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CBS recently announced there would be a new Star Trek series. And that's about all they said about it, before going off on a tangent about their new pay straming service, proving that Star Trek is still seen as nothing but a cash cow by the studios.

I do wonder what it will be.

I very much expect it to continue in the Prime universe and ignore the JJ Abrams films. Could it be Star Trek: The Next Next Generation? With the same time skip from the original seriesm featuring the Enterprise-J or thereabouts? The time between TNG and now is actually larger than the time between TOS and TNG so it would make some sense. Obviosuly by this time, things will have moved on. Trips to the Delta quadrant will be a 5 minute trip to the shops. The Borg will have to be involved. Although since Voyager Nerfed them so effectively, I can't see them being much cop unless there's some sort of alliance with them.

I'd like to see something a bit different though. Maybe something that isn't centred on one of the Federations top ships. With a crew that isn't meant to be the best. Competent people with good equipment doing their jobs well is not the best way to create drama. Throwing people in at the deep end with inadequate equipment and impossible odds is!

We have a long wait ahead. I guess we'll find out in 2017.
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It's actually been pretty hectic this weekend. 

Did the cocktail party.  This involved doing the essential stuff like stage 1 of laundry, and expenses and stuff before leaving.  Had to leave fairly early.  Also had to pick up a bottle of Creme De Menthe.  aside from the detour this also meant i had to actually struggle through the horror that is Sainsbury's on a Saturday.  And was delayed further by the security device malfunctioning. 

Kept forgetting odds and sods so kept wanting to return.  Driving back home took up rather more of the day than I would have liked. 

Also had to squeeze in a visit to my parents' place because I'd bought a printer and had it delivered there.  They weren't answering their phones!  Old people and technology, honestly... 

I was somewhat annoyed to find that it had a symbol saying it had no USB cable in the box.  Then slightly annoyed to find that it actually did have after I bought one (although the 5 metre cable I have is a lot more useful than the 1,8M one it came with).  Had to get that working...  Actually a lot less stress than the most recent HP printer I tried to install but why must *everything* run something in the system tray!?  Will have to sort something out there.

Needed to do another pile of computer stuff.  Conversion of some files, transferring from Angelus (desktop) to Chianna (netbook).  muych easier since I learned abut sync tools.

Then there was the Geekest Link at the Caroline of Brunswick.  Shame I know nothing about John Carpenter films, horror movie soundtracks, or horror video games.  And couldn't remember my Bufffy lore well enough...  We did abysmally.   Wish some other people could come to Brighton on a First Sunday Of The Month evening for a sci-fi themed pub quiz.  I know nothing of modern video games!
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I actually made it to Serenity this year. Would have been very upset had I missed that.  Car stuff happened and LARP stuff happened.  Food was good too.

Car stuff:

Got to the site.  Overshot the entrance.  Turned round.  There was a funny scraping noise.  Parked.  Noticed the engine undercover which had come unstuck.  Easily resolved by taking it back to the garage that did the service, and the mechanic put it back on with zip ties while I waited.  Works for me. 

Food stuff:

Okay, I'll admit, I wasn't exactly as concerned about the ethics of food as I normally am.  Thing is, normally I'll err on the side of caution.  However, I needed bacon!  And I walked past one evening and the smell of roasting pork was so delicious that I couldn't in good conscience turn that down.  The other main meal was burgers.  Since there was a choice including Roo, Ostrich, and wild boar, they were probably actually free range.

Shame there was no coffee in the NPC area.  Will have to make sure something's done about that next time even if I have to bring my own tea making stuff.  Having to go into character to get some coffee is a hassle especially if you want to chill out after doing something.

