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Sep. 3rd, 2015 01:00 pm
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[ profile] flickums took me to a restaurant as a Birthday treat. I picked Sesame because it had a nice entry in the guidebook. Very cosy romantic terrace.

Food was delicious! I had a nice asparagus and mint and basil soup followed by slow baked lamb. Flickums had a beef with truffles (I nabbed what I assume is a truffle. Seemed surprisingly not very flavoursome).

Ordered a cake for dessert. Asked if they had candles because it was my birthday. They brought out a little cake with a big sparkler in it!

Finished the evening going back to the cocktail bar by the beach back in Lapad, and had a Sex On The Beach, while lounging in a lounger by the sea, and chilled with flickums.

It was an exhausting day, but really awesome fun. Best birthday ever!
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There's a small but enthusiastic Eurovision fan group here in Berlin! They decided to kick off Eurovision season with Eurovision 1967 - the last time it was hosted in Austria. Some things change, some stay the same. Bar was fully decked out with international flags, including a few from countries that didn't exist in 1967. I love fans of any stripe an colour! These guys were great!

So it started, with the Eurovison fanfare, and the title comes up. It wasn't "The Eurovision Song Contest" back then. Maybe it would have been in English. We had the German language version so the title was in French. Also in Black and White, which was a surprise. Colour TV did exist by that time, and Eurovision is usally pretty technologically forward thinking - it's all about the techies getting to play.

The hostess for the evening reads an introduction in German. Then reads the same introduction in French.
Then in English.
Then in Spanish
Then in Italian

I was a bit worried that we'd hear it again another 8 times (3 languages for Yugoslavia) but instead we had an apology that the hostess didn't have the time to learn those languages. And the contest began. With the Netherlands performing a decidedly Eurovision song with the title "Ring-Dinge-ding". None of the glamour or spectacle we're used to - this is just a song contest. There's an orchestra and each country picks their own conductor. Songs finish. Polite applause fromt he bowtied and black dressed ladies and gentlemen in the audience, and in the 21st century cheering and flag waving!

Highlight of course, was Great Britain. No really - that's not jingoism! Sandy Shaw's "Puppet on a String" was by far the best song of the batch! Our gang even joined in!

Intermissiion as the votes were tabulated. We saw Austria's boys choir or something performing Blue Danube... If you're reading this in 1967, expect to be hearing that a lot next year.

Voting was a slow drawn out process. No excitement in the studio. Plenty in the 21st century tme capsule. Occasional interruption as the people running the scoreboard messed up and it needed to be corrected. Not quite sure how the voting worked. Didn't seem to be any pattern. Puppet on a String was a runaway success getting votes from every country except Spain and Yugoslavia. Did we invade them in 1966 or something?

So anyway, Sandy Shaw won of course. And so she go to perform it again. Except they really didn't think this through. Sandy was still holding the flowers when it was announced she was to sing again. Poor Sandy looks a little panicked as she realises there's nobody to take them from here and hand her a microphone.

The show comes to an end. Our hsotess says "good night" in 1000 languages, but it's onlytwo words so doesn;t take that long. Meanwhile there's a lot of bustle in the background ans people walk past doing whatever the're doing.

Was TV really so unpolished in 1967?

The night ended with some other highlights of Eurovision songs. The 70's adds colour and sparkle and a disco feel. The stage expands in the 80's to accomodate shoulder pads.

Looking forward to 2015. Although I realise it clashes with Fedcon. Curse you fannishness!
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So, it's 2015. No flying cars, or lunar colonies, but I do have a pocket computer, electronic books and indirect access to zeroth generation replicators.

It's been a pleasant week. Flew home from Berlin, bitter about the cockups that meant that Berlin Brandenburg still isn't open. But I got home safely, got in, wrapped presents, left to see friends for Christmas Eve drinks. For complicated reasons which I may go into later, I got invited to a party and the people there were so friendly that it was hard to leave.

Christmas was a nice enough affair. Kids seemed to have a good time. Nephew liked the magic set I got him, after a little coaxing from the grownups. Niece seemed to enjoy the playdoh hair kit. I received a copy of Cash and Guns, a bowler hat, a segway rally voucher, and socks. Plus a chocolate-chilli russian roulette game. Cool stuff. Hat needs an outfit to go with it. Will need to think about that.

Managed to get to Woking for boardgaming and seeing people I'd not seen for ever! That was fun. Needed to get back before it was too late though, so had to adandon the pandemic before it was cured. Aso discovered Pandemic is an intriguing game. Fun times were had.

