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Because making New Years resolutions in themiddle of winter is for suckers!

So, the goals for this year are as follows

1: Buy a house

2: draw a comic strip.

3: Build a robot

#1 does require that I actually get myself a job or a new contract fairly soon. Still don't know where I want to live. Leicester is convenient for work and for flickums. I just don't know ifd I really like this place. I miss Brighton, but there's no way I can afford to live there.

#2 is one of those things where I just want to be creative! I have my main character and a basic premise. I probably want some sort of a story. And I need to finalise my character designs. And work out how to get a squarrel looking squirrellike.

#3 is actually in progress. I have a lego robot chassis. I have the skills to program Pi-fighter to control it. I don't seem to have the eletronics skills I need. Still having trouble with PNP transistors.
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It's getting close to that time again, whenn I work out what I want to achieve over the year. I'm still pondering if there's more to add to the list, and the specifics.

I haven't actually done this for the past couple of years. I didn't really feel a need. But I do this time. I have two things I want to achieve;

1. Buy a house.
2. Create my webcomic.
3. Build a robot.

#1 is easily measurable. If I have my own house (or flat) by this time next year, I shall consider it a success.

#2 I need to decide what I want to achive. I already have a concept - 1960's space adventure starring Laika the adventure dog. The Russians are the good guys in this. Villains are Nixon the capitalist cat, and a Ace Rimmer type Bald Eagle who needs a name. Haven't quite worked out a publishing schedule or a plot yet. I need to work out what I consider a success. Perhaps I should commit to a single page a week or something. Although I want each edition to be reasonably self contained.

#3 I want to build a ball-balance-bot. Actually I want to build BB-8. I have a wii controller but it doesn't want to talk to my Raspberry Pi. Will probably deal with that this weekend. Or just use an official Nintendo controller; which does work. I also need to work out how to control the motors.And what sort of drive mechanism I should use. Two parallel wheels would be cheap, but less effective than omnidirectional wheels, since the thing would have to turn to handle lateral movement.

I can do this using Lego, which save me effort of actually building the thing. I have no idea how to go about manufacturing this thing. How do you typically connect motors to wheels anyway?
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My aim for this time next year.

  • Be happy.

It's not that I've been particularly unhappy as such. But I've been sort of cruising along in a mood ranging from reasonable content to pretty grumpy. Happiness is something I've been neglecting.

I'm not totally certain how to get from here to there though. I'm not really sure exactly what it is that makes me happy. I seem to have been pretty content when I first started contracting - despite the excessive hours and high stress. Wasn't so happy when I was in Cheltenham, mainly because I was getting very lonely. Going back further, I was really happy when I was with [ profile] sospan_fach. And back further when I first started in the games industry.

I also loved doing the IDP camp stuff. Having to work was such a pain.

So it seems what I really need is to surround myself with awesome people and doing something I actually give a flying something about. Working on a crappy app that I wouldn't buy for a multinational I wouldn't buy from isn't the right career for me.
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That's a poncy impressive title for a bit of navel gazing.

This year my life has been in something of a state of flux. Still, it's been an interesting year, and very different from what I would have imagined a a little over a year ago.

Two important "firsts".

  • Worked in another country

  • Best manned at a wedding

Also escaped from a bit of a rut. Saved up a decent chunk of a deposit for property. Got some experience with Android development. Did a Cabaret thing at a convention. Still failed to have a New Years kiss or celebrate Valentines Day with anyone despite being in a relationship for both of them.

Now I need to work out what I want to achieve this year. Perhaps it's a little too early. Still, usually this is the sort of time I plan new years resolutions. Have to decide where I see myself and what I want from life. Right now I have no idea.
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So, last year I decided I'd do the following:

1. Find another company to contract with. 
2. Go to Australia
3. Find Love
4. Find excuse to wear Link costume again :)

5. Visit friends in Israel. 

And managed 1, 2, 4, 5 and we'll see about #3 but really the lesson I learned is stop taking relationship stuff so seriously.

There was an implicit one year deadline there. 

So I need to work out what I want to do this year.

