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The wonderful Marina visited from the land of Maple syrup. She was visiting Brighton. I'm in Leicester. London seemed a good halfway point.

Met up at the station, and did essential tourist selfies at Buckingham palace. Then we had two-for-one vouchers, so went to Kew. Never been there before.

Before that though, we had to go to the nearby tea-shop and have cream tea! It was partly a re-enactment when we first met, at the Mock Turtle. Scones and clotted cream! And also a strawberry tart. So many tarts to choose from!

Tea dutifully consumed, we went into Kew Gardens. There's a nice treetop walk. Marina braved this with only minimal needling, which meant I didn't get to mock her but we did get a nice troll around the treetops. Sadly one of the big greenhouses was closed, as was the pagoda. Plenty of nice trees and things though, and the various buildings. And the lake. We saw lots of Canada Geese. Marina said hi to her countryfolk. I met a squirrel who was nice enuough to pose for a photo.

Further along was the Palm house. Which had a sign on the door saying "Closes at 5:30pm". It was 5:44. Was disappointed, but ever rebellious, I tried the door anyway. It opened! Yay! And damn is it hot in there! And damp. Adn a magnificent piece of Victorian engineering.

We finished off heading to meet some friends of Marina's for a birthday party. Beer and tasty noms were had and people socialised with. I taught Marina the basics of Cryptic crosswords on the way.

It was a fun day. Will really have to visit Canada some time.

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I went from having no clue that there was a live production of Jeff Wayne's War Of The World, to really wanting to see it in about 2 seconds flat after [ profile] flickums told me about it.

Of course, getting tickets this late was a little tricky. I could have got good seats, but they would have been expensive and involved sitting several rows away from each other on different sides of the theatre. Fortunately had tickets still. Up in the rafters, on the back row, but there's actually a pretty good view still.

So, the plot. I will mention that there may be spoilers, but I think the statute of limitation there has expired for a book released in 1897. Aliens invade late 19th century Surrey and London, set against the backdrop of Symphonic-Rock, with a very late-70's early 80's synthy feel to it. Lots of people are killed by death rays, which are represented by pyrotechnics. Everyone dies, and people sing about it. Then someone sneezes and the aliens all die.

Is very cool to see it on stage, and see a live orchestra, with all the funky light effects, plus a giant animatronic Martian tripod. And apparently there were some very famous people there that seemed to get a lot of applause at the curtain call. Also pretty awesome that Jeff Wayne was conducting.

Afterwards we went for Chinese food with [ profile] multiclassgeek and [ profile] zoeiona. I had Dim Sum. And it was awesome seeing those guys and their little one again.
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I love the used leather clothes store in Camden Stables market.  So many somewhat tatty leather items, most of them cost a tenner.  Well worth the trip up there. 

Met up with a group of crazy Swedish geeks I know.  I've met enough Swedish geeks to consider learning the language.  Craziness is common affliction.  I reckon they just go stir crazy on those long winter nights.  Met them in the Electric ballroom as they were haggling with one of the stallholders.  They seem to be quite fond of Camden.  I think they're regular visitors. 

So we abled slowly to the place I went to, stopping off several times on the way because Camden is full of interesting shops.  It's a bit trendy these days but there are some places that are worth stopping in.  I do like admitring the boots. Not too likely to get a pair of New Rocks any time soon, but they're pretty funky.  Also wanted to stop at the army surplus store.  I want a new vintage rucksack.  One that I can dye black without feeling guilty about it.  They don't seem to be available any more.  10 years ago the army surplus store had dozens of the things.  Considering these are 50 years old, I can't imagine they suddenly ran out; or were they just trendy for a bit? 

Eventually reached the shop.  There's a lot of coats.  I'm slightly choosy about what I want.  I'm after a 3/4 length leather jacket.  Must be black (that's 90% of them), button up (a good proportion of them) must be cut for a guy (that actually cuts it down by aobout 70%), must be my size (surprisingly rare.  I see to be abnormally large for their customer base).  Took a while to find it.  And didn't find it on the £10 rail.  Actually found it upstairs with a £5 price tag. 

