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As well as unofficial participantation in NaBloPoMo (where I blog at least one entry per day), I'm also gettingon with my NanoWriMo Rebellion, where I draw some comics.

I still haven't quite worked out what the plot is. Or what era this is set in. I do have a reasonable handle on my character - Penny Pitman, intrepid journalist, with a photographic memory and a tendency towards getting in too deep.

So far I have a load of stuff happens with no real explanation, but I am looking for excuses to do some action. These are a bit scrappy and sketchy  because they're just sketches. I will probably ink over some of the better ones.

At one point she apparently steals a plane. I just quite liked the pose on this one.Pics underneath )

Since I was never talented at drawing and I still am not particularly, I am quite pleased with the way these have come out. Still, I am getting a few pics that I'm reasonably happy about.
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Day 3 of doodling a comic.

Still haven't decided what year this is set in. I prefer the fashions on the 1950's.

And then I get distracted looking at vintage footage on youTube.

Of course I could always set this in a different country. Berlin is a pretty exciting place, and very relevant in the Dieselpunk era.

I really need to work out what this damn story is.
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Well, I have plenty of action. A car chase, a car crash, my hero rushing over and somehow being given a macguffin. No idea what happenedto the other car though. Or what the McGuffin is.

Also I've completely failed to establish who my character is.

Still, this is mainly about getting some drawing done. And actually doing some poses and characterisation. So I shan't worry about whether this is coherent just yet.
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As ever I'm winging this.

As of this morning I had no plan. Hadn't even decided on a basic plot outline, a genre or a setting. I did want to do something based on Captain Fabulous and Minty, but I haven't quite worked out what the premise is there. I really don't know enough about Warhammer to fit them into that.

I do have another character I like though - Plucky reporter Penny Pitman.

That still leaves me lacking a plot, Fortunately I'm making things easier on myself than in the past. Ace Reporters make their own plot.

Doodles so far involve seeing a car chase. And a car crash. Presumably this leads to some sort of McGuffin. And I have no idea what. This does rather depend on the era I'm going for. I quite like the idea of 1920's Dieselpunk. Okay - technically 1920's is slightly pre-Diesel. Mainly I quite like the idea of tying in an Electronic Babbage Engine and some mad scientists.

If I went for the 1930's I could throw in Nazis, which is always a good source for baddies. And 1940's has wartime stuff, and the 1950's has a cold war backdrop.

I just like the 1920's idea! I'm sure the McGuffin could be some sort of difference engine programme, but what? A virus seems too obvious. A cryptosystem might work. What I really need though is a conspiracy. This thing goes all the way to the top!

I think I need to spend some time with some sticky notes.
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I wasn't planning to do Nano this year. I don't have any story that I desperately want to get on paper, and my life is high stress enough as it is. On the other hand, the community is a lot of fun, and I really don't get out a lot. Might expand my social group.

I'd far prefer writing a comic than a novel though. So, on [ profile] masterofapath's [ profile] tictactoepony's suggestion, I shall rebel and do exactly that. Yeah,  Nano! You ain't the boss of me! And, a picture being worth 1000 words, I reckon than means I need 50 pictures, or 49 pictures with 1000 words.

This means I'm in that same dilemma I'm in evey year. What do I want to write?

Nano or not

Oct. 2nd, 2014 03:45 pm
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Nano's starting again soon. Although they haven't wiped the database yet.

I've tried this every year since 2007, with mixed success (lose, win, win, lose, lose, win, lose). Last couple of times it was kinda stressful though and I didn't really have a lot of fun. I also have absolutely no idea what I want to do this time. I have no stories that I'm desperate to tell.

Don't seem to be doing a lot of creative stuff recently. Maybe I should do this just to give my imagination a bit of a kickstart.

But what should I write? Should I perhaps have a stab at the backwards story (Memento, or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind style)? Should I use TVTropes random story generator? Should I just not bother? It was a lot more fun when I had a local community to exchange ideas with. Seems a shame to break my perfect run of attempts, and an attempt with the intention of failing is cheating. If I do that I might as well not bother at all.

Nano day 1

Nov. 1st, 2013 01:02 pm
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Words written: zero

Hi concept: 30 connected stories each approx 1666.67 words long.

Setting: No idea

Genre: No idea.

At least I don't have anything like a social life to et in the way this year.