And then we reached New Year! [ profile] flickums was there!! Hugs were had!!!! There was some other stuff going on as well, but since we hadn't seen each other since August, I did find myself a little distracted. Apparently we're "adorably cute" together.

New year chimed! Got a kiss at midnight (yay!). Then we went out and saw some fireworks! And heard someone ringing a bell and shouting Happy New Year!

Didn't manage to play the russian roulette game. Did chat to other people a bit. It was certainly an awesome New Year party.

Happy NEw Year all. Hope 2015 works for the rest of you!
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These are the voyages of the Starship Artemis Excalibur Maelstrom Mad Dog it's 50 minute mission to wipe out new life and new civilisations.

[ profile] talismancer's birthday party and he hired a hotel function room for us to set up a huge multi-ship game of Starship Artemis.

The heroic crew of the Excalibur joined the Artemis and a bunch of other ships, protecting our fleet from the evil Kralien invaders! Our heroic crew, many of whom had never driven a space ship before leapt into action, and destroyed the invaders. First advance party dispatched, we went on our way to investigate an anomalous anomaly. It turned out to be a black hole. And our somewhat incompetent driver (i.e. me) got a bit too close. Ooops. Fortunately we were resurrected. So was everything else.

The heroic crew of the Maelstrom entered the next fray! As the genius engineer, I actually had very little to do. They didn't suffer nearly enough damage! They needed a lunatic at the helm! [ profile] penguin_worship arrived and took comms.

So for my next tour of duty I acquired the SS Mad Dog! A fine missile boat. No beam weapons but more than enough torpedo tubes. Our comms officer took the weapons station and we dived right in there. it was a tough game. We lost 3 stations near the start leaving just one to try to supply the entire war effort. We leapt into the fray, buzzing those damn Alien Kraliens, firing volleys of missiles at them, until, alas, our energy reserves ran dry, and so did our torpedo tubes. We pulled away and dropped mines, but it was all for nought as we were overwhelmed and outnumbered.

The universe couldn't handle so much awesome as all our ships though, (the server choked on 5 ships), so we were forced to go down to 4. Mad Dog was upgraded to a slower heavier battleship because weapons crews wanted beam weapons. Not nearly as much fun to fly, and nowhere near as capable of harrying the alien scum! But then my mad weapons officer went out the airlock to get a train.

Good fun. Will need to get others to play this.
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It's my birthday. Except I decided I'd shift it to a more convenient day this weekend, so had a nice family meal on Saturday, pub lunch with a friend on Sunday, and had a dull day in on my own today. Even the office was mostly empty with all the non-contractors doing training.

I am continuing my tradition of spending my actual birthday in a different country from the previous year. Last year it was America. Year before it was England but the year before that was Australia:)

Facebook is fully of "Happy Birthdays". Have liked all of them. Sooo many of them:) Nice to have friends.

Will bookend my birthday tomorrow by going to the Amsterdam "Beerup" group and drinking fine beers.
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So - parties! 

Let's talk about Hugo awards first;

WOW!  Some people are so wonderfully dressed.  Was glad I'd chosen the shiny waistcoat and goggles!  And the room was packed!  Just about managed to find a pair of seats thrugh the simple expedient of asking someone to move.  Scalzi was a wonderful toastmaster. 

And after that was the London success party, which was a lot of fun, the Convergence party, and I didn't manage any of the others. 

But some of the other parties on other days were better.  North America Discword had a bar tender who knew her cocktails.  I had a black russian.  The Commonwealth party (New Zealand and Canada joint effort) had a bartender serving Hot buttered Rum and some other interesting drinks.  One was maple-ish. 

Did have one of those converstions with a guy who seemed to have no general knowledge at all.  That was awkward. 

Met an intriguing person who I really wasn't sure what to make of. 

And I met a lovely couple who were dressed as Firefly characters one day and Blade Runner characters the next.  They seemed to take a shine to us as well. 

Dead Dog party next.  Possibly. Closing ceremony first.
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So, after 2 weeks working away from home, I finally manage to have a home cooked meal.  And boy was it a doozy.

It's amazing how things build up.  I had offered to help Estelliane get her car started.  Alas, I didn't have the energy to push start it.  Borrowed some jumper cables from my parents and used them.  Got car started and I get man points for doing so.  Also got lunch for doing so which was a fundamentally broken Eggs Benedict.  Doing it on crumpets was a nice idea, but the eggs were overcooked and you're not meant to cook the hollandaise!  Oh well.  It wasn't actually terrible. 