The girls wanted to get some kit for costumes for a Wild West party.  This involved a fair amount of them trying on corsets.  I was impressed by their desire to inflict pain upon themselves for the sake of a narrow waist and prominent boobs. 
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A friend of mine (ex-flatmate) works for a cinema.  As a result he gets various freebies.  One of them was for a special showing of Tron Legacy.  The showing was in leicester Square at 10:00.  Normally this would be easy.  Train to Victoria followed by tube is an hour and a half. 

In the snow, time taken is 1h30m + n where n is a wild guess. The 7:55 was cancelled.  The next available train was to London Bridge which isn't as convenient for Leicester Square or as fast or as cheap.  On the other had it was on time so I paid the extra.  I coulod have changed at East Croydon but had no idea whether that would be better. 

But I arrived.  And in reasonable time.  And ex-flatmate was there along with his son.  As was [ profile] forbiddendanish  and various people he knows.  Had I realised people of that class were coming I wouldn't have come...  [ profile] scotiva .  Enjoyed the film but probably not going in the all-time greats collection.  Fun in the same way Transformers was.  The Wee-one was well enough trained not to make too much noise or disrupt anything but I knew he'd be okay because his mother believes in things like rules and discipline.

So spent the rest of the afternoon with Scotiva.  Went to the pie shop in Covent garden.  They had reindeer pie!  Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, with gravy and mash for lunchtime nutrition.  Finished ALL my Christmas shopping (almost - a couple of odds and ends for friends but don't expect to see them before Chrimbo).  This means I get Sunday off!  Woohoo!
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I went to London and saw [ profile] tinkerbell1980 and assorted other fiends.  Went to Wagamama.  Helped other people eat their food. 

Something about Tink always cheers me up endlessly.  Maybe it's because she really likes me and there's never any doubt that she means what she says.  Maybe it's just her boundless enthusiasm.  Maybe it's just the hugs. 

Whatever.  I'm feeling a lot happier than I have for a long time. 

Plus Meme time

Ask me my Top Five Whatevers. Fannish or literary or otherwise. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! Fandoms, ice cream flavours, books I might get around to writing one day, physics equations, cartoon moments, explosions, OTPs, ideal holiday destinations, goals for the future, celebrity crushes, books I wish would be made into movies, love songs. And I will answer them all in a new post (or in comments). Possibly with pictures.
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You all work so I'm guessing no, but I have an interview in London (it's with a games company so nothing too exciting), so if anyone feels like meeting up in the afternoon, let me know. 

edit:  oh yeah.  This is on Wednesday.  Well,  most of you know my mobile number if you are free.
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I'm working in London.
Many of you types live in London.

Anyone want to do something after work?
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Went to London because I hadn't been for a while.  Met up with [ profile] scotiva , failed to see the Darwin exhibition because it ended last week.  Ooops.  Had a look around the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum.  Met up with some anonymous weirdos.  They were nice.  iPod disappeared.  iPods owner was stoic about it.  Caused drama later on.  Most annoying. 

Pub seemed to have trouble sorting out Steak and Ale pies. 

Left far too late.  It was fun but I did end up getting home too late.  Meant I edned up grumpy all day.

Cleaned up flat.  Made me feel better. 

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A weekend to myself (sorta).  How unusual. 

Been toying with Greebo ear design.  Some success.  Still not 100% happy.  I'm possibly too fussy here.  Should have been more careful with that soft toy fabric. 

Successfully watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog Oi!  Watch it, those of you who haven't. Turns out it was only available for free streaming until yesterday:(  You'll have to wait for the DVD. or get it from itunes. 

Saw Tink and [profile] medium_jock.  Was planning to meet them in London and mill around there, but Jock was feeling a little unwell, so I went with Tink for sushi in Kingston.  Had pizza and Saw Ratatouille and the Simpsons Movie.  Both films I missed when they were on at the cinema (really need to do better with catching these films when they're actually on).  Both pretty good. 
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As I mentioned, went to Camden Market on Sunday...

Shopping diary. Rather dull )
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Been a busy week.  Finally got around to updating.

Took a day off work.  Was so pleased I did as well.  Really wasn't in the mood for working. 

Instead I went to London. Met [ profile] squirrel_dreams and [ profile] tictactoepony in London.  Also met up with [ profile] the_smut_fairy and [ profile] raygungothic for lunch.  Had a nice baguette in Soho.  Saw an impressive wheelchair walk up some stairs.  Then they went their own way and we went shopping.  [ profile] squirrel_dreams wanted to go to the Finnish shop, and squeed impressively on actually meeting some genuine Finnish people. And left a nice message in the visitors book about how much she likes Finland. 

