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I wrote some stuff over the summer. Or to be more accurately, right at the end of summer when the deadlines were suddenly looming.

for [info]unconventionalcourtship I wrote:
Night of the Undead Science Project (1809 words) by paranoidangel
Fandom: Blake's 7
Relationships: Dayna Mellanby/Del Tarrant
Summary: Dayna Mellanby and Del Tarrant's evening turns deadly when some uninvited guests show up at a party - a horde of hungry zombies. The pair is in a fight for their lives when a new, heroic side of Dayna emerges, and she vows to protect Tarrant no matter the cost....

While I was researching this, I found this on Fanlore:

Danya/Tarrant is also usually upbeat, with the two joking with and insulting each other. It may involve an action-adventure plot, or some other excuse for Dayna to make something explode.

Which perfectly describes everything I like about the pairing.

I struggled with what to write for this, despite the summary being perfect. I'm not a fan of zombies, but I couldn't think of an alternative, except maybe for rebels, who don't know who Tarrant and Dayna are. But then Big Finish did that. And then I realised that zombies could be blown up, they stayed.

Originally the second sentence said: a new, heroic side of Dayna emerges. But I just couldn't manage that level of crack. And then I realised I can swap the names, and the fic practically wrote itself after that.

For [info]remixrevival I was assigned to someone who'd written a lot of canons I know, and has a completely different style to me, so I was spoilt for choice. I thought I wasn't going to be able to choose but then I'd read a Harry Potter fic and the next day it occurred to me that maybe Remus's reaction to Sirius announcing he's gay could be different, and therefore change the immediate aftermath.

Coming Out (The Non-Binary Remix) (1206 words) by paranoidangel
Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Relationships: Sirius Black/Remus Lupin
Summary: Sirius and Remus have very different methods of announcing their sexuality.

And then it turns out that [info]lost_spook unexepectedly (although it was probably her turn) got me and cleverly remixed Tea and Biscuits into
Coffee and Crumbs (The Idiot in the Attic Remix) (2145 words) by lost_spook
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005), Sarah Jane Adventures
Characters: Sky Smith, Twelfth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, Mr Smith (Sarah Jane Adventures)
Summary: The Doctor always returns to Bannerman Road at the important moments. It's the timing that's so hard to get right...

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Episode 1552: Critical Mass of Paranoia

Top tip for GMs: Don't do what our GM did here and ask a PC what their hit point total is. Have this info pre-recorded before the game and easily within reach. Keep track of any damage that each PC takes, independently of the players. That way you always know how much more damage they can take without accidentally suffering an unexpected death due to unlucky dice rolls.

In some games, it's fine to let the dice rule, and if a PC dies, that's it. But sometimes you want to take a more story-telling approach and not kill PCs unnecessarily or due to a fluke of statistics. If you know that the fighter only has 12 hit points left, you can subtly modify the orc's critical hit from 15 damage to 11 without disrupting the flow of the game. Being that close to death is dramatic enough - you don't really need to kill the hapless fighter. (Unless of course they got into this mess by doing something stupid, and someone really deserves to die.)

aurilee writes:

Yay! K-2 is back!

I was actually quite worried when I saw that hit, and Bria's face, and the panel of the dead droid. I really didn't want K-2 to die so early.

Thankfully, he didn't! Thanks to some quick thinking by the GM.

I have to say, this GM does roleplay very well. It would have been easier for him just to not have Bria shoot at all, but in this kind of tense situation, accidental friendly fire is something that can easily happen.

Also, K-2 just looks really happy here, and that makes me happy. I look forward to some more combat droid action!

— aurilee

Keybounce writes:

First, would a stick do that much damage to a droid?

Second, I'm looking at this both from the roleplayers' point of view, and from the film point of view. There are clearly two robots in panel eight. So in the actual film, Bria was able to tell the difference between two robots, and identify one as her friend and one as...

How well does she actually know the robot? The robot is partnered with Cassian; she's only seen it briefly. Are we to believe that she was somehow able to identify two nearly identical looking robots, and figure out that one was the one she knew briefly, and the other was a stranger; or is it a case that she just took a random shot and got lucky that she did not kill the partner of the people she's working with?