Maybe I should request prompts.
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The forums have been wiped. Nano is ready for 2013.

For me it is something of a tradition. I have attempted every year since 2008. But the first couple of times, I had a story that I wanted to write. this year I don't. And I know I can churn out 50000 words in 30 days because I've done it before. 3 times. Also there's not much a community for it here.

Just seems such a shame to not join in and break the tradition. of course I do have several unfinished novels that I should really look at. Especially the 2009 one about the modern day Highwaywoman.

So who else is doing it?
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Well, looks like I won, and still have two days to spare

The downside is, unlike previous attempts this is absolutely terrible. While it does have occasional redeeming features - Brian Blessed as a king, a pet mammoth, and an incognito beer swilling princess. The story sucks though and the humorous elements simply aren't.

Still, I get the icon. That's what matters. Next year I think I'll just write Lorem Ipsum.
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Almost. 9 words short.  in 11676 words I can stop rambling about my crappy novel.

Scenes seem to be around 800 -1000 words. This means I need to come up with another 10-12 scenes. I currently have 3 things that need to happen, and this will probably result in another couple of things.

Unexpected things seem to happen.

Other ideas don't work.

Why can't characters do what I want them to rather than carry on with their own life. The rotters!
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Nano - 36088 words puts me a day and a half ahead. I expect I'll be busy this evening

So, I've finally found a small group of my characters that I actually give a damn about. The rest of them have therefore been removed from the story. With extreme violence.

Not totally sure why I'm still bothering with this crappy novel. I think it's because I failed twice. A third time will just be annoying. I have something to prove to myself.
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So, my humourless humorous novel drags on. It seems to be getting there though.

My captain Bligh has resulted in a certain amount of entertainment. I committed the carinal sin of telling, not showing.  I've given him a victim, which adds a lot of personality, reveal the captain to be a total bully, and does justify the mutiny. I think I need to crank that up to 11, but I'm lacking the imagination there.  Adding some superstitions resulted in a moderately funny scene where they actively avoid talking about the weather because that makes the storm a lot worse. The whole "Don't mention the weather" thing needs to be brought to the foreground a bit more.

My current audiobook mentioned a historical character who gave a ministerial position to a rosebush. I feel my mad king will also do something like this.Not sure where I can go with it though.

In other news, met a nice girl on OkCupid...
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So, my plot rambles on. none of it is any good yet.

For a satire, it's remarkably not remotely funny. The only scene that I'm at all pleased with is one where a crazed Captain Bligh punishes a crewman for an imagined theft of a bottle of champagne, Good drama, but not exactly the side splitting hilarity I want. There's no reason not to have humour free dramatic scenes. It provides a good contrast to the comedy moments. I just need some comedy moments to provide a contrast to.

I think this boils down to me not having good characterisation. Normally my characters are based on amalgamations of people I know, or a mix up of common tropes. I just can't see the people I know serving on a starship. I can throw together a crew based of the sort of person who'd do the job I'm after but they're just too competent to be interesting. But I can't work out how to make them less competent without making them distinctly unlikeable. This is great for Bligh, but not for my crew.

There's something about Dad's Army and Terry Pratchett's Night Watch that makes you want to root for them, and makes it still seem believable when they succeed. My characters aren't doing that.

I've already killed off one ships crew. I think I might have to kill off a few of the next batch as well.
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I really should have put more thought into this sooner.

The idea of writing a parody seemed fairly obvious. The Honorverse seemed a good target.

So I came up with a plot and a concept and wrote 2500 words, and it's not bothering to be funny. Nor is it all that interesting. Part of it, I think, is that I don't have the right characters.

I should start again, with a full concept in mind, but the rule of Nano is not to edit.  At least not edit what I've written. So that means I have one other option.

Edit the universe. I think the only option is to blow the ship up, and dump my character on a brand new ship.
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As ever I need to come up with ideas.

So I'm thinking an erotic sci-fi pirate romantic satire with vampires set in a steampunk universe, against the background of the French civil war, with a conspiracy thriller subplot. Aimed at children. Because I can't think of any way to have it relevant to the few remaining genre lounges on the forums.

Maybe not.