LARP stuff:

Serenity is very much a story led system.  I wanted to get some decent roleplaying in so volunteered for one of the major roles for the "Little House on the Prairie" subplot.  I was a gay rancher (Joshua from the "Wayne" family) involved in a relationship with a member of the "Eastwood" family* but was accused of being the father of the child of another member of that family.  Seemed people were a bit unwilling to volunteer for the gay rancher.  Either they didn't want such a big role or they had issue playing gay**.  There were other plots.   I was less involved with them.  I did occasionally play a member of the other family when we went onto the range looking for Joshua.  Never did find the guy.  The players did too good a job of keeping me away from the Eastwoods.  I was looking forward to a shotgun wedding.  Actually I was looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and scrapping.

It's sort of interesting the preconceptions players seem to have about the NPC characters.  Because we live on a ranch they assume we're a bunch of know-nothings.  This conversation seemed to come up a lot:

Player: "You do know where babies come from don't you?"
Joshua (My character): "I live on a ranch!"

I feel I'm getting more into the Rope-laying malarkey.  Hope I did okay.  There was a lot of stuff in the brief that I didn't quite get across.  Also it was important to get across the fact that my character was involved with another guy while also getting across that this is about family feuding, not homophobia.  Other character aspects (like bossing my brother about) seemed to get pushed to the wayside.  I had a lot on my plate. 

The whole improvising things (i.e. making shit up) on the fly is not something that comes naturally to me but I'm getting the hang of it.  It's something that requires a bit of flexibility.  Never anything important.  The key details of family background and relationships are dealt with in the brief.  It's details.  The trivialities.  Someone asks what sort of steers you have.  Well, that's obviously not in the brief, so you gotta make something up quickly.  But you need to make it sound like you know what you're talking about.  And you need to add details that don't mess with other people

The stuff that some people come up with frequently amazes me.  Just little details that they can then pick up and run with.  Like the farm hand who got injured in a fight decided she needed that hand for calving season.  It's nothing hugely important but it gives the rest of us something to work with.  Some people manage to come up with detailed stories from somewhere.

It's good to have an event I enjoy.  And I like crewing.  If things get on top of me I can take time out and go back in as a cockney geeza.

I really have a hankering to do more roleplay. 

Will have to find a game that somebody is running.

* Yes.  It is very Brokeback mountain
** I live in Brighton and hang out with a pretty eclectic crowd.  This tends to wear away your hangups about this sort of thing.
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So, that was the con that was.  And despite excessive tiredness a general level of stress, and not doing all I wanted to do, I had a really good time.

Saw a bit of the talk on fusion before realising that I'm way too tired so collapsed on my bed for an hour.  Sadly this meant missing the Egyptology one which I would have liked to have seen.  Did see the panel on the future of bisexism panel. Was on the Worst SF Show ever panel, (with [ profile] xenaclone , [ profile] blazingskies , and [ profile] emmzi apparently but she looked suprisingly similar to [ profile] gaspodex ) which was in the main hall.  Would have preferred this to be in a smaller room because it's the one where everyone has an opinion. 

Came third in the hall costume competition.  Not bad even though the winner (dressed as Codex from The Guild) managed more votes than second and third place together.  I think I need to show more skin next time. Or maybe acquire a set of breasts.

Final panel was why do we still love B5. 

Then the dead dog party.  Also the Live Cat party. 

It's been a fun weekend.  Looking forward to the next one.
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So, I was on a panel.  The future ain't what it used to be.  Which was one of those delightfully vague panels that could go absolutely anywhere. Took a bit of a shove to get started.  Max made a valiant effort to keep things on track.

So, the hall costume - Silver rocket pack.  Grey jacket, black trousers and boots, black goggles, grey nail varnish, grey snaz over face and hands. 

I was a black and white era rocketman in Greyscale! Which some people just didn't get...  One person did actually spot the Captain Proton influence which was cool.  James Swallow is a Star Trek novelist so I'm actually quite pleased about that.  It was the original idea but the design had diverged way too far.  I received 19 hall costume tokens (each attendee gets three of these and they can give 1, 2, or 3 to their favourite hall costume)!  I don't know if anyone else managed more but I'm happy to have made a decent showing.  And I used coffee tins rather than coke bottles for the fuel tanks.  This means I can lean back on it without crushing it.