Just how reliable of a person is this Bria? When her job is to avoid being noticed, she gets noticed; when her job is to talk to someone, she is far too literal and doesn't even realize that the guy is responding literally; she antagonizes Jabba's contacts out of a personal issue; etc.

Seriously, if Cassian does not need her, why not just shoot her? She's now reached the point of being more trouble than she's worth.

Oh right, she is the only one who knows who they're supposed to contact.

She's supposed to know who they're supposed to contact. Supposed to.

This could probably be the trope namer for a bad case of a bad escort mission.

Last Minute Update

44 hit points. 2d6, same as a blaster. A critical. We're talking about rolling a 12, and getting a 4× crit multiplier. On a non-lethal weapon being used to disable.

Was the line "Makes sense to me" or "I see nothing wrong"?

— Keybounce


Popular things

Sep. 23rd, 2017 12:17 pm
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I'm really not good with popular things.

I am sorting out avoiding Star Trek Discovery spoilers at the moment. This is because it's only on Netflix and I plan to only have Netflix for the one free month. So I need to start late in order to get all the episodes into one month. I am only having Netflix for one month because I don't like Netflix because:

  1. It refuses to tell you what's on there until you sign up - what if you signed up and then found there was nothing you wanted to watch? You've then wasted your free month.
  2. Everyone has it.

I've also got annoyed with the amount of Discovery stuff I've been seeing on Twitter and RSS, not that I've been reading it. It makes me feel like everyone is going to watch it, which makes me not want to.

I had the same thing earlier with Strictly, when I saw a stat for how many people watched it two weeks ago. I made me feel like if all those people were watching it, I don't want to be one of them.

It's one of the reasons why I can't stand Converse shoes and you couldn't pay me to wear them. I dislike the way they look anyway, and I wouldn't wear branded clothes or shoes (except DMs if they were cheaper and I wore skirts). But everyone wearing them just makes them that little bit worse.

It's not everything. I wear jeans, I watch Doctor Who, I love Wimbledon. I don't know what the difference is. It's not just coming late to the party - I read A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet and only after that did it seem like everyone was reading/had read it. At which point I wished I hadn't, even though I liked it. It's very irrational. But at least it gives me plenty of thing to try for I've Never Seen Star Wars.

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How to Pose a Photo

Sep. 22nd, 2017 01:00 am
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Posted by Scott Meyer


This comic was inspired by the official portrait of Steve Jobs, in which he holds his hand in a way no human ever does unless they’re getting their official portrait taken.


I think it’s meant to look like he’s thinking deep thoughts, but to me it looks more like he’s deriving pleasure from tugging his own beard hairs. Or, it kind of looks like he’s smelling his own fist, and he recognizes the smell.

This is why I’ve always related more with Bill Gates. In every Picture of Bill Gates, especially the official pictures he posed for, he looks self-conscious and uncomfortable. I suspect he’s often self-conscious and uncomfortable in real life, so the pictures look more genuine. They look bad and awkward, but genuinely bad and awkward.


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Episode 1551: Tonfa Tough

Sep. 21st, 2017 10:19 am
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Episode 1551: Tonfa Tough

The "exotic martial arts weapon badass modifier" is a well known bonus that certain weapons get simply by virtue of not being bog-standard boring old Western European swords, daggers, maces, and similar weapons. Weapons from exotic cultures with curved or wavy blades definitely get a bonus, but the largest bonus is for blunt weapons used as an adjunct to martial arts.

The ultimate progression of this is of course the scrawny, mystical monk who can do twice as much damage by slapping someone with an open palm than a brawny knight can do with a two-handed sword.

Keybounce writes:

We have min-maxing with a stick. "Same as a blaster".

I have known someone who could make a first level RoleMaster character min-maxed to having two +20% modifiers on things that first level characters normally have no modifiers for; this is the same player who made a Champions character with a massive level of Strength (provides a bunch of benefits beyond just physical strength, such as physical defense) combined with Stretching to turn that Strength into a ranged attack.

