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I went from having no clue that there was a live production of Jeff Wayne's War Of The World, to really wanting to see it in about 2 seconds flat after [ profile] flickums told me about it.

Of course, getting tickets this late was a little tricky. I could have got good seats, but they would have been expensive and involved sitting several rows away from each other on different sides of the theatre. Fortunately had tickets still. Up in the rafters, on the back row, but there's actually a pretty good view still.

So, the plot. I will mention that there may be spoilers, but I think the statute of limitation there has expired for a book released in 1897. Aliens invade late 19th century Surrey and London, set against the backdrop of Symphonic-Rock, with a very late-70's early 80's synthy feel to it. Lots of people are killed by death rays, which are represented by pyrotechnics. Everyone dies, and people sing about it. Then someone sneezes and the aliens all die.

Is very cool to see it on stage, and see a live orchestra, with all the funky light effects, plus a giant animatronic Martian tripod. And apparently there were some very famous people there that seemed to get a lot of applause at the curtain call. Also pretty awesome that Jeff Wayne was conducting.

Afterwards we went for Chinese food with [ profile] multiclassgeek and [ profile] zoeiona. I had Dim Sum. And it was awesome seeing those guys and their little one again.

The Wyld!

Dec. 7th, 2014 07:17 pm
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My mum and her friend came to see Berlin. It was going to be my mum and my dad but he couldn't make it. Friend of mum is a lot of fun though. She said we should go see a show so, a show we saw.

"The Wyld: Out of the World"

The Friedrichstadt-Palast is a gorgeous theatre. The 1930's decor, the high ceilings, the staircase taking the centre of the ground floor and the singer (singing a lounge version of Britney Spears' Toxic amongst others) gave a sense of a place outside of time.

So we went in. There are no bad seats nnless you're really short. All have a good view of the stage. Started off a little strangely. A guy came on in a crew shirt and seemed to be doing stuff... Then dancers came on and we saw a scene set in a dance studio. Intriguing... Curtains came down and the spectacle started! Dance numbers, acrobatics, and a slightly odd segment with trained poodles. Guys doing tricks on bikes, insanely agile and impossibly strong men tumbling and some silks and trapeze work!

Stage sets included a flying saucer, floating platforms, some amazing lighting effects as the stage twisted and turned.

And the costumes were so good I'm running out of superlatives!

I loved it!
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Welcome to Nightvale has been touring Europe. If you're a fan you almost certainly already knew this. If you're not you probably have no idea what Welcome to Nightvale is. So it's a podcast of a community radio for a small desert town where lots of strange bizarre and downright surreal things happen. Andf they've been doing a live show. Traveling around Europe.

Met a [ profile] chani_atreides and her friends. Really need to see Chani more often... Impressed her friends with my excellent knowledge of German (badly pronouncing the phrase "Er möchte das Baby kidnappen"). We went in. Serats had been reserved upstairs which gave a good view. We then moved to other seats. Still a pretty good view but at the side. Bought myself a t-shirt, and a beer, neither of which have yet killed me.

Despite rail strikes, the cast had made it to Berlin.

So now I know what Cecil looks like. And Meg - the voice of the credits. Cecil is older than I expected, or maybe just balder.

It's a fun show. Essentially just an extended episode, including the weather (by Mary Epworth), with appearances from a few old favourites. No Dispiration music but I rather like Mary Epworth. Seems that they keep the live script up to date with the radio so it made a reference to Carlos being in the Empty Desert, for example. Good fun. A certain amount of audience interaction, and Cecil is really rather at this. Would recommend. Oh. It's finished, and 90% of the people reading this probably saw it. Never mind.

Went to a bar afterwards. Chatted. Chani's s/o is a beer geek. I approve!
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(There are some sorta-spoilers for the book if you're particularly spoiler phobic)

One of the big worldcon events was a production of Tim Powers' "The Anubis Gates". An excellent book about time travel, body swapping, beggars guilds, ancient magic and more.

And the acting was excellent. The body swapping aspect was handled mostly by changing accents. I have no idea whether the guy who played Doyle was American or British.

What I'm less sure about is whether it actually works as a play. It's a pretty complex plot with a lot of threads. I'm not sure of the body swapping stuff would have been all that obvious if I hadn't read the book. The entire Horrabin subplot was just bizarre and shrunk so much that it made no sense even though I had read the book!
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A very sweet fraulein invited me to a Tori Amos concert. I like Tori Amos. Who am I to say no.

Not that I keep up with music. Still, Little Earthquakes was good:)

Turns out it was the first time I've been to a concert. At least in the sense of a big music concert in a proper venue. So that's one more to add to the anti-bucket list. Not that I didn't know what to expect. A warmup band (who did seem extremely small on the big stage), followed by the star performing her songs that we all know and love.