It was easily good enough for the masquerade except that needs some material.  Not a lot.  Just a few lines.  Had I a co-conspirator I would have thrown together some bad dialogue but I couldn't think of anything to do by myself.  I really meant to ask [ profile] tinkerbell1980  since she's great at this sort of thing.

Masquerade was great but not enough entries.  Several Chaos entries though, and an absolutely fantastic (non-chaos) Morgana costume from Merlin.  The cabaret was actually rather good.

Went to history of chloroform talk, which was fascinating, Physics of the impossible talk, which sadly ran out of time, the Real Word Biology panel and the Could We Build Kitt panel.

Party theme was Saints and sinners.  Fans liked dressing up but seemed to prefer the convention songs to the themed songs. 

Am still feeling too tired for this but somehow am enjoying myself.
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So...  Seem to have woken up at 6:45.  It's a convention!  I need late night geeking energy! 

Actually feeling a bit head-coldy.  I'm going to have to take it fairly easy this weekend.

So I arrived, yesterday afternoon, satnav found its way through Coventry's road system which proves these things must rely entirely on dark magic.  Arrived, checked in quickly,unpacked  Disapointed that I had a twin room rather than a double but better than a single.  At least I have a spare bed that I can dump everything on rather than the hassle of unpacking. 

Britannia hotel is a little tatty.  Shower head sprays water out the side.  Also have older shower attached to taps that was replaced some time ago which just gets in the way.  Do have wi0fi in room which is not officially offered but my room is in the right place.

Met friends.  Went to bar.  Would have moved but beer was good and friends were in bar.  Actually made it to a panel item - Flogging a dead horse.  Made a decent showing on the pub quiz.  Came third.  Could have come second with a little more confidence in our guesses.  Went to Starship Cool Wall.  Very contentious.  Felt batterries running out.  Dammit brain!  Why do you insist I only need 6 and a half hour's sleep each night?
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Gold arrows are clearly the weapon of choice for Cybermen, but what's the best way to defeat a dalek? 

Your weapons:

Alexie Sayle with Rock And Roll in Revelation of the Daleks?

Ace and a baseball bat?

Godlike powers?

Any others?

Honestly, the Daleks don't need to fear the Doctor. It's the other guys he hangs around with that seem to cause the real problems.
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An often made observation is that Star Wars isn't Science Fiction - it's Fantasy.  This is certainly reasonable.  We have sword fights, The Force is essentially magic, and the basic plot of Star Wars is a standard fantasy hero's journey.  A lowly farmboy becomes a warrior, rescues a princess from the castle, and then rides into battle to defeat the evil empire. It even happened a Long Time ago, as is befitting a fantasy

The flipside of this is Discworld.  Even though it has magic and dragons and a Medieval setting, the rules are much more thoroughly worked out than a lot of hard science fiction.  Right back in The Colour Of Magic, the basic mechanics of Discworld were explained. 

Fantasy and Science fiction are pretty vaguely defined.  Specualtive Fiction fans will often agree with the above defintions but that puts them rather at odds with the mainstream definitions where if it has dragons it's fantasy, and if it has space ships it's science fiction.  Are we just talking about space ships and dragons or the rules that the worlds work under?  The jargon just isn't fit for the purpose.  We add terms such as hard science fiction and soft science fiction, which doesn't really explain things, and "soft science fiction"/"space opera" is often used is slightly sneering tones.  High fantasy and low fantasy are other terms which distinguish Harry Potter from Conan the Barbarian and this clarifies the setting a little but this just gives us 4 boxes, and something like Dragonflight doesn't fit into any of them.

Really we're looking at two axes - on one we have Scientific versus Fantastical, and on the other we have Futuristic versus Mythic, with everything taking an arbitrary position on these lines.  Star Wars goes into the Futuristic Fantastical category, 2001 is the Futuristic Scientific, Discworld probably finds its way into the Mythic Scientific, and Lord Of the Rings is Fantastical Mythic. 