Plus I always like chatting with Estelliane.  Apparently I need to find a nice Swedish lady:)

Did have to turn down an offer of an burns night event this evening.  Then it turned out I probably could have gone which I feel guilty over but wasn't sure what was going to happen and when today.  More to the point though, I needed some me time.  I also wanted to see parents.  Cousins were visiting.  Thought I'd stop by and say hi. 

Most importantly I'd acquired some venison. 

My roast was the best roast I'd ever done.  Really need to learn to make proper gravy though. 

Rules of a roast - meat needs to be moist and tender.  Still not quite sure how you achieve that but covering it, starting at a high temperature and turning it down a bit afterwards seemed to work.  Also added some butter melted was recommended by some people.  Potatoes - boil them first.  Red cabbage - braise it!  Lots of recipes online.  My potatoes were the crispiest spuds ever.  And the meat had plenty of juices to add to the gravy.

Served with a Rioja and was all perfect.

I now have leftover venison.  No idea what to do with that.
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[ profile] lordofthewheel and [ profile] nayela's party.  Since it was a loud and raucous crown, it involved loudly and raucously sitting around, chatting, geeking and frothing, mainly about LARP. 

Then I had to return.  And for the dullest of reasons; I have to get ready for work tomorrow.  Ironing. 

I had a lot of fun.  Won at Powergrid.  Did remarkably badly at Smallworld.  Interestingly, although the game is essentially Vinci, applying my Vinci tactics simply didn't work.  The civilisation combinations as well balanced (which is actually sensible.  There's a self balancing mechanism).  Empires in decline are a lot more powerful, or at least my ghoulish empire was.  I was in the slight dilemma though that if I were to keep going, I'd do better but I'd have two turns of doing nothing.  Will have to have a few more goes at this game to see if I like it.

was hoping to be able to visit [info]lemming_man and [info]omylouse, but alas they decided to have a social life.  

Ate lots of food.  Drank some of the dragons breath that [ profile] penguin_worship got me for my birthday!  Nice stuff with an amazing bottle. 

Wish I didn't have to go home:(
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[ profile] cath_er_ine had a cocktail party.  I mixed drinks (well, some of them - Vix let me be the bartender despite lack of competence).  I made myself a glass of green!  It was rather fun. There's always a slight problem with this sort of thing that everyone who's actually likely to be interested lives so far apart so there's always the accommodation/travel issue, but we managed.  Attempted to make a snowball but there was no lemonade.  Attempted to make some lemonade, and had some success but it wasn't really a proper snowball.  It did have an essence of lemon cheescake about it.  Created another cocktail based off rum, pineapple and lime, which ended up tasting of Lemon Meringue pie. 

I can't help feeling we're just pretending to be adults though.  This is just dressing up in a cocktail party costume, for the novelty.  Doesn't really matter.  We had fun.  And I got to use my circuit-board cufflinks.  Would have been nice to have more ingredients but enough ingrediants to make everything is horribly expensive.  I wonder if anyone makes a set of smallish bottles of the essentials.

[ profile] lemming_man drove under guidance of [ profile] omylouse.  He seemed to enjoy this. 

I would have slept in the lemming's spare room, except he hasn't go one.  He does have a garden though and I have a tent.  It's really quite comfy.  Getting a little cold though. 
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[ profile] cath_er_ine's last day at work.  I was invited along.

Plan was to go to Chicago's, eat, dance. 

Arrived at Chicago's.  It was shut.  Not open for another half hour.  Went to the bar in another part of the complex.  Went back to Chicago's.  They weren't serving food.  Went to Nando's. 

As a happymeatarian, I rather like Nando's.  While they don't offer free range chicken there is at least a more than adequate veggie selection.  So chatted to cath_er_ine's work colleagues.  Ate food.  Experimented with combinations of bottomless soft drinks.  All was good.  Then we went to Chicago's.  Nobody else was there.  Drinks were very cheap.  Was nice chatting to people.

Don't have the stamina for this.  Also don't get dancing.  However, the main thing is cath_er_ine went to the DJ to ask when he'd be playing decent music.  He said he might play some 90's but prefers modern stuff.  Surely 90's is "modern stuff"

I am officially old.
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I think that was the longest birthday celebration ever.  Startyed last Monday.  Went to Hersmonceux castle for the Mediaval festival.  [ profile] penguin_worship was kind enough to give me a lift.

