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Another trip to Sheffield to see Flickums. Was so excited I forgot my trousers!

And my washbag.

I did notice my bag felt a little light.

This was a pre-christmas weekend for myself and [ profile] flickums. Spent the weekend watching Christmas tat and Star Wars related tat. And eating turkey.

I drove down to Sheffield. Holly (My satnav) did particularly well, having told me there was a 108 minute delay on the main route, and suggested I took a slightly different route that would only add about 20 minutes (and much less sitting in traffic). Flickums was held up by evil traffic of doom in the city centre, which gave me a chance to pick up needed toiletries. Started off with the exchange of gifts. I received a Raspbery Pi, The Last Of Us, An Orphan Cat T-shirt, and a Jurassic Tea mug. Made a promise to myself not to play with any of them until Christmas. I also received a mystery gift from Nova, but will keep that one until Christmas day. Gifts I gave flickums seemed to go down well despite my taking up more and more of her wall and shelf space. Flickums made stew. A somewhat soupy stew, which we declared was stewp!

Fridays movies: It's A Trap (Family Guy Return of the Jedi). The "Pie Fighters" joke sort of broke me.

Saturday, we watched movies. I played Mass Effect to see what it was like. Looks cool but don't know if I'd get into it. Flickums cooked a Sunday roast (except for the spuds. I did the spuds). Day was mostly spent watchingmovies and snuggling. We didn't leave the house once.

Saturdays Movies:
The Nightmare Before Christmas. The best Hallowe'en/Christmas crossover movie ever! And the songs are still great. I love animation, and this looks absolutely glorious in HD!
Bernard and The Genie. Time has not been that kind to this, to be honest. Still a really sweet funny Christmas special.
Supernatural Christmas special. Yes, where they get fudging tied to the chairs! Oh Fudge!
Die Hard: One of my favourite stealth Christmas movies. Actually there were a few bits i hadn't noticed before. Like weasel-guy was actually cokehead weasel-guy. I have only ever seen it on TV, so I imagine the BBC snipped that bit.

Sunday was more snuggling and movie watching. Fanboys - because it's mandatory viewing. Oh god it's so funny!!! And so many cameos. Also saw some of the Nostalgia Critic Star Wars reviews.

Then we saw Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens! In Imax! I was doubly delighted that they used Dolby 3D rather than the now rather old-fashioned horizontal/vertical polarisation. Dichroic filters FTW! Yes I am a nerd!  Really rather enjoyed it. Still need to ponder views, but I thought it was a lot of fun.

We then had tasty foods at a nearby restaurant, and frothed about Star Wars. And ate more tasty foods. Wanted to watch Free Enterprise to complement Fanboys, although that is really much more a Trekkie show than a Star Wars show. Still, ran out of time. Maybe next time.

Then I had to go home. Booo :(

Why do I always have to go home after seeing flickums?


Nov. 29th, 2015 05:45 pm
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Another weekend of [ profile] flickums and geekery!

There was a bit of a delayed start because Thunderbird is still in car hospital so I had to get the train. But the people on the train have me tea and biscuits, so it wasn't all bad. And Flickums met me at the station because she's the bestest girlfriend ever. Then made me watch Clue because it is very silly, and has Tim Curry and Christopher Lloyd in it. Dozed off a bit towards the end, so caught up next morning.

Went to the alternative Christmas market and  looked at some alternative Christmas stuff. Saw Mockingjay part 2. It's a pretty good adaptation. I never felt the second and third books were as good as the original.

Went to [ profile] blazingskies' place to watch Doctor Who. We saw City of Death. Actually a pretty good episode, even managing some location work in Paris.

Sunday, watched new Who. It was a little odd.

Then finished off Spirit Of The Tentacle. Which seemed to go pretty well considering I'm new to the GMing thing. Feel I didn't give everyone stuff to do though. Also felt it was a bit too combat heavy. And I really need to learn how the system works properly, but that last one is more about experience. Have some idea of what I need to do when I run a game that I write.