1. Volunteer for something. 
Because it's fun. Therefore it would have to be something socially useful that I enjoy doing.  Probably

2. Buy a house
Somewhere near a station, with a spare bedroom.

3. Run a role playing game. 
Actually I'd like to run a game of Puppetland with a bunch of people.  If there's another game people are hankering to play, I'd be happy to run it if you don't mind that I'm still sort of feeling my way to work out what works.  I've been wanting to run a game with a bunch of people for years now. 

4. Learn to sing
I just want to get something resembling being in tune.  Actually I think this is the hardest.

5. Finish one of these damn stories
I do have 4 on the go.  I can't claim writer's block for all four of them.  Lack of time just isn't an excuse. 

So that's a good start...  Feel I should add more to the list but I really can't think of anything I really must do.  Perhaps increase my repertoire of recipes.  I do seem to find myself eating the same stuff all the time. 
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I'm a little annoyed that because of vague interview related things I can't do IDP camp this week. 

Last week I mentioned thinking up some goals for the this year.  [ profile] plumsbitch  mentioned the possibility of voluntary work.  Now, I do IDP camp, and that's about it.  That's about 4 days a year.  I should do something else.

Why do I volunteer?  For the same reason I volunteered to spend a couple of hours doing various odd jobs at Worldcon, and why I did a first Aid course.  Partly it's because I get free coffee, but it's mainly because I enjoy doing it.  It's a lot of fun to semi-traumatise* charity workers.  [ profile] penguin_worship's gratitude means a lot as well.  I will meet interesting people.  And yes, I get free coffee.  

So, I enjoy it, and it helps other people.  I should do more.  I have other things I like to do.  Work tends to get in the way.  I can't even do IDP camp because one company or another might want to interview me this week.  I have no idea where I'll be working in three weeks' time, have various hobbies that I like to keep doing, and I have no idea what I want to do. 

Something I enjoy.  Something I can fit around my schedule.  Is there a list of things that I can do?

Activism, and community stuff was mentioned.  It's tricky.  There are a handful of things I care about but nothing that's deeply personal to me.  I think it's important that it is personal.  I'm heterosexual white male middle class and fairly right wing.  I live in a society that's designed for me.  I have certain concerns about freedom of speech, but all I can really think of there is that I should write to my MP regarding the Libel Reform Bill.  So I will do that, because it's important, but it's hardly going to get me out and doing interesting stuff is it?

I wonder if there is something I'll enjoy doing, is useful, fits around my schedule, and provides free coffee.

*We're not allowed to traumertise them.  This is clearly different from traumatising them.
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Last March, I made 5 New Years resolutions, or possibly just goals for the following 12 months. 

Having been to Worldcon in Australia, visited [ profile] tinkerbell1980  in Israel, found another company to contract with and re-used the Link costume, I've achieved 4 of them.  The Fifth of the resolutions was "find love" which I've since realised is something I just don't need to force. 

I also decided that I'd wait the full 12 months before adding new ones.  One of them would have been to place in a convention costume competition, and another would have been to do a first aid course.  The 12 months haven't started and already:
  • I got third place in the hall costume competition at Redemption (Wish I knew who came second).
  • I've booked myself on a St John's First Aid At Work course (it's a bit pricey but it's a really convenient place and time).
Should set my sights a little higher?  

There's not that much I really want to do.  So far I want to learn to sing, learn Android development, and buy a house.  But since I'm doing so well, I'm thinking perhaps become a millionaire might be a good one to add, and would help with the house buying idea.

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Something that often bugs me is that I can't sing.  Even Singstar tells me I'm Tone Deaf.  I really can't carry a tune, and have never had any aptitude.  However, according to the experts, anyone can be taught to sing.  I read a BBC Magazine article about this only the other day, where they do things a little differently to help encourage the singers.  They also have a musical test.  I scored extremely lowin almost everything except beat matching.  I had performance slightly lower than a coin.

I'm tempted to learn.  The problem is I'm a little intimidated.  Most people have some basic ability to hit the right note.  I'm way down near the bottom of the scale.  I'd need someone to teach me who's aware that I need a lot of handholding and confidence building at the start.  I have absolutely no idea where to go for that.

Lack of confidence to get started is a problem for everyone.  I need to get over it but I need to take baby steps at first and I don't know what these steps are.
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While I did claim I wasn't going to make any, I've realised I still have one resolution (okay - more goals than resolutions but it's nice to be organised) I made last March I hadn't completed.  However, this will be achieved before March 10th. 

