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It's been a whole year (and a day) since I've officially been going out with [ profile] flickums. I've never been happier! Having a geek girlfriend is awesome!

In that year, we've smooched at new year, snuggled at Redemption, breakfasted at Redemption, enjoyed easter together, seen Brighton together, snuggled at Flick's place and watched heaps of movies, snuggled at my place and seen heaps of movies, been to the cinema many times, eaten at lost of restaurants, eaten meatballs at Ikea, cooked for each other, been to Dubrovnik, celebreated one birthday each, been to Brussels, had a mini-christmas, and smooched at new year.

It's been a good year!
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Another trip to Sheffield to see Flickums. Was so excited I forgot my trousers!

And my washbag.

I did notice my bag felt a little light.

This was a pre-christmas weekend for myself and [ profile] flickums. Spent the weekend watching Christmas tat and Star Wars related tat. And eating turkey.

I drove down to Sheffield. Holly (My satnav) did particularly well, having told me there was a 108 minute delay on the main route, and suggested I took a slightly different route that would only add about 20 minutes (and much less sitting in traffic). Flickums was held up by evil traffic of doom in the city centre, which gave me a chance to pick up needed toiletries. Started off with the exchange of gifts. I received a Raspbery Pi, The Last Of Us, An Orphan Cat T-shirt, and a Jurassic Tea mug. Made a promise to myself not to play with any of them until Christmas. I also received a mystery gift from Nova, but will keep that one until Christmas day. Gifts I gave flickums seemed to go down well despite my taking up more and more of her wall and shelf space. Flickums made stew. A somewhat soupy stew, which we declared was stewp!

Fridays movies: It's A Trap (Family Guy Return of the Jedi). The "Pie Fighters" joke sort of broke me.

Saturday, we watched movies. I played Mass Effect to see what it was like. Looks cool but don't know if I'd get into it. Flickums cooked a Sunday roast (except for the spuds. I did the spuds). Day was mostly spent watchingmovies and snuggling. We didn't leave the house once.

Saturdays Movies:
The Nightmare Before Christmas. The best Hallowe'en/Christmas crossover movie ever! And the songs are still great. I love animation, and this looks absolutely glorious in HD!
Bernard and The Genie. Time has not been that kind to this, to be honest. Still a really sweet funny Christmas special.
Supernatural Christmas special. Yes, where they get fudging tied to the chairs! Oh Fudge!
Die Hard: One of my favourite stealth Christmas movies. Actually there were a few bits i hadn't noticed before. Like weasel-guy was actually cokehead weasel-guy. I have only ever seen it on TV, so I imagine the BBC snipped that bit.

Sunday was more snuggling and movie watching. Fanboys - because it's mandatory viewing. Oh god it's so funny!!! And so many cameos. Also saw some of the Nostalgia Critic Star Wars reviews.

Then we saw Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens! In Imax! I was doubly delighted that they used Dolby 3D rather than the now rather old-fashioned horizontal/vertical polarisation. Dichroic filters FTW! Yes I am a nerd!  Really rather enjoyed it. Still need to ponder views, but I thought it was a lot of fun.

We then had tasty foods at a nearby restaurant, and frothed about Star Wars. And ate more tasty foods. Wanted to watch Free Enterprise to complement Fanboys, although that is really much more a Trekkie show than a Star Wars show. Still, ran out of time. Maybe next time.

Then I had to go home. Booo :(

Why do I always have to go home after seeing flickums?
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[ profile] flickums said I should post about why my girlfriend is so awesome. I don't think she was totally serious, but there's no reason that should stop me.

There are many reasons! After a bried encounter at Nineworld 2014, we saw each other again at New Year. There was New Year kissing. I did keep her up all night (not that way - just by colonising the entire bed somehow), and she was too nice to prod me. But she still seemed to like me. And persuaded me that I really ought to stay at the party a little longer. We've since decided this is the time we actually got together.

I was still living a long way away. The next date was (I think) Redemption. I was on German time and am naturally a morning person. This makes me almost unique amongst geeks. Flickums was getting up at stupid a.m as well, so I had someone to have breakfast with. Other highlights of that weekend was flickums getting very drunk on chocolate wine.

I saw her again at Easter. She took me to York. Despite her lack of interest in trains she took me to the railway museum there (It's a really good railway museum - they even have a series 0 bullet train! She was happy because I was happy.

In August/September, we went on Holiday together. She heroically braved the aeroplane, and got through her fear of flying. And she made sure I hada brilliant time and she had a brilliant time herself. She persuaded me that we should get a room with a blacony overlooking the sea and since we spent every night on the balcony chatting and drinking, it was worth it! It was an absolutley brilliant holiday! Flickums made it brilliant! Also she took me to a really nice restaurant on my birthday, and bought me a T-shirt and was enthusiastic all week! And she really likes good food! There are many fine restraurants in Dubrovnik and we sampled several of them.