I wish I could say that we have never seen a stick with a modifier made as strong as a sword. The truth is, I can't tell. My memory isn't good enough to separate what actually happened from the things we joked about.

But I absolutely love the line, "Yep same effect" / "We need to do more testing".

What I am noticing though, is the lack of the <roll>; the lack of hit numbers. Imagine, arguing for bonuses to hit for situation, weapon damage, all sorts of favorable things, and then rolling a two.

I might not remember what I rolled, but I did miss.

Hold on a second - "don't kill anyone", and firing a blaster? And somehow, these blasters are weak enough that they are only doing the damage of a stick? Since when did stun weapon blasters become so common?

— Keybounce

aurilee writes:


This is a great excuse to do basically anything.

You took some food from somebody's plate? You were testing it for poison.

You were pick-pocketing townsfolk at the market? You were testing your dexterity and reflexes after recovering from a severe injury to your hand.

You broke into the estate of a wealthy noble? You were testing his security. (Bonus points if you can convince said noble to compensate you with his fantasy-Italian red carriage.)

The list goes on.

— aurilee


Hallo, Hal-Con!

Sep. 17th, 2017 05:01 am
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Posted by John Kovalic

Hi, gang!

While I’m recovering from Insane Bike Ride 2017 (Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.), I should probably let you know I’ll be at Hal-Con, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, this weekend. The gust list is pretty awesome – come check it out!

Friday, Sept. 22

  • 4 pm – 5 pm Signing, Booth A2
  • 6:00pm – 7:00pm ~ Sketch Battle (Coca-Cola Stage)

Saturday, Sept. 23

  • 12:00pm – 12:45pm ~ Dork Tower and Munckin – A +10 Life in Gaming (Room 301)
  • 1 pm – 2 pm Signing, Booth A2
  • 7:00PM – 9:00pm ~ Stargazer Soiree in Delta Halifax

Sunday, Sept. 24

  • 12:45pm – 1:30pm ~ Creating Fun: Game Creation From Script to Sale (Room 302-3)
  • 1:45 – 2:45 Signing, Booth A2

Hal-Con very generously gave me a table (a2 – about as appropriate for a British-born cartoonist as you could imagine), but I won’t be bringing anything to sell. I’ll post additional times there, though, if you’d like to bring anything along to get signed. Saturday and Sunday I’ll try and be there as soon as the doors open.

Judith and I adore Canada, and it will be great to be back!

Insane Charity Bike Ride 2017 was magnificent. A record-breaker, even! Thank you all!

I’ll try and post a full report soon, but here’s how I spent my Sunday night:


How to Be the Life of the Party

Sep. 20th, 2017 01:00 am
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Posted by Scott Meyer


I almost want to go to the trouble to learn to play the guitar just so that I can play Piano Man on it.

I know this will offend more than one reader who plays their acoustic guitar at parties, but I really do feel that doing so kills the party, or at least puts it on hold until they stop playing. Then again, my primary means of trying to be interesting at parties is by talking, and the guitar makes it hard to do that, so maybe it’s just that the guitarist and I are working at crossed purposes. If only there was a way to combine talking and guitar . . .

I wonder if there’s guitar tablature for One Night in Bangkok, or any of William Shatner’s spoken word pieces. What could be more entertaining at a party than a live acoustic recreation of Shatner’s rendition of Rocket Man?


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Episode 1550: Mech (sic) and Chicken; or Los Pollos Caminos

It's good to have miniatures to help the players visualise enemy forces and battles.

And although improvised figures will do, it's definitely better to have appropriate miniatures.

(Yes, we know the Spanish is terrible and doesn't mean the same thing.)

aurilee writes:

It was the first walker-type! And he apparently had no miniatures.

The poor players, having to use their imaginations while playing a tabletop RPG. Oh the humanity!

And unfortunately, the GM never saw my very, very clever suggestion of gluing some guns onto Timon. So everyone had to suffer through chickens.

With guns.

— aurilee

Keybounce writes:

Something that I never realized before: Chicken miniatures.

There is no movie; this GM actually had chicken walkers, and chicken miniatures.