Nov. 26th, 2015 05:22 pm
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Once upon a time this happened on Countdown.

Clever isn't it!

My dad is a fan of this show, and hyper competitive when it comes to the numbers game. When I visit I rtend to watch with him. There's actually some tricks to these, that James Martin used here.

The first trick is a simple one. When you have all 4 large numbers (for those not familiar with the show the large ones are always 25, 50, 75, and 100)  you can combine these to make 2 (50/25 or 100/50), 3 (75/25), 4 (100/25), 5 ((50+75)/25) and a number of other small numbers. The problem with this is you end up using up your big numbers.

What Mr. Martin did here was realise he had 954 from (100+6)*3*(75/25). Not a terrible score, but not perfect. There are the numbers to get the remaining 2 (50/25) but he's already used the 25. Still, we can use that as a start.

952 = (100+6)*3*(75/25)-50/25
or slightly more conveniently
952 = ((100+6)*3*75)/25-50/25

Those who do a lot of manipluating equations will spot something we can do here. We can factor out the 25

952 - ((3*75(100+6) ) - 50 ) / 25

And there you have it. James Martin had no idea what the intermediate number was. He didn't need to. People actually use this sort of trick all the time. It's unusual to do it with such a huge number, but the rules are no different. The real trick is spotting that under the pressure of a 30 second time limit.

For those who prefer the letters game, there's this:

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CBS recently announced there would be a new Star Trek series. And that's about all they said about it, before going off on a tangent about their new pay straming service, proving that Star Trek is still seen as nothing but a cash cow by the studios.

I do wonder what it will be.

I very much expect it to continue in the Prime universe and ignore the JJ Abrams films. Could it be Star Trek: The Next Next Generation? With the same time skip from the original seriesm featuring the Enterprise-J or thereabouts? The time between TNG and now is actually larger than the time between TOS and TNG so it would make some sense. Obviosuly by this time, things will have moved on. Trips to the Delta quadrant will be a 5 minute trip to the shops. The Borg will have to be involved. Although since Voyager Nerfed them so effectively, I can't see them being much cop unless there's some sort of alliance with them.

I'd like to see something a bit different though. Maybe something that isn't centred on one of the Federations top ships. With a crew that isn't meant to be the best. Competent people with good equipment doing their jobs well is not the best way to create drama. Throwing people in at the deep end with inadequate equipment and impossible odds is!

We have a long wait ahead. I guess we'll find out in 2017.
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I was tired of slumming it in 720P land. Also I'd run out of HDMI slots. So I bought myself a new TV.

Went to Richer Sounds. Was delighted that the meter parking ended at 4pm.

Told them what I wanted. Seems the only real option with the number of connectors I want was a smart TV. I don't really need a smart TV. My Fire Stick has all the same functionality, and probably more. So does my PS3. And I don't trust Sony to keep the software updated, or support all the on demand services I might want, especially future ones. On the plus side, Sony Bravias do tend to have decent picture quality, haven't done anythign particularly evil in the past few months, and the 4 HDMI slots is as many as I can hope for.

Also, Richer Sounds were very accommodating. I wanted to see if the box would fit in my car. and the manager helped me. It almost did, so I thought I'd chance it and if not get a taxi back. So I paid, tried manhandling it into my car, and knocked the handbrake off in the process, thus almost rolling into traffic. And the steering wheel was locked. Ooops. Could have been worse. Decided to get a taxi. Asked Richer Sounds manager to call me one, but I ended up hailing one as it went past.

TV set up. I now only have one orphan unconnected device. I also have a huge pile of leftover packaging! And the taxi journey took forever! Was planning to drop TV off and ask drive to turn round but I couldn't be bothered with Leicester City traffic. Decided to set it up. Found that while there are hundreds of apps on it, there's no search facility! Still, it did have enough slots for most of my devices so I don't need them.

