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Can I be bothered going dancing?

I used to really enjoy it. When I got home I felt invigorated and cheerful. So I went back and have been going for the last three weeks. But I haven't really been enjoying it.

It's not just that I'm really out of practice. I can feel I'm getting better. Although it is frustrating that I still don't quite have the footwork. I think a lot of it is down to the music. I don't realy enjoy it and it's not brilliant stuff to dance to. Cheesy pop stuff works, but that's not what we're getting.

And I'm just feeling really tired these days.

And I don't seem to have a lot of people to dance with. It seems quite a small class.

And it's cold and dark out there.

I think I need to find a different class. Mayeb a different type of dance entirely. Salsa could be fun.
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[ profile] cath_er_ine's last day at work.  I was invited along.

Plan was to go to Chicago's, eat, dance. 

Arrived at Chicago's.  It was shut.  Not open for another half hour.  Went to the bar in another part of the complex.  Went back to Chicago's.  They weren't serving food.  Went to Nando's. 

As a happymeatarian, I rather like Nando's.  While they don't offer free range chicken there is at least a more than adequate veggie selection.  So chatted to cath_er_ine's work colleagues.  Ate food.  Experimented with combinations of bottomless soft drinks.  All was good.  Then we went to Chicago's.  Nobody else was there.  Drinks were very cheap.  Was nice chatting to people.

Don't have the stamina for this.  Also don't get dancing.  However, the main thing is cath_er_ine went to the DJ to ask when he'd be playing decent music.  He said he might play some 90's but prefers modern stuff.  Surely 90's is "modern stuff"

I am officially old.


Jan. 10th, 2011 11:15 pm
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It's a rather miserable day which does not lend itself to going out but I managed to drag myself to Ceroc because it's always worthwhile no matter what my sense of apathy claims.  I decided I'd turn up a bit late because if I turn up on time, I always end up waiting.  Turning up during the lesson isn't a problem for intermediates. 

Except they seem to have changed things.  Two of the moves were ones I'd never seen before.  When did that happen!?

And they changed the format.  The intermediate is simpler and there's a super-advanced class tacked onto the end.  I prefer it this way.  I never could remember all the intermediate moves.

Yet somehow I wasn't in the dancing mood.  Still a little tired.  I enjoyed learning but felt like leaving early. 

It boosted my mood on a cheerless day.  It's always so hard to convince myself that I'm going to enjoy it and when I do force myself I do!
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A friend of mine (ex-flatmate) works for a cinema.  As a result he gets various freebies.  One of them was for a special showing of Tron Legacy.  The showing was in leicester Square at 10:00.  Normally this would be easy.  Train to Victoria followed by tube is an hour and a half. 

In the snow, time taken is 1h30m + n where n is a wild guess. The 7:55 was cancelled.  The next available train was to London Bridge which isn't as convenient for Leicester Square or as fast or as cheap.  On the other had it was on time so I paid the extra.  I coulod have changed at East Croydon but had no idea whether that would be better. 

But I arrived.  And in reasonable time.  And ex-flatmate was there along with his son.  As was [ profile] forbiddendanish  and various people he knows.  Had I realised people of that class were coming I wouldn't have come...  [ profile] scotiva .  Enjoyed the film but probably not going in the all-time greats collection.  Fun in the same way Transformers was.  The Wee-one was well enough trained not to make too much noise or disrupt anything but I knew he'd be okay because his mother believes in things like rules and discipline.

So spent the rest of the afternoon with Scotiva.  Went to the pie shop in Covent garden.  They had reindeer pie!  Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, with gravy and mash for lunchtime nutrition.  Finished ALL my Christmas shopping (almost - a couple of odds and ends for friends but don't expect to see them before Chrimbo).  This means I get Sunday off!  Woohoo!
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So, finally got round to dancing again (on  Monday).  Having slept properly the previous night, and not caused myself a major injury in the morning, I was out of excuses. 

A few people remembered me.  Apparently I'm "really good".  Either that or they got me confused with someone else. 