Chicken. Miniatures.

Never mind the deformed seal-walrus-whatever it was, where do you get chicken miniatures? Are there other farm animals yet to show up?

I find myself wondering, what would a cow standing on two legs like a meerkat look like? (Lorenda? Kria?). Oddly, I have no problem imagining that cow holding a gun.

Looking over the last two comics, I'm realizing the clear advantage of the chicken walkers: they bring in close air support. Easy to tell apart from enemy fire. Easy to tell apart from the kitchen mess.

But the whole design still seems wrong. It still seems too easy to take out one leg, and turn the main body into skeet. (Have we ever seen one of these guys self-destruct? There's always a self-destructing something in movies, right? Toss a grenade in, tie up their legs... do they self destruct? What kind of hum do they make before they go boom? There was a self-destructing speeder in the TV series, but that's not the same.)

So let's look at the soldiers. Last comic, we see a huge number of soldiers appearing with the walker. They spread out in front of the walker. This comic starts with two in the first panel, then has a lot more in the second panel.

So who is killing the soldiers, and why do we not see them shooting? It sure looks like there's a lot of bodies in the center of the last panel, but we don't see them being killed. Presumably, this is just the choice of screen captures. It sure looks like we see a soldier being shot in the last panel. But we don't see who is shooting them at all. Are they really running into a killbox?

Meanwhile, all of the other civilians have gotten out of the way. "Our heroes" are the only ones left to get into trouble.

— Keybounce


How to Act "Manly"

Sep. 18th, 2017 01:00 am
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Posted by Scott Meyer


Nothing is less manly than worrying about whether what you’re doing is manly or not. Picture Clint Eastwood worrying about if what he’s doing is “manly.” I can’t. The man became famous wearing a poncho, and playing a character called “Blondie.” He didn’t worry about if it looked manly. He recognized that he made it look manly by being the one doing it.

John Wayne, on the other hand, did worry about looking manly. He once Gave Kirk Douglas a hard time about playing “effeminate weaklings.” To be fair, that might have been the mental fallout from growing up with the name Marion.


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Stuff and nonsense

Sep. 17th, 2017 03:19 pm
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September seems to be shit month at work at the moment. It's just all been going down at once and involving everything going wrong, leaving late and working at weekends. Yesterday I worked from 9am to 3pm with just a short break for lunch and draping the washing.

I did then use Facetime for the first time yesterday. It turns out to be a bit crap and Skype is better.

Missy is definitely an old lady (she's two next month): she's like herself, only more so. Also, when hamsters get old they drink more and therefore wee more (hamster wee smells, but the poo doesn't). This is definitely currently true of Missy. The worst thing is her tendency to wee where her food store is, so I keep throwing away wet food.

Missy on the sofa

She did turn actually use her brain the other day. A couple of weeks ago when I was cleaning her out, she pouched her food store and left it in her secret food store under my desk drawers that she doesn't think I know about. After I threw away some wet food and she didn't have much left, she went and fetched some from under my desk and put it in her cage.

Aside from attempting (and failing) to keep up with the week's TV and podcasts, I've also been writing. I'm not doing any other ficathons this year aside from Yuletide, so I've been trying to keep writing, because it's hard to start again, once you stop. Also, I had an idea for a long (for me) fic. I currently have 4500 first draft words, some ideas for the next few scenes and only a vague idea of how it's going to end. I am enjoying writing it, so I almost don't care if I actually finish it.

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Latest handsewn dress

Sep. 17th, 2017 12:39 pm
tictactoepony: (wool)
[personal profile] tictactoepony
I finished a dress (and an organza petticoat to go under it) - no longer really in time for Summer weather but have already worn it a few times!
dress )

Episode 1549: Walk This Way

Sep. 17th, 2017 10:11 am
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Episode 1549: Walk This Way

If you want to introduce some plot point to your adventure, try throwing it into the middle of a running battle, instead of just having an NPC talk about it during a social encounter.

Actually it might be interesting to try doing this for all your plot points. You might need a lot of fighting though.