Satisfied, I wandered back to pick up my car. Realised I'd misunderstood the parking restrictions and rather than free after 4pm, there's no parking at all after that time. Ooops! I guess I just need to consider the parking ticket part of the price.
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Bought 2 DVDs. The €2 used DVD zone. Needs to be good enough to actually think I might want to watch it and to take up space in luggage. Not so good that I'll be disappointed not to have it on Blu-ray. Went for Chronicle and The Fast annd The Furious. Chronicle is pretty good if you like Faux documentary type things. The Fast and The Furious is pretty stupid. That goes into the very small dumb action movie pile, on top of Underworld. Am wondering if Star Trek (J.J Abrams version) also belongs there. Still not sure how I feel about that movie.

Started reading Temeraire book 7. This is an actual paper paperback made of paper! Temeraire seems to be a bit of an angsty teen these days. He's close to saying "That's so unfair!" and flying off in a sulk.

Papers Please is the best Tedious Bureaucracy based game I've played (Although Anchor has promise if you're a LARPER)

New season of Legend of Korra, Also Sleepy Hollow, Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D are demanding my attention. Atlantis, plus the finale of IT crowd still to watch.

Podcast grabber has been listening to More or Less and The Now Show!

Saw Cabin in the Woods. Impressed how we get a slasher movie, it gets deconstructed, subverted, twisted and turned into a film that still hits all the right notes for a slasher movie! Saw Wreck-it Ralph last week. Disney Studios can do good films rather than the shameless cash-ins they seem to go for.

So much media to consume. It's tough job but somebody's gotta do it!
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So, a series inspired by Sleepy Hollow. It was actually sort of fun, but the pilot seems to have plenty of logical leaps from the characters to establish the premise, and heaps of somewhat forced exposition.

Starts off in the American War of Independence. Ichabod Crane is fighting, chops off a redcoat's head. Wakes up in the modern day.
Spoilers within )
It's a pilot so they need to get all this stuff out of the way. I do think it has potential. Seems like there's a lot of backstory, although there's really no need to dump it all on us in a single episode. I do worry that this might become formulaic very quickly. It has that feel.
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It's that time of year - the time when lots of new TV shows start.

Elementary - America does Sherlock. Sherlock Holmes has moved from England to New York (because everything in America happens in New York). Sherlock is a recovering drug addict. Lucy Liu's Jane Watson is an ex-surgeon now working as a sober partner employed by Sherlock's dad.

Suffers from Americans not being able to write British English properly. We wouldn't call the New York Subway "The Tube".  Not terrible, but there doesn't actually seem to be all that much tying it into Sherlock Holmes. Change the names and it wouldn't be recognisable as Sherlock Holmes.  Certainly not a patch on Sherlock.

Red Dwarf X - Wow! That episode actually made me laugh properly. Not sure if it's up to the standard of earlier series but certainly a lot funnier than 7 or Back To Earth.

Continuum - This one actually started earlier this year, but I seem to have been out of touch. Canadian series about a time traveller cop tracking down terrorists from the future. The terrorists here actually seem to have some oddly understandable motives, although they're clearly bad guys since their tactics are out of proportion.  Was hooked from the start, but my interest waned a little after the premise was established.  Pilot suffers a bit from the problems that a lot of pilots suffer from - the need to introduce all the elements while also providing an actual taster episode.

Revolution - You have to let the improbable premise slide. It's not dwelt on too much. Technology has stopped working. Civilisation has collapsed. 15 years later our heroes are being chased bu the villains because they might now how to get the technology to work.

Regardless of the daftness of the premise, I quite like the concept but the actual implementation annoyed me. Actually the characters annoyed me. Right out of the big book of character clichés. Jaded ex marine, sassy heroine, fat geek, immature kid who wants people to stop treating him as a kid. And the underlying mystery just doesn't seem all that compelling.  Will give it a few more episodes.

Last Resort - I rather enjoyed the pilot. Nuclear submarine gets a suspicious order, which the captain disobeys, finds the entire US military is after them, and so goes rogue and takes over an island. Lots of conflict from the handful of crew who believe the captain is a traitor, from the outside, and from the kingpin who runs the island and isn't too happy about finding someone has parked a nuclear sub on his doorstep. Also hasa side plot about the machinations going on inside Washington.