When I'm grumpy she's there for me. And she tolerates my terrible jokes. And she is an aswesome cook! Totally fearless in the kitchen.

A few more weeks and we've officially been together for a year!
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Huzzah! Exciting wekend with [ profile] flickums, fireworks and other things beginning with f.

Shame the weathers so grotty. Feeling much of the weekend may involve snuggling in the warm.

Fireworks tonight. Hope it dries up a bit by then,
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So after two weeks away, I was feeling the need to see [ profile] flickums again. Went to Sheffield. Frustrating drive up to sheffield as traffic was terrible then Holly (my satnav) decided to turn her display off. Still, we found our way there. Had hugs and tea which made everything better, and Flickums made me watch The Little Mermaid (Flickums' side of cultural exchange part 2). Cute but a bit girly for my tastes.

Went to the Ladybower reservoir. After a bit of faffing around, going to the wrong reservoir first, realising I need to refuel, Holly taking me to a closed petrol station, but eventually finding the right place. Nice area. I like open water spaces. We then found the Foxhouse pub based on Flickums' recomendation. Holly took us right past it. She really was being a pain this weekend! Pub seemed nice but was kinda empty. Loved getting out of the city. Yorkshire has some awesome roads for driving a sporty car around. Not that Im that adventurous a driver, but still nice.

Finished the day at [ profile] blazingskies's place where we had lemon chicken, watched Logan's Run (my side of cultural exchange part 2), and I waffled with a waffle iron. I'd only ever seen Logan's run on TV. A few bits seemed unfamiliar to me. I gather the TV edits chopped a few bits out.

Sunday was a more relaxed day. Watched Doctor Who. Snuggled lots. Was loaned heaps of old PS1/2/3 games. Strolled to the Botanical gardens. Went back to the pub for a carvery. Pub was very full. And at the end of the meal, so was I!

And the weekend ended too quickly. While I am looking forward to "me time", I want more "flickums time".
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My initial plan for this weekend was to do nothing except watch telly and play video games.

But [ profile] flickums was going to her friends' wedding, and while I had the option of not going, there was hog-roast, and I had a desire to offer her a lift, and keep her company at an event where she knew nobody. Event was a success, an the hog roast was delicious!

Then I developed a plan to visit Ikea and eat meatballs. I wanted some bookshelves. Bookshelves would fit in a teeny tiny car. But then I realised that I also want a chest of drawers, which don't fit. So I rented a van. In hindsight I made mistakes here.

A £26 rental for a van isn't that cheap. Not if you want peace of mind. The excess is £1150. It costs and extra £20 to reduce that. Since the only reason I needed the van was for the chest of drawers, I feel I overpaid a bit.

Ikea was unusually packed. Not sure why. Took ages to find somewhere to park. And idiots in other cars seemed to have no idea where they were going. Found parking spot hunting stressful.

Ikea was also packed. No idea why. Maybe people picking stuff up for university or something. Crowds also cause me stress.

Took a bit long shopping. And Enterprise van rental closes at 4pm on a Saturday. Getting to Ikea, eating, shopping loading, unloading, and refueling meant time was a bit tight. And when we got to the petrol station I couldn't get the bloody cap off. Turned out that I was unlocking it the wrong way. And also I was turning it the wrong way. Managed to get the van back just in time, but was a little anxious.

Flickums solved stress with snuggles and tea, because she's awesome.
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So, I cooked a roast and entertained guests. I've never really been in a position to do that before. Not properly. Was always lacking tables.

I still lack a lot of things. Like utensils for serving food, and something to put the meat on for carving; and I think there's still a problem with the layout of this house, with the kitchen being in a separate timezone from the living room, but I think on the whole it was a success.

It helped that I found a tame butcher who was able to tell me that the lamb I bought was happy meat. [ profile] flickums and other friends (wolfie Alex, and Sarah) seemed to get on very well. Flickums made cake. It was really good! My spuds worked well. The wine the guests brought was fantastic! I have lots of leftover lamb!

There was also much snuggling of flickums and we saw Terminator Genesys. Also saw an episode of Trap Door. Really will have to do a movie review post at some stage.
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Hired a van at the weekend. It was really nice. Brand new, with aircon and a handy reversing indicator. Paid extra for a full tank of fuel, before realising that it was only really worth it if I brought it back almost empty. Surprisingly nice to drive, although I felt I was about to tip over every time I went round a corner. Am actually tempted to get a practical car when I replace Megatroff. Fun though a sports car is, a 10 year old MG is a little shaky.

Went to the storage locker. Loaded what I could into the van. Decided that I didn't absolutely need my DVD collection, especially because I lacked storage for it.