Keybounce writes:

In panel two, did Bria just throw a grenade back at the troopers? Also, that's a pretty darn big explosion.

Now then, containers of large crystals. Are these by any chance Khyber saber crystals? Light saber crystals? Special hyperspace piloting crystals? Solidified spice from sandworm extract?

Were there any chicken walkers in the prequel trilogy? Is this the first appearance of a chicken walker in the Star Wars timeline? And can you imagine a meerkat walker?

Once again, we are reminded that talking is not a free action. The enemy is taking action even while you are trying to figure out what the enemy even is.

Still, does this mean that if you have a large group of four-legged walkers approaching you, that you are on the cow level?

— Keybounce

aurilee writes:

As of writing this annotation, I have had "How Many Toes Does a Fish Have?" (from Tacky the Penguin) stuck in my head for a good 3 hours. And thinking about it now, it's just the tune my dad invented when reading me the book as a kid, so it's entirely possible that I can safely not infect anyone else with the song.

For those not familiar, the ditty goes:

How many toes does a fish have?
How many wings on a cow?
I wonder, yup I wonder

But moving on...

I guess chronologically this is the first "walker-type" machine the GM had introduced. The AT-ATs then would be a case of "these ones are even cooler and scarier because I added more legs!"

As for these walkers, Sally seems to have the most accurate analogy. It definitely looks more like a meerkat. With guns, that is.

If only the GM had some old Lion King figurines lying around, he could have just made a big commando-Timon to terrorise the marketplace.

— aurilee


How to Grow Up

Sep. 15th, 2017 01:00 am
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Posted by Scott Meyer


Yeah, when my brothers and I started taking an interest in pop and rock music, our mother was deeply concerned about what kind of messages the music in question was sending to her impressionable young boys. I understand her concern, but I was primarily listening to Phil Collins. The main message of his work in the ’80s was that when the woman you love eventually dumps you, try your hardest to win her back, by groveling. Not a great message, but it’s pretty much the opposite bad message of the one she was worried about.

She, meanwhile, loved Johnny Paycheck, and played his music constantly around the house. Here are two of her favorites.

15 Beers – An uptempo number about binge drinking because your girlfriend dumped you for a wealthier man.

Billy Bardot – the stirring tale of a group of friends murdering a narcotics officer.


Hey, just so you know, all through the month of September (2017, in case you’re reading this in the far distant future), the Kindle edition (See, in this time period, eBooks are still locked in a format war, and their prices are set differently in different regions, as the global economy has not yet unified under the singular global currency, the “Gleuro.”) of my latest book, Run Program (As of this time, I have not yet written my later works, including the multi-volume series about my as-yet uninvented character, the hard-boiled detective Victor Lamaze. How quaint this primitive version of the world must seem to you.), is on sale in the US for only $1.99.  (Roughly three hundred Gleuro, adjusted for inflation.)

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Episode 1548: Stun of a Gun

Sep. 14th, 2017 10:11 am
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Episode 1548: Stun of a Gun

If you're going to take cover, try taking cover behind something innocuous like a tree or a wall. As opposed to an armed vehicle. That belongs to the other side.

Actually, another good tip is to avoid combat with two other sides, both of them potentially considering you an enemy.

aurilee writes:

When setting your phaser to stun still kills somebody, it's either a tragedy to mourn or just the coolest thing ever.

Although if you're in the Stargate universe, it's really easy to accidentally kill someone instead of stunning them. You just have to hit them one too many times.

Cassian doesn't seem to have a lot of combat experience. I'm starting to think he really is just a pilot. And not one of those science fiction "I'm a pilot which also means I'm really good at fighting and shooting and hand-to-hand combat" kind of pilots.

In contrast, Bria has so far been able to think quickly on her feet, assess a tactical situation and correctly determine why people were shooting guns. We don't know much about her past yet, but from what we've seen, I'd guess she's been in combat situations before, and has considerable experience in the Rebellion.

Speaking of the Rebellion... isn't it plausible that the people attacking an Imperial convoy are Rebels? This could come back to bite Cassian and Bria in the butt.