Curious that several people hold up their cameras/cameraphones  to record it. Are they really going to watch it again? Do they think they'll get the same ambience as a live show through a TV screen with a crappy shaky recording? Most odd.

Not sure what the signal was that encouraged everyone to rush to the front for the last song but it seems lots of people did.

Audience reaction suggests the old ones are the favourites. Although we responded pretty well to a cover of The Tide Is High.

Was fun. Tori is still awesome.
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So, one of my friends cancelled on me.  This means I have a spare ticket for Have I Got New For You.

Next Thursday (3rd May) nominal time is 6:45 but if we arrive then we'll not get in.  Best to get there as soon as possible after 6.

So, if you can get to London Waterloo, by 6:00 or shortly after, let me know.  
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I've mentioned the Geek Chic - Science singles - meetup group before.  

This time I went along to Science Show Off.  10 science acts.  Performers have 9 minutes to impress us with science.  We had
  • A talk on rocket science.
  • An experiment to measure gravity.
  • A song about sexual reproduction.
  • A talk on STIs.
  • A talk on geology.
  • A talk on quantum physics and personal relationships
  • A talk about how youTube videos go viral.
  • A ramble about science, Yetis and BRIAN BLESSED!
  • A bohemian rhapsody parody
You know, I can't remember what the other one was about.  Which is a shame, because all 10 of them were great!

And people stayed around after for drinks.  Even some of the women.  

Can't decide if it's my imagination or a nice polish lady seemed to like me.  On one hand, I'm pretty bad at spotting these things but she did seem to show some vague indications, on the other hand, I have low self esteem and she's stunningly pretty.  Should have asked for her number.  Could say hi through the meetup message service.  Trouble with technology is social conventions are so poorly defined.

Really must go along next month.  
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I have 4 tickets again for Have i Got New For You recording on the Thursday 3rd May.  

Anyone wish to join me?  Apparently Jeremy Clarkson is the guest host.  Requirements are that you can get to the ITV studios near Waterloo by 6:30pm

Sold out... Sorry guys
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I don't really have a particularly impressive social life in Welwyn Garden City. Welwyn itself doesn't do a lot to help. recommended London Science and Geek Chic Dating. Not really too concerned with the whole dating thing right now, but this seems mainly a singles social group rather than a dating group so I gave it a go. Next available event was a book swap. Just had to deal with the dilemma of which books can I bear to part with. I'm only really interested in meeting new and interesting people. On the other hand I do have no shelf space. So books selected, I set off and met people.

One of the regulars seemed to be explaining how the moon landings were faked. Still not sure quite how serious he was. Amused though. I did manage to shift three of my books and come back with two new ones.

There does seem to be a bit of an issue with this group, which is the gender balance. Here there was only one woman, although a few had just not managed to come due to genuine issues. Other events there was a 50/50 split, but the women didn't seem interested in the social aspect. The guys are still happy to head to the pub and chat afterwards. That seems a little odd.

The other issue is that the group needs other things to do. The organiser is into astronomy, so there's a bias towards that. This is cool and all, but there have to be other social events. Will be going along to the Science Quiz at the British Library (gender balance issue again though). There must be other things we can do though.

To finish off the "What I did this weekend" aspect of this diary; went to see a production of Wyrd Sisters with [ profile] masterofapath, [ profile] tictactoepony, [ profile] lemming_man and [ profile] omylouse.  It was good but a little flawed.  These are always abridged, but I felt that the witches gifts aspect was important and that was chopped out.


Sep. 14th, 2011 09:16 pm
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A new series of Have I Got News For You is starting next month.

I shall see if I can acquire audience tickets.  Anyone else interested?  And what date would work?  Will require the ability to get to South London, ideally by 6:30pm on a Thursday. 


May. 18th, 2011 10:06 pm
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The Netherlands State Circus!  All the fun of...   uhm actually it wasn't that good. 

The first half had a juggler who had nice ideas but seemed to be at the edge of his expertise.  I've seen far less ambitious performances work better just due to polish.  We had a bubble show and a skipping and an acrobat who was actually quite good.   But really - bubbles?  Skipping?  So yeah.  The first half was a little underwhelming. 

The second half was actually a lot better.  There was a flying trapeze act and another trapeze act and a balancing thing which was all quite good, although when someone has balanced five or six things on the end of a knife held between his teeth, a seventh is a little too predictable.  Even the flying trapeze seemed like it could do with a little more spectacle.  I'd have enjoyed all that a lot more but the first half had managed a bit more wow factor.

So, in summary.  It was all a little less impressive than it might have been. 
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This must have been great to see for real!

Giant marionettes!


May. 19th, 2009 01:05 pm
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As a fan of improvised comedy,  I'd quite like to see these guys tomorrow or next week.

Anywone else want to come?

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I don't seem to be the bottomless pit I used to be.

Went to an All You Can Eat buffet in Leicester with [profile] wolfie_sara and some of her mates. 