Do these categories work still?  Is mythic actually a counterpoint to futuristic?  And where do alternative histories fit in?  Is Steampunk a version of futurism?  Has Frankenstein shifted from Scientific to fantastical as we learn more about science?

The terminology we use is important to how we think about these things, but I don't really have a conclusion here. 
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Sci-fi meetup.

Beer and Blake's 7 in Bristol.

It's not all Blake's 7.  They're a nice bunch and speak general Sci-fi.  you shgould go along and say "Hi". 

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Dammit.   Still not seen it. 

And going to be in the same room as a bunch of obsessive Sci-fi fans this evening. 

Maybe I need a spolier alert badge.

Star Trek

May. 11th, 2009 09:08 am
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Well, that was cool.

Spilers )

I'm an incurable Trekkie and I don't even want to be cured.  I don't know what it is about Star Trek, but I know I'm not the only one with this level of devotion.  It's something rare about Star Trek.  Trekkies self identify as Trekkies (or Trekkers).  Most fans of other shows see themselves as science fiction fans, and while they have favourites, there's no exclusivity about it.  Apart from Sherlock Holmesfans (who seem to have pretty much invented hardcore fandom), all other fandoms feel like they're just tryingto emulate Star Trek's success. 

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So, my conclusions:

I only like Eliza Dushku when she's playing a bad girl.
Alan Tudyk is Great!
Topher appears to have some character depth.

Spoilers/nitpicks )

So, the show ultimately was watchable. That's about it for me. I honestly don't give a damn whether it gets cancelled or not.

Can we have more Dead Like Me Movies pls.


Star Trek

May. 8th, 2009 12:04 pm
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Well, unless anyone has other plans, I'm going to see this at the Odeon at 20:00 on Sunday. 

Anyone else coming?
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Saturday Morning Watchmen.

Really takes me back to my childhood.

Really hope Dr. Manhatten's not a stick shift. 

New Doctor

Jan. 3rd, 2009 08:20 pm
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I'll join the hordes who would have preferred Paterson Joseph .  Ah well.  I'm sure Matt Smith will be fine.  Seems a little young though. 

Amazingly, the BBC seem to have managed to keep a lid on it until they decided it was time to announce it. 

Doctor Who

Oct. 30th, 2008 10:42 am
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Anyone not seen this yet? (Doctor who casting spoilers)

Spoiler space for those who haven't )

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As mentioned in HONHOI yesterday, and for those who haven't seen it, Everybody kills Hitler....

I'm sure there are a dozen or so people that I told "I'll send you the link".  And I can't remember any of them.  Always happens.

Oh, and [personal profile] tictactoepony, - I think you'll like the [community profile] steamfashion community for all the retro fashion stuff they got going on.
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Alien raiders just passed Gemini!

Possibly the best Japanese Puppet series ever to inspire a song by Brian May is coming out on DVD!

So is The Mysterious Cities of Gold!

Now I'm struggling to find an 80's kid's show that hasn't been released.
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According to the BBC, Arthur C Clarke has died

I guess he wasn't going to live forever.  90 years is a pretty good innings.  It's still sad to see him go. 
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Recent DVD watching has been interesting.  Saw Bablyon 5's "Sleeping in Light" and Buffy's "Surprise"

Sleeping in Light is an odd one.  Did JMS originally plan this ending?  (And if you want to reply, bear in mind that some people on my friends list haven't seen all of B5 yet). No big bombastic conclusion that we tend to expect from Sci-fi shows.  Babylon 5 just said tearful goodbye to us and we went our separate ways. 

I've always rather liked surprise. A couple of aspects work better when you know what's going to happen.  Angel: "What do you want for your birthday?" Buffy: "Surprise me". 

Now B5's finished I have enough time to start watching other stuff.  Yesterday's DVD was Sharpe's Eagle.  One of the problems with virtually never watching ITV is that I miss a couple of good shows.  Never did see Sharpe the first time round. 
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