— aurilee

Keybounce writes:

Stun weapons? Stun Weapons?!?

We've seen a stun weapon once in Star Wars, in the famous Capture The Princess scene. In Da&Dr? #681/#685 make no mention of Princess being captured with a stun weapon. (Although, in fairness, I loved re-reading that scene knowing this was her mother.)

But as I look at the size of that thing—the explosion in the last panel—I cannot help but wonder what normal grenades are like in this world.

Meanwhile, not only are they talking to each other in panel 1 despite being who knows how far apart, somehow Bria manages to get trapped next to the tank. Is this another example of the escort NPC trying to get killed off? It's not "If Bria dies, nothing is lost". That's mission failure, and re-load from last save.

Seriously though: Bria's mission is to avoid attracting attention, and contact someone for the Rebellion. Here she is, attracting as much attention as possible.

I don't know. If this was Groot, I'd be wondering if she was a plant.

— Keybounce


[syndicated profile] basicinstructions_feed

Posted by Scott Meyer


Here it is, the core of the team has assembled! Sure, we’re still missing Mr. Everywhere, and Stabby, but that’s like saying that the Super Friends aren’t really assembled because Robin and Gleek the space monkey aren’t present.

Although, again, I could make the argument that Mr. Everywhere is present, just out of frame, in every panel of the comic.


Hey, just so you know, all through the month of September (2017, in case you’re reading this in the far distant future), the Kindle edition (See, in this time period, eBooks are still locked in a format war, and their prices are set differently in different regions, as the global economy has not yet unified under the singular global currency, the “Gleuro.”) of my latest book, Run Program (As of this time, I have not yet written my later works, including the multi-volume series about my as-yet uninvented character, the hard-boiled detective Victor Lamaze. How quaint this primitive version of the world must seem to you.), is on sale in the US for only $1.99.  (Roughly three hundred Gleuro, adjusted for inflation.)

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Episode 1547: Never Work With Children and NPCs

Many game systems have a skill for Animal Handling. But no skill for Child Handling.

If you're a parent, try throwing some children into the game and watch as non-parent players struggle to figure out how to take care of them in difficult situations.

Keybounce writes:

I really love color management done right. I really hate color management done wrong.

Panel one has a large amount of motion blur. And it sure looks like there is something on Bria's chest. I played around with my video settings again; I found a control on my TV monitor that improves the dark areas without destroying gamma; I used both monitors; I went back and looked at all the prior comics so far.

The only thing I have seen up until now is that there is a clasp holding her robe in place at the top of her chest. There hasn't been a single full-front chest view of her up until now. The details are very hard to make out, but it sure looks like there is some sort of device on the front of her chest. If she was a police officer, I'd think it would be a body-cam; if this was Paranoia, it would be the session recorder. Either way, it's the thing you want to destroy so that your view of what you report back to your superior is the only view.

Motion blur is horrible here. I don't know if JJ Abrams was responsible for this movie or not; I know that people have complained that he needs a steady-cam because of the blur.

Either way, it is really interesting looking at the difference between how the PCs think, and how the NPC thinks. The PCs are busy spending time debating whether or not they should rescue someone, and pointing out just how risky it is for the future to save an unknown person; Bria just gets it done. This scene clearly shows that talking is not a free action.

But I just love how the GM is talking to himself, with the whole "I don't know how to thank you"/"saying thanks would have done it" bit. Bria's line here could have easily come from a PC.

Oh, and I absolutely love the respect level here. "If Bria dies, nothing's lost!".

The bottom line here: The PCs think of NPCs as disposable. I cannot wait to see how the NPCs will dispose of the PCs. We've been told that there's a TPK, and I want to see it happen.

Hmm. So, something I just realized after this stewed for a night: This was only ever supposed to be a one-off campaign. A mini-episode set in the same world. The characters were throw-aways. The players treated their own PCs as throw-aways, just as the PCs are treating the NPCs.

The players aren't respecting their characters, any more than the characters respect the background. I wonder if maybe they wanted to go out with a big "ka-bloom, now lets get back to the real story".