Needed to dash back after a short time at home because Flickums was visiting. Got home late. Went straight to bed. Flickums arrived the next day and in order to prove she is the best girlfriend ever, helped me unload. Was considering moving the living rom to the spare bedroom and the spare bedroom into the living room but way too much hassle. And there was snuggling to do.

Realised I really need more storage. And a coffee table. Also needed food. Flickums suggested that since I had the van, we go to Ikea and get meatballs (thus confirming beyond any doubt that she's the best girlfriend ever!)! The ikea in Leicester turned out to be a figment of Google's imagination. But meatballs had been sugested so we had to get meatballs!

Meatballs were duly eaten. Furnishings were bought. I now have the potential joy of assembling a vast quantity of Ikea furniture.

Been a fun weekend.

We did completely fail to see Starlord and the Raptors. But that can wait.
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I now have Me Time. I should be happy. Sadly this means that [ profile] flickums has had to return home.

We had a lot of fun though. Right from meeting her at the station and being squished to death by hugs until the tearful goodbye.

So after a slight delay caused by my leaving the interior light on, we set off and saw Brighton, went on the pier, wandered through the North Lanes, and Pavilion gardens, had a greasy meal at Kensingtons (actually I just had a cuppa, but Flick had a hefty meal), and went up on the Brighton Wheel to see views of Brighton, with commentary by Steve Coogan.

After that I took Flick on a drive to Devil's Dyke (it's funny because it has "Devil" in the name). Got to take the roof down, so that was fun. Loitered at the Dyke admiring the view.

Since I now have Netflix, we watched an episode of Daredevil.

Flick demonstrated her mad bread making skillz. I showed off my mad Toad in the hole making skillz and my roast spud abilities. Then introduced Flick to the wonder that is Pavlova and, apparently, to Strawberries and Raspberries. Flick now accepts that egg whites do have a use in society.

Went to the sci-fi pub quiz. Flick knew a regular there and he had a mate so that was a team of 4. Round one was Orphan Black. I was the only person on the team that had actually seen the show. After the scores were announced it turned out I was the only person in the pub who had. In the end though, we came second. General Nerdage was unusually hard.

Final day involved lots of snuggling, a stroll to the green where a small fayre was happening, and a meander to the beach. Brother, his gf and daughter were at the fayre. Had a go at the shooting gallery. Flick declared herself to have too many toys so I won a teddy for my niece instead. Flick was too busy admiring other aspects to pay attention to my shooting skill.

Also there has been much snuggling!

I think it's been a successful weekend. Just wish it was longer.
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Curious day.

It was [ profile] ghostpaw and [ profile] erestania's combined birthday bash.  I was rather keen to see octopus girl again since the last couple of times we got on rather well, but there was no way I wanted to miss the party.  Felt it was probably a bit too early to introduce her to my friends since she's still of unspecified relationship status. 

Texted suggesting we meet of Friday.  She replied that she was seeing a movie but we could do other plans on Saturday afternoon.  So I suggested plans hoping for a yes/no/how about... type response and heard nothing.  tried calling.  Phone was off.  Tried again later.  Phone rang.  No answer.  Wondering if I should take this as a hint (which seems a bit out of the blue) or to put it down to her general flakiness. 

Ah well.  Went to the party.  Had realised I was going to be a bit late and had arranged my day around that.  Picked up [ profile] eglantinedreams almost got a parking ticket but didn't quite.  Stopped off at a village off-licence and bought a nice looking bottle of alcohol.  Drove to camp site and cars started flashing us and some pedestrians urged us to turn around.  So decided to approach campsite from the other side. Except wasn't able to explain the concept to satnav.  Eglantinedreams suggested atlas might be helpful  Forgot I had one of them.  They're great when tech fails.  So went round the other side and hit the same roadblock.  Turns out that was the entrance we needed. Actually we might have been able to sneak in but didn't quite know where everything was happening so waited fro the road block to be cleared.  Was quite pleased to hear no serious injuries although seemed one of the cars ended up on its side.

Was a little stressed  by the time I got there but soon chilled out. 

It was fun.  And the weather improved!  There was interesting drinks and roast lamb and a ceilidh and people and silliness and people I've not seen for far too long and I had a fantastic time and it was really awesome seeing everyone.  And then there was fire juggling!  And songs!  And it was awesome!

Edit to expand a bit because I'm not talking enough about the party.

The drink was fantastic!  I had some tasty rum drink and some damson wine. 

We were all really bad a ceilidh dancing.  This makes it a lot more entertaining since you have to work out where everyone else is and also there's the risk of serious injury.  Possibly. 

Lots of jugglers.  Fire jugglers!  Including some spooky green fire!  Really need to spend time practising that.

There was a full moon!  Howwwwwwlllllll!

We also had the awesome amount of space from the scholars tent. It's actually bigger than my house.  It's realyl a great tent.  Does require a certain amount of coordination to erect and dismantle but it has space and a  frame so there are no internal poles.