Just need to find love.  Shall check under the sofa.

Must work out my plans for this year t some point.  No formal list until it feels like spring.  I made thisrule for a reason, but I can start thinking about them.
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For some reason I'm feeling reaonably happy.  I think it's partly because I actually have some control over an aspect of my life.  Do I take a contract extension?  It's about whether I want to rather than whether I need to.  Little things like floods and slippery footpaths (still in pain) worry me less.

So anyway - there are things I want to do:

Karaoke party!  I have Singstar.  It's getting lonely.  It's no fun on your own.
Bad movie party!  I have bad movies.  They're getting lonely.  They're less fun on your own.

Well, I will do this.  Actually it's more about hall costume.  I think I can make a showing in the hall costume contest this year.  I have awesome idea that may be kinda tricky, or I could re-use the Link costume. 

First Aid Course
It is on my To Do list.  I do need a few days off to actually do it. 

Visit Israel
I do want to see you, Tink.  I just don't know when I have time.

Gaming at my place
I could do with a table as well.  That's on my to buy list.  Lack of space limits choice a little. 

Do Something New
No idea what though.  Any suggestions?

Also pondering what my holiday hould be next year.  Given the success of combining holiday with Worldcon, I'm tempted to do the same again.  But which con?  The two good ones are the eurocon in Sweden, or Worldcon in Reno (or one of the big other US cons - Reno's subsidised everything (except gambling) and proximity to SF appeals).

Still have various life issues to resolve.
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I made a new set of New Years resolutions in March.  I think now is a good time to take stock.

1. Find another company to contract with. 
Achieved!  It's nice to know other people like me as well.  The new company is as annoying as the last one but at least I don't feel trapped.

2. Go to Australia
Total success!  3 new stamps in my passport! 

3. Find Love

4. Find excuse to wear Link costume again :)

Wore it at Starfury: Echo-1.  Yay!  Do I re-reuse it at Redemption?  Anyone else planning a fancy dress party?

5. Visit friends in Israel. 
Totally failed to do this so far. They visited me though:)  Did visit a few people I know in Bristol though.  And it's was a long time since I saw [ profile] tyrshundr .

So, I just have two more to complete.  I can sort out a trip to Israel.  Easyjet do some good deals and Luton is easy to get to from Brighton (train takes over an hour but I don't need to change).  Also want to see [ profile] scotiva again.  That will involve finding time and transport to get to Scotland.

So, I just need to meet the girl of my dreams.  Emma is lovely, sweet, geeky, and a knows how to cook.  Sadly she lives on the other side of the world. I may be being a bit choosy here but I really want to meet someone I can actually see more than a couple of times a year.  It would have been nice if there was someone who really wanted to see me when I get back home each weekend.  I have been reminded that some girls think I'm pretty cute.  I always seem to forget that. 


Apr. 7th, 2010 10:50 am
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Finish unpacking.
Go to 99p shop to buy bits.
Sort out accounts.
Meet up with nice albeit somewhat normal seeming girl I met.

This week:
Fix issues with rocket pack.
Chase up potential contracts.
Read up on video compression.

Longer term:
Go to more conventions.
Do more costuming.  Possibly actually win something.
Build more steamy bits and pieces.
Seriously - They all seem to be in September and later though.
Learn to sing.
Finish writing one of these may works in progress.
Fall in love, get married, live happily ever after.
Win a Hugo! (May take a while for this one.  Perhaps I ought to try for a Nobel prize, or Time's Man Of The Year first).

This is a work in progress...  Goals may change. 
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Spring is on its way.  I need to work out some new years resolutions.

Not that last year's lot went down too well.   Still single, still don't have a particularly stable job, can't juggle, didn't start or finish writing what I was writing, no new friends.

Which is a shame.  I managed 2008/2009's quite adequately

So, provisional resolutions )

Added by suggestion )
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Not a list of new years resolutions.  They don't happen until March or April for me.  Still, I feel an urge to work out what I want to achieve this year.
  • Become more established as a contractor.
  • Go to more conventions.
  • Take up Trapeze again.
  • Finish writing these nano novels.
  • Write something else.
  • Read lots.
  • Save up enough money for a deposit for a house.
  • Find another excuse to wear my Link costume.
  • Build a rocket pack (non-working)
  • Run a game of puppetland.
  • Find Love.
  • Travel round the world.
Shouldn't be too hard. 