So we arrived in time for the siege.  It was fun, although the arrows did stop some way short of the castle.  Seems they had no intention of actually killing each other.  Ambled around.  Many friends came, and wished my happy birthday.  Picked up a nice book.  Leather bound funnish spells.  Received various presents.  Cider and Dragon's breath (mead fruit wine blend) and t-shirt and fudge.  Watched some people fighting and other people making stuff.  Ate some pig!  Had lots of fun.

Friday was my actual birthday.  Visited my parents.  Received some DMS (purple FTW!) and a voucher of a sushi making course.  Was competing for attention from my nephew.  Went to Britsol and caught up with some old friends ([ profile] tyrshundr, [ profile] vanir and [ profile] xenaclone managed to make it.  Not as big a crowd as I was hoping but nice to catch up).  Decided to go back the the Washington Hotel.  I quite like it.  Rooms are a bit tatty but they seem to do good service and they're small enough that you get a breakfast cooked to order rather than a buffet. 

Stopped by other friends on the way to Reading.  Some of them were making armour. 

Went to parents for a birthday meal.  Received a present from my brother (replacement Swiss Army card.  I seem to keep losing these at airports).

Meal was onion soup, smoked salmon and avacado, pork in cider, sorbet, cheese and biscuits, pavlova.  All cooked to perfection because my dad does that sort of thing ever so well.

And so onto Sunday where I was still horribly busy.  Met up with Estelliane for lunch, and went to Caroline for pub quiz later.  We won!  Go us!  Actually I think they miscounted...  Was quite please with our epic performance on the AI voices round.  Mr Smith was a slightly tricky one.  Queeg (from Red Dwarf) required a bit of dredging my braincells.  The real sneaky one was Pod from Snog Marry Avoid - team effort from me and teammate.  Not sure if I should be proud of that one.
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Okay - so let's go to the Lasndowne.  Will be there from 6ish. 

Friday 2nd September.

Text me on 07833592472 if you can't find me

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So, who else is going to the medieval festival at Herstmonceux Castle on Monday

Can I have a lift?

Or have plans here evaporated?
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So have decided to hijack the Medieval Festival at Herstmonceux Castle for my birthday celebration.  Monday 29th.   If anyone else would like to come along, that would be awesome.

That still leaves 2nd September to do something.  This would be a Friday.  Am strongly tempted to go to Bristol.  If I do would anyone else like to go for a drink or 12?

Bristolians?  Are any of you still there?

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Have decided I'll try and do something on the bank holiday Monday.

I considered just going to the beach.  Given the recent weather, I don't think that's a good idea. 

All I want to do is mark the occasion and spend time with a bunch of friends.  Anyone have any thoughts?
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It's 13 months until my 36th birthday.  Wait!  That means I have a birthday in a month!

Should do something to mark the occasion.  I just don't know what.

I'll have to look into taking a day off.  I don't like working on my birthday.  Only ever done it once or twice.  Will anyone be around on Friday 2nd September?

Recent birthdays I've been in another country.  4 out of 5 previous birthdays, I've been to Ireland, Wales, Japan and Australia.  Don't know if I can be in another country this year though. 


So anyway - need plans.  I honestly have no idea what I want to do.  I could do a big party!  Could hire a room above a pub!!  Do a fancy dress thing!!!  Or just go for a meal!!!!  Or leap on Eurostar!!!!!  Spend the day in Brussels!!!!!!  Anyone want to come and sample countless Belgian beers!!!!!!!?

I dunno though.  I'm after ideas. 

I just want to do something.  Something with friends.  That's all that really matters.

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Curious day.

It was [ profile] ghostpaw and [ profile] erestania's combined birthday bash.  I was rather keen to see octopus girl again since the last couple of times we got on rather well, but there was no way I wanted to miss the party.  Felt it was probably a bit too early to introduce her to my friends since she's still of unspecified relationship status. 

Texted suggesting we meet of Friday.  She replied that she was seeing a movie but we could do other plans on Saturday afternoon.  So I suggested plans hoping for a yes/no/how about... type response and heard nothing.  tried calling.  Phone was off.  Tried again later.  Phone rang.  No answer.  Wondering if I should take this as a hint (which seems a bit out of the blue) or to put it down to her general flakiness. 