Also has Dichen Lachman serving drinks:)

Second episode wasn't quite as good, but still worth watching. 
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So, one of my friends cancelled on me.  This means I have a spare ticket for Have I Got New For You.

Next Thursday (3rd May) nominal time is 6:45 but if we arrive then we'll not get in.  Best to get there as soon as possible after 6.

So, if you can get to London Waterloo, by 6:00 or shortly after, let me know.  
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I have 4 tickets again for Have i Got New For You recording on the Thursday 3rd May.  

Anyone wish to join me?  Apparently Jeremy Clarkson is the guest host.  Requirements are that you can get to the ITV studios near Waterloo by 6:30pm

Sold out... Sorry guys
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I caught up with Derren Brown's latest series this weekend.

These shows are getting more manipulative. 

I quite enjoyed Hero at 30000 feet.  [ profile] eglantinedreams disagreed there seeing it as manipulative.  And it was.  I didn't have a that huge problem with that though, since the victim did seem to have a better life as a result.  Trick or Treat was a bit mean (also a bit dishonest) but then the victims knew what they were getting into. 

In The Experiments.  Derren uses the public to try out certain "experiments".  Cuts for length and spoilerage.  If you're reading this on the Facebook feed, or other RSS feed, look away now;

Episode 1: The Assassin )

Episode 2: Remote Control )

Episode 3: The Guilt Trip )

Episode 4: The secret of luck )


Sep. 14th, 2011 09:16 pm
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A new series of Have I Got News For You is starting next month.

I shall see if I can acquire audience tickets.  Anyone else interested?  And what date would work?  Will require the ability to get to South London, ideally by 6:30pm on a Thursday. 
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So, TiVo discontinued their service in the UK, and the programme guide information was gradually evaporating.  There is a fan run alternative programme guide but Virgin offer a TiVo box which has a larger hard disk, 3 tuners, and HD capability, so I figured after a decade it was time to upgrade. 

So, here's a mini review for existing TiVo users.

The new box is actually rather nice.  It still needs to be trained, and doesn't seem to be doing any suggestions yet.  Oddly the remote doesn't have the TiVo logo on it.  The TiVo button says "home".  I have no idea why that is.  I've been playing with it a lot.  One improvement is that the 30 minute cache has been extended to 60 minutes.  The three tuners is good since I never have issues with programmes clashing.  It's nice to have HD capability.  It's actually surprisingly clear when I'm watching 720p.  Wonder if I'd see the difference at 1080p.  Perhaps I should have bought a more expensive telly after all:)

The box has "apps" built in.  iPlayer, youTube, twitter, a photo gallery and a couple of others.  youTube is integrated quite nicely.  Programme information will automatically search for related videos.  Slight oddity is that the various means of getting content are a little oddly distributed. Catch-up/on demand is in the catch-up/on demand menu for most channels but the apps menu for iPlayer and recorded shows are in the "my shows" section.  While the interface is very TiVo-ish it feels a little bolted on.

The search has changed.  TiVo provides full episode guides to programmes and tells you when episodes will be broadcast.  I actually find this harder to use than the series 1.  Can't search by name within a category (or haven't worked out how).  The other minor downgrade is the skip button.  Rather than immediately skipping 30 seconds, it fast forwards by 30 seconds.  I suspect there may be some technical reason for this, perhaps Series 1 encoded time index information and this version records a more-or-less raw stream without time indexing.  Who knows?  Final (?) annoyance is frequent demand for PIN to access programmes recorded after 9 if I want to watch them before 9. 

I do like the new box.  It will take some time for us to get used to each other. 

Must acquire an electric monk at some point.

As for my faithful Gen 1 TiVo  - I really must see about hacking it to use AltEPG. This will involve connecting to the serial port.  This in turn requires making a serial port (TiVo has a jack plug serial connection).  Might have a go at that tomorrow.
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Knightmare's dumbest deaths

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So, finally got round to watching Derren Brown's Hero at 30000 feet.  Yes, I know it was over a month ago, but I was on holiday then and I've only just got fully media'd up.  