A decent satire or parody would be fun but I seem to have trouble finding a target.
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Think Nano's a dead loss.  Didn't manage to motivate myself to do any writing this weekend.   Now I just can't come up with enough ideas, or spin out the ideas I do have for long enough.  Not without completely ripping off actual bond movies, which I don't want to do.

And getting so tired.  I'm just not having fun.  It's become a chore. I feel grumpy and would rather spend the time doing other stuff. especially when other stuff involving such things as going out and eating sushi with friends or cooking dinner for [ profile] estelliane.

So I'll come back to this as and when I feel like it.

Maybe I'll actually try and rough out a plot next year.  Roughing it out at the same time as thinking about what's going on is something my one-track mind can't do.
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Do I actually bother with Nanowrimo this year?

On one hand, so far I've managed about 3000 words.   Ideally I should have managed about 10 times that by now.  On the other hand, I can probably easily knock out another 10000 words at the weekend.  Do I want to?

I do actually rather like the concept.  It's far from original - a blog of a supervillain henchman.  Basically Bridget Jones merged with Austin Powers henchmen.  It is rather good fun to write but I don't really want to rush it.  Plus I'm really a bit short on ideas.  There's not a lot new to say with the ditzy blogger or spy tropes. 

I've done Nano before.  It's a hell of a lot more fun when we have weekly meet up with other earnest strivers.  And I can produce a complete novel.  And I can find time to actually write outside of Nano.  Perhaps I should spend the time actually finishing one of my other stories I've played with. Especially because I quite like one of them.

Must decide whether I want to spend time doing this.
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Honestly, I already doubt I'm going to succeed this year. I finally have a concept - somewhat plot-free and story-light, but it's fun.

My first two attempts yesterday just didn't work.  I had an idea for a collection of amusing fantastical first dates (sort of a date with a superhero, an alien, a time traveller and so on without any remark on how bizarre it all is) but that ran out of steam.  The other one was a concept that's been floating around about pot apocalyptic magicians who know how to use technology. It just seemed to be way too dreary.

So attempt 3 is "Blog of a Henchwoman".  Online diary of a young woman entering the male dominated world of evil villainy. No idea why I keep feeling the need for a fed a female main character, but I rather liked the idea of doing it blog style and given a choice between foolish boy and ditzy girl, the ditzy girl just seemed more likely to have a blog.

Nano 2011

Oct. 31st, 2011 10:05 pm
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That Nano icon is getting a little bit old and crusty.  I could really do with a new one.  Someone did kindly make a "loser" one for us last year, but I don't think I have a copy.

Wondering whether I should try to do it this year.  I'm completely without ideas, apart from a bit of fanfic - a rewrite of Star Wars episode 1, 2, and 3.  I want to avoid that sort of thing.

I just don't have any stories bouncing around itching to be told.  And I do want to finish off a couple of other stories I've been writing, but since I have a this resource of the nano community I feel obliged to make use of it.

Feel free to submit ideas.  Random, useful, and stupid are all appreciated.  I think I'll disappear and scribble random thoughts down in a notebook.
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This is just a long whinge. 

So, this week, I finally managed to get through to Circus Space while they were actually answering the phone, but by the time I got managed all the classes were sold out.  Seem to have missed out on the gorilla circus one day things as well.The awesome purple DMs that I'm sure I saw and wanted for my birthday don't seem to have ever existed any more.  All a bit diappointing.

Really not happy with how my.Nano rewrite is going.  It's better.  I've worked out what the problem is with my dialogue. Now I need to address the suiddenly quite glaring issues with a complete absence of any character in my minor characters.  Seems that everyone my main character meets is a bored bureucrat.  And my heart's no in it.  I should probably take a break and focus on something else.  It's only a hobby.  Why is it becoming a chore?  I feel guilty if I don't spend a lot of time reading as well.  I really can't work out why.  Do I need to justify the investment?  Is it that I identify as a sci-fi geek and feel I should want to?  Why can't I just sit and enjoy these books when I feel like it?

My concern rhere is that I allow myself to stagnate the four evenings a week I'm away.  I spend way too much time surfing the net and arguing with idiots on reddit.  Writing is an actual hobby that I feel is self-improving.  I want to go out and do something and I can't find anything in Welwyn that appeals.  Hell, I should go and visit friends in the vicinity.  They're not too far away. 

Pah!  I'm just rubbish at this life malarky.  I should have a great one but I have no idea how to use it.


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