They had some food left over afterwards. 

Great place.  Has Chinese and Thai and Indian and Mexican and Italian and some Sushi (not great sushi but okay).  And crepes and waffles and ice cream.  They don't all really go well together so I mostly had Chinese.  I got to use my mad chopstick skillz once I found some chopsticks. 

Was a lovely weekend.  Saw a nice Wallace and Gromit and assorted animation stuff exhibition at the museum.  Saw Leicester.  Went to Forbidden planet and a comics shop.  Spent lots of time snuggling and drinking tea. 
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So yeah.  On Saturday, I went to see Potted Harry Potter. All 7 books condensed to 70 minutes.  [profile] blue_sun_scribe organised the trip and the tickets.   [profile] lemming_man, [personal profile] tictactoepony, [profile] masterofapath came too.

It was great.  Two guys, very low budget, with costumes based on tatty wigs.  Lots of teasing about organising a Quidditch match, which we finally managed for book 4.  Griffindor won. Pah!  Typical.  Really great idea though.  We were all chasers trying to get a beachball between hoops at the sides of the stalls. Two kids were nabbed to be chasers, and one of the guys dressed as the snitch. 

Lots of ad-lib.  Lights go out to illustrate a deluminator.  One of the guys was half way through a chocolate muffin when they came back on.

And it all ended on a musical number. 

Lots of fun. 
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My ex-flatmate-in-law managed to score some tickets to see QI being recorded!  Result! 

Ex-flatmate knew someone who worked at the London Studio, so we get ushered to the front of the queue. Result × 2!!

Ex-flatmate-in-law couldn't come because she had baby to look after so it was just me and ex-flatmate.  Did see them both beforehand though. Met their son.  Had a feeling they'd be popping kids out pretty speedily after getting married. 

Chatted about sci-fi, and apparently there's some karaoke show he's going to be on.  He's a great singer.  He'll probably do okay. 

There was some useful random factlets before it started to keep us amused.  Discovered lots of things about moles.  Also discovered that [profile] squirrel_dreams is a turophile. 

Andy Himilton, Rob Brydon, uhm... that guy I don't really know and Alan Davies learned lots of things about Flags from the always charming and intellectual Stephen Fry.

The show was kind of slow live.  HIGNFY was much quicker paced.  It's the nature of QI to ramble though, and I think Stephen Fry is better at keeping order whereas Paul Merton is better at breaking it. 

Nina Conti

May. 8th, 2008 09:14 am
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So, saw Nina Conti, the ventriloquist at the Komedia last night.  Great fun.  Really funny!.  Had a cute, foul mouthed Monkey. 

Really need to see more of the Brighton Fringe stuff. 

Shame I missed this. Dean Haglund doing improv.  According to Tink, he's pretty good.  There's another showing which I can't make this Saturday.
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So, I got there with plenty of time to go.  Unfortunately I didn't have tickets.  [personal profile] tictactoepony had all the tickets.  She was stuck in a car with [profile] masterofapath and [profile] lemming_man tring to escape from a bus lane...  But they arrived.  and we got in just as the show started. 

Not his best show but a great evening.  Started with some seaside music.  Always nice to have a bit of tailoring to the local crowd.  We had a disposable heckler, "Asda, I ain't gonna be your Bitch", jousting, segway trouser press jousting (and then he went round the room on the segway). a cool alternative soundtrack to Terminator 3, and the jazz version of God Save The Queen.  All a lot of fun!  Not as much cool music type stuff as I'd like. 
Then they insisted on having Fish and Chips.  <sigh>  Brighton has a whole swathe of fine places to eat.  Fish and chips is a cliche from the 1950's.  Brighton is a cultural centre with its own unique heritage and a huge tourist industry.  And we had great fun trying to feed 3 pounds into a car park ticket machine ("if this museum piece doesn't accept your coins...")
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Should be fun.

I promise to swing back to my usual cheerful, slightly weird self who apparently keeps coming across as drunk on MSN. 
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Rocky Horror on Thursday!  Yay!  Went as Brad (Easy costume - a labcoat; all costumes for me are either annoyingly anal or insanely cheap). 

[profile] cath_er_ine was Janet. We had a Columbia, a Rocky and some transvestites as well.  Not a very loud crowd though.  Not sure why.  I would blame Woking but they were much better last time.

I'd taken Friday off.  Turns out there wasn't any need to do this since everyone turned in early.  Could have got home by 12 even on the scenic route.  Still, did have fun milling aound town and saw the new Harry Potter film.  We likes Tonks.  Should be more of her.  Can we have a spin off series about The Order of the Phoenix?  Felt the film worked better than the book.  This is what you get with an editor to whittle away all the surplus elements.

Finished the evning watchin Kinky Boots.  Good film.  Impressive boots.  Has the operative in it:)


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