Edit: In unrelated news, I have acquired socks of many colours to have fun with mismatching.
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1. Cut down on snacking after lunch.
Still not snacking. still hungry

2. Check other jobs in Brighton at least once a month. Accept interviews anywhere reachable.
Never did really manage this.  Doing a bit better now.  Have had a couple of interviews.  Think I probably shouldn't have turned down Creative Assembly. 

3. Visit at least one country I haven't experienced before, by the end of the year.
Went to Spain.  Was oodles of fun.  Will have to work out where to go next year. 

4. Potentially find another hobby.
Writing sounds like fun.  Don't seem to have an aptitude for it though.  I can put down words on paper and make sentences and paragraphs and things.  They're even quite good sentences and paragraphs.  It's coming up with a complete coherent plot that's hard.  Perhaps I shouldo NanoWriMo.  Or alternatively ignore it because it's too proscriptive, and just throw together a story of however many words in whatever time. 

5. Find more local friends.
Success!  Even play Warhammer RPG with them!

6. Stop being single
Sorta managed for a bit.  And I had a great time with [ profile] wolfie_sara for those 3 months or so.  Now I'm single again I'll have to work out what to do.  OKCupid never really seems to have worked out for me though.  Find it very hard to work out something interesting to say.  when ?I do I rarely get a response. 

7. Read more; Read at least 2 books every month.
Managing this, but this is a lot harder than I expected.  I'm sure I sued to be able to manage this.  I mean it's only 3 pages a day or so typically.  That's not a lot.  Imposing a time limit rather ruins it.   Will have to readdress this one. 

So where does that leave me?  I can consider a few of these solved, and therefore replace them with others.  I'll change the rules for reading more.  I need to work on the writing thing.  Is "Become an internationally renowned author by the end of Deember"  too much of a stretch? 

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Resolution #2. Check other jobs in Brighton at least once a month.  Accept interviews anywhere reachable.
An agent set me up with an interview with Creative Assembly.  The guys behind the Total War series. 

As for other resolutions

1. Cut down on snacking after lunch.  Done
3. Travel more.  Went to Malaga, and had a great time.  Will have to try somewhere else
4. Potentially find another hobby. Still not sure what
5. Find more local friends. Getting there.  The roleplayer lot may be a bit too geeky for me thoguh
6. Stop being single.  Managed this one okay. Wasn't expecting to but it's the way these things work. 
7 Read more; Read at least 2 books every month.  Read Duncton Wood and fall of Hyperion this month Hyperion and Temeraire: Throne of Jade last month (and also squeezed in the Enders Game audiobook).  I can't help feeling I'm a slower reader than everyone else though. 

Will have to come up with more of these. 
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After a yoyo variation, an accordian and a catapull, I'm starting to find this is getting a little repetitive.  I'm just not enjoying the dance lessons as much as I once did.  I think I'll cut down and just do enough to keep in practice. 

Resolution #4. find another hobby.
Suggestions are hereby solicited.  [personal profile] pixiequeen10thk has already suggested Tai Chi. 
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So, I'm off for a long weekend in Spain to see the charming [profile] sam_tree in her native land.  Yay!!!

And that's Resolution number 3 (visit another country) nominally ticked off.  Of course, if anyone else wants me to visit them in wherever they are, I'd love to visit them too!

Weekends are filling up pretty damn sharpish again. 
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Just realised I haven't read a book since February.  Really ought to read more. Hence:

Resolution #7 Read more; Read at least 2 books every month.

I am finding a shortage of time but that usually reflects poor time management rather than too much to do.  Besides,there's loads of spare time.  Including the commute. 

Shame I can't actually read per se while commuting since I walk and need to see where I'm going.  Still, anyone know where I can buy audiobooks in a format that will work on my Palm?
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So, anyone in a country other than Britain, the US, South Korea, Japan, Portugal or Ireland want me to visit them? (I've been to a couple of other countries but they don't count because I can barely remember).


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