I learned a drop move!  Also a block something or other and an octopus variant.  It's a decent set of moves.  A set of moves I'll forget by next week.

So it was fun.  For a bit.  Somehow I got a bit bored by 10 or so.  Only being able to do half a dozen or so intermediate moves makes the whole process feel a little repetitive. 

I could go along again today.  That would help the moves to stick in my memory.  I could stay home and watch telly.  It's a tough call. 
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Weekends always seem to fill up so quickly in summer. 

Was hoping I'd be able to visit [ profile] scotiva in Aberdeen and assorted people in Manchester but I have one weekend free and realy need to use that to deal with everyday life. 

Sorry guys. 

Ah well.  I'm sure there will be a chance this autumn. 

If only weekdays were so easy to fill. 

I did go to Ceroc last night.  That was fun.  The intermediate class was a little easier than I'm used to.  Basket/block/mambo thing.  Hope I can remember that next time.  It's a nice move for slow music. 

For those who are wondering - I did ask "Who are you" of myself.  turned out it's a deeply personal question.  who'd a thought?
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So, I figured I was being way to inactive.  Also was given a free donut at work and who am I to refuse food.  So I thought I should probably do something active. 

I'm getting out of practice so I wandered down to Clapham Junction for Ceroc.  Went in.  Was told to wait a bit because of some issue with the room.  So I got a drink, did some of the Sudoku, waitied until 8.  Nobody appearted to be showing up.  Went up again, was stopped on the way and told it was cancelled.


On the plus side I did just miss the train to London Bridge (good because I didn't realise Clapham Junction to London Bridge is a bit of a circuitous route).  Also seem to have only been charged £2.70  for roughly 5 quids worth of Sushi. 
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Finally saw Up.  It's Pixar.  Therefore must be seen on big screen.  There are rules. 

Decent enough.  Sub par for Pixar.  Still fun. It's nice to see that Pixar actually rely on comedy for humour rather than cultural references unlike pretty much any other animated movie.  Rather annoying crying Baby.  Really - who takes a baby and a three year old to see a movie.  Wait for the DVD. 

Can't decide whether to go to crew Serenity or not.  I've been feeling really tired recently.  I'm not sure if I'm feeling tired because I'm feeling down or feeling down because I'm feeling tired.  I might feel too tired to enjoy it.  On the other hand I migt end up feeling miserable and lonely if I don't go.

Went to the Wednesday Jive class.  Met a very nice Australian Gal.  Asked her if she wanted to meet for a drink.  Got shot down. 

Today's happy thought....

Am actually picking up some Jive moves.  Must be able to do better than that. 

Blue Cheese and mushroom pizza!!!!!
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So, yeah.  Need to make a note of moves otherwise I'll never rember.

First move was a short first move Something Or Other.  Quite simple.  Stop early, turn Left, spin partner 1 and a half times. 

Second move was Pretzel.  Right arm up, face partner, right(?) hand between , turn to the right, hopefully partner follows.

I need someone to practice this stuff with.  


Feb. 17th, 2009 02:04 pm
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Ceroc: Stepacross with lots of extra turning, open pretzel, sway change hands and a complicated thing which requires far more than it's possible to to in a single beat.  Requires locking partners hands under arms

Miserablist poetry spot.  Highly amused, so I think the performers must have been doing it wrong.

I think I should get a hat.  I like hats.  I think the Fedora is a bit too showy though. 

Brother called to tell me that he thought he might have forgotten to lock parents door when her left.  Drove down to parents feeling very irritated because of course he locked it and I was just wasting my time.  Marched up to door, pushed handle down, fell though.  Wasn't expecting that.
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Today's Ceroc moves:

Pretzel/Wurlitzer (really couldn't get my head around that)

All combinations of simpler moves. Not too hard a routine really.  Either that or I'm getting better. 
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I actually managed to pick up this week's intermediate class. 

Kinda easy. 

