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Last evening here. Not sure if I'll have time to update before I leave.

Everything is packed except a tiny handful of things I need tomorrow.

Discoveries so far...

Lost my flight booking details - lucky I have a spare.
Remembered head - Lucky it's screwed on right.
Found Convention had provided a Restaurant guide - But I was actually quite happy with my scattergun approach to finding food.
Also got a spare Yokahama Tourist map from somewhere (probably con pack again), but I had one already from 1st day here.
I seem to be insanely tired.
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Final day in Japan. So today I look around the city I've been staying in.

All about Yokahama )
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Off to Hakone today.

Tourist blogging under cut )
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Con was over except dead dog party. I looked in but really felt like exploring a bit, and getting some food. Went to Chinatown.

Started with food. Tried one place. Pointed at something that looked tasty. It seemed to cause confusion. I think I ordered a meal for 4 (like that would stop me) but my attempt to change my mind seemed to cause more confusion so I apologised and found another place to confuse.

Went for a porrige like rice dish. Quite interesting but not really to my taste.

Back for the dead dog party. That finished at 10 but there was a deader dog party outside.

So... anyone want to come to Montreal in 2009?
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Went to blogging panel. Touched on fanfic and the associated vocabulary being applied to mainstream lit.
"Who's Tolkein's Mary Sue?"
"Yeah, Okay..."

Zygote Panel was hijacked by Zygote games. Looked pretty good. Educational games that provide education AND gameplay. Scored a free game from it too.

Closing Ceremony followed. And now it's over. Sigh... I want another one..
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If you wear a badge saying "It's my 31st birthday. Give me hugs", you get lots of hugs. I was totally shameless in accepting them.

And I got presents. I got a box of Arizona candy and a Koala:)


Sep. 2nd, 2007 09:21 am
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Masquerade was running a bit late. Not even the Japanese can get that to run on time.

I need somewhere better than the lj scrapbook to put my photos. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Only 12 entries. Fantastic Sword display over deliberation time. Nabbed some video before deciding Continuous wind would work better.

Photos will be posted when I get back.

Also wasn't using flash so results are going to be variable.
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It's my Birthday. I'm making sure everyone knows this.

I celebrated with a lie-in then went on a breakfast hunt. The Japanese are excelent bakers so a bakery seemed good place for lunch.

Went to a panel on copyright. Something of a geek hobby horse these days. Bit of an echo chamber really. "Copyright is weighted too much in corporate interests, M'kay." but fairly interesting anyway.

Bought a Ghibli DVD. Has English subs. Hopefully done properly but Engrish subs would be amusing. Got grabbed for an interview by some guy with a camera. Now off to Masquerade.

So far I've taken 211 Photos. How did we cope when cameras used film?

Hugo Awards

Sep. 1st, 2007 12:24 pm
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Hosted by George Takei & Nozomi Ohmori.
And the winners are: )
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Parties last night were fun (and the ladies really dig da ears). Decided event 1 would be sleep. Managed to get to con in time for Regency dance.

Actually didn't do a lot fn con stuff today. The 120 minute panels mean that it's only possible to do 5 items in a day anyway. Last item today is the Hugos.

Can't go without seeing that
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I've been here 2 days now. Why am I only now getting Jet lag?

Found the place to register. Bit of a queue.

Volunteered as timekeeper at talk on future of computers. Interesting talk I was tempted to ask detailed questions about Cell vs. Transputer but felt it was probably unfair on the (small) section of the audience that was less techy.

Opening ceremony started well. MCed by some well known voice actress. The mayor of Yokahama made an appearance (brought in on rickshaw) and translation went wrong near the end.

Found a group of Swedish fans and joined them for dinner at Vietnamese restaurant where they played the easy listening version of Boomtown Rats' "Tell Me Why", much to the disdain of the Swedes.

Finished with party 1. The lightweight bid parties.
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So, today it's the sleepy town of Ito. Starts with long train ride. Hopefully my feet will forgive me yesterday's punishment.

Dithered around at the station working out trains. Lunch was random thing on a stick. Found the train I wanted. Was confused because the destination board named a station not on the route.

Pleasant, rather tatty seaside town but black sand is a little non-seasidy. Picked up a walking tour map which told me what I'm looking at (but no context). Wasted too much time this morning waking up and getting out. Otherwise would have looked at Atami.

Decided to get the Shinkansen back. Much faster than local trains. And I get to do some train spotting. Taking photos of Shinkansen is hard. Only a few seconds to snap. Shutter lag is big problem.

Back for beer crawl. Joined Steve Rogerson & 13 other geeks to Beer Village, "Cheers" (nice selection of international beers), and an obscure bar on floor 2F (1st floor) of a non-descript building.

We filled the place up.

Decided to leave early. These are hardened beer drinkers, some of whom have had thick bushy beards longer than I've been alive. No way could I keep up.
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I ran out of space for text entry.

Here's the rest of what I wrote.
Train back to Yokohama. Was hoping to change for local station but had no idea what the local station was called and since all the signs were in kanji and the info desk was closed, the information wouldn't have helped. But it's only a mile or so, so easily walkable.

My feet are tired.
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Gallons of water drunk: 174.

Maybe not, but it's damn hot.

hopefully this cut will work. Not 100% sure with a PDA.
Tokyo, Swords and technology )
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Softest landing ever. Narita airport clean & new. Imigration & customs polite, efficient & japanese...

Eventually got to hotel. Had shower. Felt much better.

Went to Yokahama. Looked for somewhere to eat. Found a nice Chinese restaurant. Decor resembled air raid shelter. During meal lights flickered. Shaky noises. Water flooded in. Quite cool!

Looked for Con Centre. Met 2 Japanese Jack Sparrows. Took photo of them. Took photo for them. Found con centre. Bumped into The-magician. Followed him to hotel. Met more geeks. Chatted about blowing things up.
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The story so far...

Starting at Convention day -4

ln note form on PDA so rather bitty.

Everything is shockingly efficient. Security theatre only took about 10 mins. Gave me way to much time to kill. Decided I didn’t feel lucky enough to gamble £20 on a Supercar.

Eventually we had a gate number. To my delight, my mid-triplet seat was exchanged for an aisle seat. Even better, the middle seat was unoccupied. Better yet, the window seat was occupied by a very nice gal who goes by the name Tamsyn. She was heading to Japan to teach English. And she happened to be a science fiction fan. Told you she was nice.

Airline entertainment systems now have Video on demand. Quite good. Saw Flushed Away. Not bad. Has cute slugs. Dinner was fine. Will avoid airline cooked breakfast in future....

Will post next day in new entry to avoid losing it again.
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Off to Japan in just a few days. 


Will really need to check to see if my palm charger will work with a 100V supply. 

I have a terrible fear that I'm going to forget something essential.

And why do I have no icon representing Japan?

EDIT: I do now!
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