Strange girl.

After stocking up on Finish goodies and noting the times of key events in the social calender such as the twangy guitar music festicval and the wife carrying championships. 

Went to a bead shop.  Really can't quite get this female obsession with beads.

Then went to Camden.  Haven't been there for a while.  It's always a nice place to visit even if it has turned a bit emo.  They seemto be rebuilding a large chunk of it though.  This worries me. 

And we went to B&B7.  And boosted attendance by 150%.  Was a little disappointed by the turnout.  People went their own ways so I joined [ profile] multiclassgeek at the Buffy meetup.  And there was much loud music...  Nice crowd.  Shame I can't really function well in loud pubs. 


Helped my dad shift some wood up to the loft.  Got fed.

Strange incompetence with ordering.  12 pieces of 2x4, and 9 of 2x3 came back as 13 pieces of 2x4 and 15 pieces of 2x2.  I guess they could have got the order more wrong if they tried but it was still pretty impressively wrong. 


Had friends round.  Watched firefly.  Watched Neverwhere.  Listened to music. 

People mock my music far too much. Yes, I do have an mp3 of YMCA, and plenty of other rubbish.  This is because I rarelyt delete na mp3.  You never know when it might come in useful.  It's thrown in with all the other rubbish that nobody would actually want to listen to unless they were in a silly mood but I still got mocked for it. Do people really not have a load of old rubbish in their mp3 collections? 
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Looks like I'll be able to go to B&B7 this month (or next month - yeah, whadevva!).  Who else is going this month?

And memage stolen from [profile] omylouse :

Based on the facebook "$(PERSON) is ..." line.  fill in the blank with somethinf witty or clever or generally entertaining.  Post anon if you like.  Any amusing ones may or may not get used in facebook.  Or maybe MSN.

"Luckykaa is..."
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Because of a really quite small number of crimes committed using imitation samurai swords, the government wants to ban thousands of collectors from owning them.  Which personlly, I don't think is going to have any effect on the crime figures at all.  I know a lot of you enjoy a bit of thrusting, so sign up to the petition against it here.

Other linky stuff...

Anyone doing any of the Sci-Fi london stuff?

Personally, I think the pub quiz could be fun.  So could 28 weeks later., Much as I thought the original was a bit silly,  and the sequel sounds dafter, I'd still be vaguely interested. 
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Apparently there's a Star Wars Exhibition starting May 5th in  London.

It starts a day too late for pun purposes.
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Given that I was in a non-smoking section of a not very smoky pub, why do all my clothes smell of smoke?

Now, there was someone I was planning to add to my friends list other than Emperor-Zhark.  Wish I could remember who.

Top Tips

Apr. 23rd, 2006 09:07 pm
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If you're 16, and trying to blag a child's ticket at the station, it's probably best not to be smoking a cigarette at the time. A thought that didn't occur to the stupid little chav in front of me.
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Chaviest guy I've ever seen reading The Sun.

The headline:

"King of the Chavs"
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I seem to have a few hours free on Sunday evening. Anyone want to see V for Vendetta?
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[ profile] the_smut_fairy was in town, so saw her and [ profile] omylouse, and [ profile] raygungothic.

Drank coffee. Ate cake. Went to Waterstones. Wandered round London. Looked around Waterstones. Was dragged into Topshop (I don't object to this as much as most guys. Am I less straight that I thought I was?). Found bar. Drank wine. Found restaurant. Ate Pizza. Drank more wine. Drank coffee. Haggled for more chocolate. Still owe Raygungothic for pizza. Forgot to drink lots of water. Surprisingly little in the way of hangover.

I am unable to comprehend this female obsession with beads.

Spoke of many things, largely involving Science Fiction.

Infodumps were mentioned (in the context of The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester). Made methink of these.

The art of the info dump . rft died a death so this is only available in the intternet archive:(

If all stories were written like sci-fi novels
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The coind operated turnstyles for the toilets in Victoria station were out of order, so they opened the gate and let people in for free. They put a note on the turnstyles apologising for the inconvenience.

I never knew that fiddling around trying to find the correct change was meant to be convenient for the punters.
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