early. And this always seems to keep happening on Fridays. The ISP is closed for the weekend.

I find this very frustrating. There's a limit to how much I feel comfortable leeching off my neighbours.

What's even more annoying - I have a PAYG dongle. I was getting inexplicably free access with that but it wasn't going to last, so I tried paying for a recharge. My card was refused. Contacted the bank. Got through to the lost cards section and was transferred to a new voicemail system that had nothing to do with what I wanted. Tried again. The lost card section was the one I wanted.

Apparently my address is wrong. I didn't give them my address! But my bank can't deal with that.

I then tried to use roaming internet. This is expensive but I can afford 2 quid for a day's frugal internet use. Worked for about an hour. Now that's not working either.
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Amazon customer reviews make me terrified of buying anything!

I'm looking for a food processor for my parents.   Theaverage review is useless to me because the score depends on how useful the customer found it, not how good it it.  So I look at the actual comments.  I tend to look at the top rated reviews and the low scoring reviews.

On one hand you have the comments "This is an amazing device, since buying it I have found cooking a delight, I've managed to become the worlds greatest chef and have started to make serious inroads into world hunger" and on the other you have "This is a terrible decvice.  the blades jammed when i tried making breadcrumbs, I used it once an d a crack appeared.  The second time I used it it caused a nuclear meltdown and now the entire area for 30 miles is uninhabitable".

It bemuses me that some people have such troubles with a device that others seem to find so great.  What are the 1-star raters doing wrong?
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I find a lot of the libertarians and atheists on the internet highly amusing.  So many are so earnest in their belief that they are amongst the few-who-know.  They're such fun to troll.  The real beauty of it is that I don't even need to say anything that I don't believe.  They often tie themselves in logical knots.  Yes, it's totally malicious and a little cruel but it's fun.

Common beliefs amongst atheists seem to be that all Christians are Biblical literalists, and that it's impossible to believe in a deity and evolution at the same time.  Libertarians often seem to think that economics supports all their arguments and that Government is always less efficient than the private sector. 

Still, occasionally I'm a little stumped by the attitude. 

There was a thread on Slashdot about working conditions in the games industry.  A common attitude seems to be that anything short of physical force is not exploitation, and as such it's wrong for the government to use "physical force" (i.e. laws backed up by fines backed up by a police force) to stop this.  I really have no idea where to start.

Maybe I've been trolled. 
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Internet died this morning.  Not a huge issue.  Did have work to get to after all. 

Still not working when I got back.  No reception to complain to here.  Decided to go into town and found a Wetherspoons with free Wi-fi.  Except it didn't work.  Login page didn't let me link anywhere else.  Went to the pub near me and thought I'd give that a go.,  Spam sponsored free wi-fi there.  T&C's page didn't work.  Other problem is that I need to click a link on an email to confirm that I accept.  Except I can't because I have no internet access. 

Still looking for somewhere to stay that actually appeals.  Think I might need to give it another week.  Saw one place.  Dirt cheap but way too tatty to feel comfortable in.  Also want fewer people (2 or 3 others would be a good size).
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Dork Tower on LJ.  Amusing because creator John Kovalik is actually still a regular LJ poster.

It is something I've been noticing though.  My LJ friends list seems to have a lot more of the communities than actual friends, and it can be many hours before I see an update from anyone.  5 years ago I had to refresh my friends page several times a day. 

These days we're just spreading quick thoughts.  We use Facebook and Twitter.  Neither of them lend themselves to deep thoughtful discussion.  Twitter often involves links to interesting blogs but there's no way to say anything that doesn't fit into 140 characters including the link.  Facebook allows comments, but don't lend itself to deep discussion.  It'snot even threaded.  There's no room for debate.  Blogs have a list of comments.  It's hard to address a previous comment

Even the social news websites with a decent comment section have their problems.  Digg (unless they've changed it sine I was last there) only has one level of nesting. reddit is a bit better but the default behaviour of sort most popular makes it into an echo chamber, and also means the silly funny comments rise to the top way more than the interesting ones.

So, I'm still here.  LJ will live until something better comes along. 

edit: Changed to link to the actual comic since muskrat_john asked so nicely.
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A game with a single control.  Really quite a nice piece of game design.


Feb. 5th, 2010 06:09 pm
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Seem to have rediscovered twitter.  Username: luckykaa

Anyone else I should be following?
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Sometimes Reddit really does come up with good threads.
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This year I've received a total of 11 spam emails.

In October I was receiving that daily. 

What's happened?  Have the spammers shut up shop?  Was the only spammer spamming me that high profile organisation shut down last year?  Have Yahoo upgraded their spam filters?  Anyone else noticed this?

It's quite nice to be able to use my email address for email. 


Feb. 24th, 2009 12:50 pm
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I appear to have got myself a twitter account

Will have to try and work out what it's for. 

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Concerned about the risks associated with the LHC, and noting that Gordon Freeman worked at CERN, readers of Reddit clubbed together to buy them a wrecking bar

It looks like it was a valid precaution.  Those headcrabs are everywhere.

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Today's XKCD is about Wikipedia's "in popular culture" subsection.

Spoiler space )
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Domain still down. I think I want a webhost as well as email. Would be quite nice to put my dalek comics somewhere if nothing else.

Found a shop to sell dice. Games workshop only does six sided dice, but I have plenty of them. There is a shop hidden cunningly above Reload in Kensington Gardens. Relatively pricey though.

Have eaten most of the party food, but have manylots alcohol left over. Whatever shall I do with it?
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So, [profile] tinkerbell1980 called me.  She wants internet access for her new place.  She doesn't have the internet access she requires to order it, so has to ring up BT.  She also didn't have BT's number but presumably that's on the website.  Trouble is the lack of internet access.  I'm sure you can see the problem.  So she called me to see if I could find their number on their website. 

So, I looked on the website

You'd have thought that BT would be easy to contact by phone but it took me ages to find one simple number.  Clearly BT didn't pay their phone bill and got cut off. 
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What is the point of Facebook? 

It seems popular but I can't quite work out how I can use it other than for it to tell me who my friends are. Since I have to tell it first, it seems redundant.  Are we just meant to get the high score of most names added? 

And riddle me this... 

Just because I like mind games:

April, Audrey, B'Elanna, Bonnie, Charlene, Fio, Kaylee.

What's the link?
And what TV shows/films are they from?
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