Started with a yoyo-barrier comb, which is like a yoyo except after the elbow to elbow block the hand moves down to block.   The archi-spin just requires working out which way to twist the hand at the start, then spin and swap places and the other move just involved pulling the lady past your left shoulder, turn her, turn selfm turn partner. 

This is mainly to remind myself.  Could do with a mid-week reminder class.  I tend to forget after 7 days. 
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Went to Ceroc again.

Left early because there were far more boys than girls and I was ending up as a bit of a wallflower. 

I quite liked the third move. Hopefully I'll remember it next week. 

To aid memory, let's write it down...  Right handed move.  Grab other hand, turn, step forward on left, step back step forward step back step back step back put ladies hand over shoulder, left hand on small of back, right hand on waist, dip slightly, back up and spin lady by pushing hips.

Wow.   Seems so complicated like that.  Crossed hands turn, half mambo, mambo, lunge, spin.  Easy. 
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Been so busy since June that this is something I've not experienced for a while. 

Will have to go out dancing this evening. 
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It was my mum's 60th Birthday party. She had a Wild West themed party. 

Great fun and it meant I got to introduce [profile] wolfie_sara to everyone.  They all loved her :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)  And she liked them:) :) 

So, as usual with this sort of thing, I rifled through my wardrobe to find a costume.  Leather waistcoat, chinos, fedora, cowboy boots.  Shame I had no holster. Wolfie dressed as a confederate.  As a  reenactor she was dismayed that she didn't have exactly the right hat.  As a costumer, I thought it looked great.

Fantastic party.  Looooaaads of food.  Live music and we had a barn dance with a caller and everything.  Dad running around like crazy getting all the food sorted (I think he enjoyed himself really). Dancing was fun.  People beaing really really bad at it was also quite funny.  Wolfie did well, although was offended that she had to be the girl.  Immediate family all dressed up and so did most of the friends. 

So, all oodles of fun. 
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I seem to be made of fail when it comes to LARPing recently. Lack of organisation prevented me from Maelstrom last time. Waiting for until I was in the same room as potential crew meant I missed out on Serenity. Tiredness after dancing meant I just couldn't find the energy for Brighton Below.

Will make it to next Maelstrom. Does require heading there from Wales as soon as holiday ends but that's not a problem.

So other stuff:

Mionor Wall-E spoilers )
Went dancing with [ profile] ghostpaw and [ profile] flannelcat and some others. Was fun.

Went to HONHOI to take advantage of a robe pattern, and found that they were extremely wasteful with material recommendations. Recommended amount was 5.2m. I had 4m. I had a bit left over. Okay they expected a nap but usually they have a suggested amount for n nap if there's that much difference.

Yeah. That's been my week. kbye.
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After a yoyo variation, an accordian and a catapull, I'm starting to find this is getting a little repetitive.  I'm just not enjoying the dance lessons as much as I once did.  I think I'll cut down and just do enough to keep in practice. 

Resolution #4. find another hobby.
Suggestions are hereby solicited.  [personal profile] pixiequeen10thk has already suggested Tai Chi. 
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I seem to be getting actually quite good at this whole dance thing.  People are even occasionally complementing me.  I'm not used to this.  I'm clumsy and I don't know left from right. 

Tonight's moves -
First Move Roll block.
Left hand comb and duck
Something involving a double handed return, going back to back and then spinning.

I'm sure there's a way to do blocks gracefully, but it always feels like I'm just manhandling my partner. 
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It was Wednesday night.  This means it was Ceroc night.  

Moves were:
Armjive Wurlitzer, 
Short Neckbreak.
Secret Swizzle, wrap and sway.  

Really need more people there. 
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Because I went dancing yesterday.  So hard to get there on Sundays. 

We did turn something or other pull through, sway with a hold, and a wultitzer lean or something like that.

It's not as much fun as it sed to be though.  I'm feeling a little jaded.  Nothing seems to have been as much fun as it should recently though, so I think the problem is me.

Will have to embark on a course of being happy. 


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