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Still had a few more hours on the Salzburg card, so we had a look at the Toy museum. It's pretty good, even if it is aimed more at kids than big kids. At first it seemed a bit disappointing since there were three rooms, but then there were another 2 floors that we almost missed. It's very interactive. There's a marble run and a room for constriuction toys. Upstairs are a bunch of more static exhibits, including the He-Man exhibit, which was there to mock us for being old enough to remember. Apparently the slot car racing runs from 3pm to 4pm, but we didn't wait around for that. The top floor has a lot of model railway stuff. Press button to make train go. Quite a nice layout.

After that we went to the science and natural history museum. Lots of hands on stuff. These things are fun, but I do wonder if kids actually learn anything from them. Flickums braved the reptile house, fearing they may have sneaked some spiders in there but it was mostly snakes and actual reptiles.

Finished the day by heading to the palce that does vintage photos. I was the King of Austria, and [ profile] flickums was my lady. I was possibly a bit too smiley for a serious royal, but I'm a naturally smiley person.Olde worlde photoe undere ye cut )
So, time up, we strolled back to the hotel, got a taxi to the airport, and took turns being stressed out an anxious. Me because Salzburg airport was small and crowded; flickums because of scare-o-planes. Still, we found a nice place to sit and at least we had spare space on the plane.

Plane took off. Plane landed. Am only slightly bruised by flick grabbing me.
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Shared on Google+.

Hope this actually works.  Not all that practised with sharing there.
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Seems I have a flickr account.  Have uploaded Redemption 2011 photos.

Am slightly disappointed.  Normally I'm constantly grabbing people and getting them to pose for photos.  I barely got any this time.  And I still don;t know how to use my camera.  The flash is way too bright and had it set on ISO 1600 rather than auto all evening. 

Will need to work out how to rationalise these photos.  I have pictures on flickr, facebook and picassa now as well as my LJ scrapbook.
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Eastercon.  Radisson non-Euclidean hotel. 

Photos here

So I arrived.  I failed to check into a room because I was too early.  Will have to look into that for the next one of these I go to.  I like to be able to land and relax.  

Not sure about the layout.  Not sure about the Radisson Non-Euclidean generally.  It has a lot of space and is easy to get to, but I would have liked a nice lounge-y bar area with lots of real ales and stuff. 

Went to the Master Of The Universe quiz. Won a Million pounds!!!!! (or a chocolate champagne bottle).  Apparently 34 people have played The Doctor.  Trying to work out who.  We have the 11 main ones, Richard Hurndall, and Peter Cushing.  We had the 5 from Curse of Fatal Death, the Valeyard...  No idea who else. 

Checked in after the room was ready but before the big rush W00hoo!

Took an early night. 

Convention top tip - If the hotel has an all you can eat breakfast, then this should be taken literally.  I made sure I had enough to keep me going until dinner. 

So, what was fun? Acting workshop, costume stuff.  Masquerade was nice but there don't seem to be a lot of entries.  Something needs to be done. 

Loved the steampunk ball.  Fantastic costumes.  Tried out my rocket pack.  Seemed a bit wonky though.  Certainly needs a little bit of work.  One of the tanks looks a bit too much like a bottle.  What else can I use for tanks?  Some people wanted a picture of me!  Yay!

Spent a lot of time with no shoes on.  Everyone should try it.  Especially because it reduces electric shocks from the railings.

Wish I'd been feeling in a better mood at the start.  Normally a lot more friendly and outgoing at these things.  Really need to offer more help at the next one
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Wohoo!  25 squids on a new PSU and Angelus is right as rain. 

So that means I can upload photos of Tal and Dave's wedding.  They're on Picassa and on Facebook.
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It's taken a while to get round to posting these.  Hope people like them. 

The Dave T Hobbit and Nicki Wedding of Wagneresque proportions

The Striking Wedding of Dominic and Lucy of the House of Bearcat.

And the geektastic Marriage of Kirsty to Phil


Mar. 8th, 2009 09:48 pm
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Redemption 2009.
Picocon (mosty Destructgion of Dodgy Merchandise)


Aug. 26th, 2008 01:04 pm
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Discworld photos

Also, mum's birthday photos.

Captions are a bit rubbish.  Feel free to suggest better ones. 
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So, here's my favourites of my photos.


The Alhambra

Will have to label them properly at some point.

Photo time

Feb. 26th, 2008 09:17 pm
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A couple of photo galleries. 

Picocon photos Showing the Destruction of Dodgy Merchandise and Fish Fight

Brighton Modelworld photos Showing models.  At Brighton.


Jan. 13th, 2008 04:44 pm
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A selection of photos from around the web because they're cool.  Most of you have probably seen them before


This makes no sense at all

Neither does this

Cats and dogs and mice
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Okay.  Added links to appropriate pics to LARP writeup.  Didn't get as many pictures as I wanted.  People were a bit too busy for posing (and my batteries were dead) so there's just a handful in my album.
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Lets do this in order....

Went to Middle Farm. Bought some Red Rooster (Cider Perry - absolutely delicious) and some Norfolk Mead. For thos who aren't aware of the place, Middle Farm - in the general vicinity of Lewes - is the home of the national Cider and Perry collection. There's a decent write-up in the good cider guide for good reason. Barrels and barrels of Cier and Perry from all around the country as well as a selection of mead and a few bottles of real ale. 

Wandered into Brighton because there were some zombies there.  Tooks lots of photos.  They should be coming up on my picassa album any time soon.

Had to leave fairly soon after though.  It was [personal profile] tictactoepony and [profile] masterofapath's hallowe'en/[profile] cath_er_ine birthday party.  Much fun was had by all.  Party photos are here.  I went as Igor.  One eye purple the other eye green, although it was a bit too dark for people to notice.  Other costumes were America McGee's Alice, Action Man, Shaun of the Dead, Some strange furry critters from Labyrinth, a zombie, a monk, a witch, and a greek goddess.  And I've probvably horribly offended someone by forgetting them. 

I left my camera sitting around.  it seemed to wander about and take lots of pictures of [profile] cath_er_ine's legs.

Had lots of fun.  Wish I had the stamina to stay awake at these things. 
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Okay.  I now have a Picassa account. 

I've spent several hours sorting and cropping photos. 

Here are the Japan ones.

And here are the ones from this weekend.
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Went to Serenity infinity convention.


Sep. 2nd, 2007 09:21 am
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Masquerade was running a bit late. Not even the Japanese can get that to run on time.

I need somewhere better than the lj scrapbook to put my photos. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Only 12 entries. Fantastic Sword display over deliberation time. Nabbed some video before deciding Continuous wind would work better.

Photos will be posted when I get back.

Also wasn't using flash so results are going to be variable.
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