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So, it was another busy weekend.  Seem to be havng many of them.


Went to t'pub.  Somneone had contacted me on OKCupid.  This seems to be happening more often recently.  Sweet French girl who was slightyl geeky and had quirky hobbies including Kendo, falconry and travel. 


My it's complicated came to Brighton.  Went to the beach.  Did the usual amble round brighton I like to do.  Went to The Tea Cosy.  It's changed slighty.  The oh-so-camp gay guys seem to have either sold out or hired another person rather than working those 12 hour days.  Also I didn't have a list of fussy rules (no dunking biscuits, use the sugar tongs, etc) which was what I liked about the place before. Still, had uncomplicated fun. 


Laser tag at Laser Hub in Crawley for [ profile] talismancer and his SO's birthday bash.  I wasn't feeling in a very talky mood, so running around shooting at people worked for me. 

This is a different game when played with gamers, all of whom have developed a certain instinct for tactics and strategy.  Try a tactic.  If it doesn't work we try another tactic. After a while the opposition adapts to those tactics so it's an evolving game.  There was a lot of ad-hoc squad forming and mainly running around shooting at people.    Also pizza.
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One of the things on The Vote Now Show was the use of the terms "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" sounding kind of adolescent.  "Girlfriend" sounds like she's about 15½. 

So what else do we have? 

"Significant other"?  "Partner"? 

I quite like the term "beau".  A thesaurus gave me "swain" as well.  Don't seem to be appropriate female equivalents of these. 

So what do we have?  "Bird"?  "chick"?  Those will go down well.  "Paramour" has a nice sound to it but implies an illicit relationship.

Personally I like "inamorata" and "inamorato".   Shame nobody uses these enough. 
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I met up with a nice girl today.  We got on okay but there was no sparkage.  Had a nice time, so this is all fine but I'd rally like to know why. 

This isn't a whinge or a whine?  I'm pretty okay with this at the moment.  I'm mainly confused about it.  More to the point it frequently causes me problems and I'd like to be able to solve it.

I'm reasonably good looking, I'm intelligent, can make people laugh, charming, have good prospects, give good hugs and have warm hands and feet.  Often guys with none of these attributes seem to have more luck than me.  Guys with many of them often seem to have less luck than me.  Clearly these factors are completely irrelevant.

I have been asked on a number of occasions how I'm still single.  This is always by girls who are not remotely interested in me.

It's all very odd.

edit: Have added comment screening by request.  If you don't want to be unscreened let me know.


Feb. 4th, 2010 11:40 am
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I'm trying to learn android development.  Finding it hard to get my mind in the game.  Also don't seem to have commitment to job seeking.  Layout stuff is nice XML at least. 

I think I've convinced myself that I'm actually okay with being single for a while.

That said, I have met another person online who seems highly cute.  Then again I've been there before.  Will we just meet up, hug and kiss a bit, and then she'll change her mind and never want to see me again?  Maybe I'm usually just too impatient and rush things. 
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Right.  I have the job more or less sorted out.  Now it's time to sort out this whole being single thing.

I miss being in a relationship.  It was fun.  I want that feeling again. 

Wish I had the faintest idea how to go about it.
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In hindsight...  Might have been a good idea to have told that girl I was leaving and ask for her number.

Edit: context.  was in a pub with Tink and feegle.  Started chatting to (family) group next to us because I thought 20-something daughter had a nice smile.  Tink started falling asleep so thought it would be polite not to force her to stay.  Didn't occur to me until this morning that asking for her number when I left would have made sense. 


Feb. 11th, 2008 01:32 pm
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Things keep reminding it's Valentine's day in a couple of days.  That just makes me feel depressed. 

Think I'll need some anti-valentines day celebration come Thursday. 
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My plans were cancelled.  Stayed at home.  Feeling a bit down as a result. 

Oh, and my dad rang a couple of times on my landline number to find out when he should be in for the telephone repairman.  It took him a while to realise why I wasn't answering.
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I've started to become so wanted.  Majorcan company wanted to give me a second interview.  Sheffield-based Sumo Digital look like they're going to give me the job that I went up for, and LucasArts want to see me regarding a job in San Francisco. 

This would all be a lot nicer if I didn't have a job.  Actually that's not the problem.  I could ignore all of them in that situation (except LucasArts).  The problem is I have no idea whether I'm still going to have a job this time next month.  There's only so long I can keep other people hanging on. 

In other news, I met a very nice girl the other day.  Met online.  Decided to meet up.  Went for a drink.  She liked me enough to go to Moshi Moshi with me.  Not enough to let me pay for her.  Enough to go for another drink.  Not enough to want to make physical contact at all.  Seemed a little unsure of herself.  Sweet girl though.  Will have to see if she wants to meet up again. 
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Online. She lived in Bristol. So did I. Then I moved to London and she to Dover.

gory details )
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