— Keybounce

aurilee writes:

The GM's being pretty snarky with himself there.

And we get to see some further expansion on Pete's PC-first philosophy. He actually can't accept that an NPC could be as important as a PC.

And in the process of the GM getting fed up, we see Bria being the brave hero and Cassian being... indifferent.

From Bria's perspective, Cassian was just twiddling his thumbs while some girl was in the middle of a firefight. I wonder if this will colour Bria's opinion of Cassian going forward?

It does help paint him as a "rebel who only cares for himself and his own goals" though, and the fight with "his conscience" could be him reconsidering his life choices, so I guess that works. Despite the possibility that maybe Annie wasn't intending to play him that way.

Wow, that makes Pete responsible for complex roleplaying!

Amazing things happening here.

— aurilee



Sep. 11th, 2017 07:43 pm
paranoidangel: PA (PA)
[personal profile] paranoidangel

I watched Strictly at the weekend. Well, judging by how long it took me to get through the episode, I actually watched less than a third of it. I can't watch all the celebrities, the same way you get to know the comedians on Taskmaster. But I'm permanently behind on TV and can't watch that much dancing without getting dizzy and/or bored. So I just watched Susan Calman, Richard Coles and Jonnie Peacock.

I found the part where they were drawing out who their partner was quite dull, because the only Pro dancer on there I've heard of is Anton Du Bec. I liked Richard Coles introducing himself because he was hilarious. Does not take himself seriously in the slightest, which I loved. I didn't intend to watch him at all, but him and Susan have been hilarious on Twitter.

I watched the Footloose dance and it ruined my night by making me dizzy. I didn't remember it being that bad, when I tried watching a dance a few years ago. I tried the dance again in the morning on my iPod and I was fine... but I looked away when they spun the camera round. I'd got complacent and forgotten I needed to do that. In future I will watch the dances on my iPod and then skip through the rest of the episode on my PVR.

But of the dance itself, I liked Richard Coles. He looked like he was enjoying himself really hamming it up. And Susan looked like she was just having a really good time. So I am really looking forward to seeing them dance.

On YouTube I found that Claudia Fragapane had been on it. Which I knew at the time and had forgotten. So I watched some of her dances. They did really use her flexibility and she did lots of lifts, because of course she has the balance* to do it. Her dancing generally was pretty good, which is what you'd expect from a gymnast. And yet I preferred Judy Murray's dancing - she might not have done much, but the dances were more fun.

The last one I watched was to Shut Up and Dance - which was the first song I did at Rock Choir. It was a great, fun song and we all loved it. We'd sing it in the breaks. At the end of term we sang through all the songs we'd done that term, and started and ended with that song.

*One of my ballet teachers once told us that lifts weren't about strength they were about balance, and as long as you have that anyone can lift anyone else.

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I really did talk a guy out of proposing to his girlfriend though a complex scavenger hunt. My position was that if she wants to marry you, nothing you do leading up to the actual proposal will be more memorable than the moment you propose. If, on the other hand, she doesn’t want to marry you, you’ve made an already awkward moment more difficult for both of you, because of the effort you put in to planning it, and the fact that she had to figure out a scavenger hunt to get the opportunity to turn you down.

Also, the difficulty level would be an issue. If the scavenger hunt is too easy, the person you’re proposing to might find it insulting. If it’s too hard they may say no out of frustration. If they don’t solve it at all, you’ll have to lead into your proposal with a condescending explanation of the puzzle they couldn’t solve.


Hey, just so you know, all through the month of September (2017, in case you’re reading this in the far distant future), the Kindle edition (See, in this time period, eBooks are still locked in a format war, and their prices are set differently in different regions, as the global economy has not yet unified under the singular global currency, the “Gleuro.”) of my latest book, Run Program (As of this time, I have not yet written my later works, including the multi-volume series about my as-yet uninvented character, the hard-boiled detective Victor Lamaze. How quaint this primitive version of the world must seem to you.), is on sale in the US for only $1.99.  (Roughly three hundred Gleuro, adjusted for inflation.)

As always, thanks for using my Amazon Affiliate links (USUKCanada).


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