Thought it was enjoyable uplifting and convinced me that I really need to focus on turning my life around.  Oh...  Already working on that*.  But it was a good message. 

We learned that with a little positive thinking you too can learn to break into the Police Chief's house, steal a van full of party supplies, escape from a straightjacket and land a plane.

Then I read the Digital Spy forums.  I was amused about how cynical they all are.  Also amused that there seems to be a certain desire amongst everyone to stick to a consensus.  Okay.  Some people think it was faked.  I don't, but I can see their point of view.  Their reasons just seemed weird.  Some of the objections just seemed a little weird.  He wasn't sweating enough, or people talking about how they'd react if they were strapped in a straight jacket on some railway tracks, or their reaction if they saw smoke coming from under the door.  You know what - They're all wrong.  Nobody reacts how they think they'd react. 

Some things do seem a little strange though.  I can buy that he was chosen because he was extremely suggestable, and that explains a lot of his not questioning things that with a little thought seem obvious.  I'm not totally convinced that there was an arbitrary time limit for him to volunteer.  He did seem to have a certain amount of a push from the other "passengers".

Have to wonder how they actually did the train thing safely.  Okay - the train was moving incredibly slowly, and it would have been quite easy to have pulled him up, but it seemed that there wasn't a lot of time to do that.  Also have to wonder what they would have done had he decided not to land the plane.  Would have been a bit of a let down.

*Actually really need to do something different and new and interesting, again...  I'm worried about heading back into that rut.

The Bubble

Mar. 18th, 2010 09:02 pm
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[ profile] hawkida  had some tickets to a recording of The Bubble so invited me along.  A good time was had by all. 

I enjoy this show.  Not totally sure about it though.  There just seems to be something not quite there about it but I can't put my finger on it.  Am looking forward to seeing the broadcast version to see just how many times the word "shithead" is used.


Jan. 17th, 2010 07:00 pm
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Just watched the first two episodes of Glee.

Maybe it's because I'm just a closet lesbian but I'm really rather enjoying it.

Been suffering from Winter rather a lot recently.  Catchy songs and a positive attitude are a really great antidote.
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Wired had an article about shows that should be rebooted.

Their readers suggested their own ideas.

I'm not quite sure their readers quite see the point.  The reason to reboot is if a show is looking tired and dated and worn out but has redeeming aspects.  Firefly is too new for this.  Babylon 5 is a self contained epic Firefly doesn't need a reboot.  It needs to be renewed fro a second season.  Lexx is a timeless clasic that did what it did perfectly. 

The whole thing though reads as a "shows I loved as a kid" list.

Some good ideas there though.  Greatest American Hero was a great series and the Superhero trope is sufficiently timeless that it should work.  Max Headroom - It would be nice to have some decent satire again.  Quantum Leap could work.  All a little too episodic for post 1990's TV though.

Is there a difference between a reboot and a remake?

And why is there no Reboot:)
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An half-season of "meh" episodes of Dollhouse, where I was only watching out of geek duty, and now the show gets cancelled we get episodes where I can't wait to find out what happens next!

Also most recent episode - nice little Firefly reference.

Has anyone ever been in Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse?  (Apart from Joss Whedon, technically).  I'm thinking no. 
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So, had a 12 day week...  Finally fixed all the issues in the software.  Hope they let me have a bash at optimising the texture loading (or at running a separate thread to handle it). 

Was really hoping to be finished with this contract by now.  I mean I guess getting all this extra money is going to be nice, but I'd love to have been able to go to burning of the clocks.

Was really nice to have a day off yesterday.

Still need to find a Christmas present for my mum.

Am starting to enjoy Dollhouse.  It's got really rather good since they cancelled it.  Up until this point, the whole series felt like a mid 80's series with a personality-of-the-week plot.  Wish we could have had all this plot development last year.
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