Ah well.  Went to the party.  Had realised I was going to be a bit late and had arranged my day around that.  Picked up [ profile] eglantinedreams almost got a parking ticket but didn't quite.  Stopped off at a village off-licence and bought a nice looking bottle of alcohol.  Drove to camp site and cars started flashing us and some pedestrians urged us to turn around.  So decided to approach campsite from the other side. Except wasn't able to explain the concept to satnav.  Eglantinedreams suggested atlas might be helpful  Forgot I had one of them.  They're great when tech fails.  So went round the other side and hit the same roadblock.  Turns out that was the entrance we needed. Actually we might have been able to sneak in but didn't quite know where everything was happening so waited fro the road block to be cleared.  Was quite pleased to hear no serious injuries although seemed one of the cars ended up on its side.

Was a little stressed  by the time I got there but soon chilled out. 

It was fun.  And the weather improved!  There was interesting drinks and roast lamb and a ceilidh and people and silliness and people I've not seen for far too long and I had a fantastic time and it was really awesome seeing everyone.  And then there was fire juggling!  And songs!  And it was awesome!

Edit to expand a bit because I'm not talking enough about the party.

The drink was fantastic!  I had some tasty rum drink and some damson wine. 

We were all really bad a ceilidh dancing.  This makes it a lot more entertaining since you have to work out where everyone else is and also there's the risk of serious injury.  Possibly. 

Lots of jugglers.  Fire jugglers!  Including some spooky green fire!  Really need to spend time practising that.

There was a full moon!  Howwwwwwlllllll!

We also had the awesome amount of space from the scholars tent. It's actually bigger than my house.  It's realyl a great tent.  Does require a certain amount of coordination to erect and dismantle but it has space and a  frame so there are no internal poles.

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So, that was the con that was.  And despite excessive tiredness a general level of stress, and not doing all I wanted to do, I had a really good time.

Saw a bit of the talk on fusion before realising that I'm way too tired so collapsed on my bed for an hour.  Sadly this meant missing the Egyptology one which I would have liked to have seen.  Did see the panel on the future of bisexism panel. Was on the Worst SF Show ever panel, (with [ profile] xenaclone , [ profile] blazingskies , and [ profile] emmzi apparently but she looked suprisingly similar to [ profile] gaspodex ) which was in the main hall.  Would have preferred this to be in a smaller room because it's the one where everyone has an opinion. 

Came third in the hall costume competition.  Not bad even though the winner (dressed as Codex from The Guild) managed more votes than second and third place together.  I think I need to show more skin next time. Or maybe acquire a set of breasts.

Final panel was why do we still love B5. 

Then the dead dog party.  Also the Live Cat party. 

It's been a fun weekend.  Looking forward to the next one.
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So, it was another busy weekend.  Seem to be havng many of them.


Went to t'pub.  Somneone had contacted me on OKCupid.  This seems to be happening more often recently.  Sweet French girl who was slightyl geeky and had quirky hobbies including Kendo, falconry and travel. 


My it's complicated came to Brighton.  Went to the beach.  Did the usual amble round brighton I like to do.  Went to The Tea Cosy.  It's changed slighty.  The oh-so-camp gay guys seem to have either sold out or hired another person rather than working those 12 hour days.  Also I didn't have a list of fussy rules (no dunking biscuits, use the sugar tongs, etc) which was what I liked about the place before. Still, had uncomplicated fun. 


Laser tag at Laser Hub in Crawley for [ profile] talismancer and his SO's birthday bash.  I wasn't feeling in a very talky mood, so running around shooting at people worked for me. 

This is a different game when played with gamers, all of whom have developed a certain instinct for tactics and strategy.  Try a tactic.  If it doesn't work we try another tactic. After a while the opposition adapts to those tactics so it's an evolving game.  There was a lot of ad-hoc squad forming and mainly running around shooting at people.    Also pizza.
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That was a fun New Year party!

Theme was Space Pirates and catgirls.  Well, there was no way I was going to be a space pirate!  So, eyeliner, spiky hair, cat ears, goggles, leather waistcoat and leather trousers (bare feet although I did paint my toenails black).  I'm such a tart.  Nice thing about dressing as a cat is people will stroke you. 

For some reason I keep getting accused of being a furvert. 

People dressed ever so well.  They always do for bearhaus things.  I was escorted into the building at phaser point when I arrived.

Drank lots.  Made Pina Colada (not quite got this right.  Too much coconut).  Saw lots of people I don't see much.  Did get a New Year Kiss which was nice. 

So now it's 2011.  And people are trying to work out whether "Twenty-eleven" sounds right or whether it sounds silly.

Returned the following day for tea and sandwiches and to make a token effort in helping clear up.  Attempted to call a friend to bring her along but she didn't answer her phone so I took that as a no.

People said spiky hair was a good look.  Maybe I should do that more often.


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